Feeling Alive {Kim Chambers}
Published August 3, 2017
51 min
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    In today’s bonus episode, Majo speaks with Kim Chambers, one of the world’s best marathon swimmers and the sixth person to complete the ultimate open water challenge “Oceans Seven.” She also set a world record as the first woman to swim thirty miles to the Farallon Islands through one of the largest concentration of great white sharks. Surprisingly, Kim only discovered swimming a few years ago. A daughter of farmers and a ballerina for many years, Kim talks about the value of learning discipline and a strong work ethic, and shares about the accident that changed her life – setting her on a new life course. Her journey reveals what’s possible when you choose to jump into the deep end and follow your bliss. Show Notes: -On growing up on a farm in New Zealand, dancing ballet, and how Kim learned tenacity at a young age. [1:32] -Defining moments from adolescence: Attending an all-girls school, witnessing the death of a friend, and more. [6:20] -Kim talks about the impact of travelling a lot with her family, and studying Human Computer Interaction at Berkeley. [12:15] -The perks of classical training and discipline, plus how having a routine sets a strong foundation. [18:32] -Becoming a “completely different person in the last ten years”: Kim shares about the accident that nearly required the amputation of her leg (and how it was the best thing that could have happened to her). [22:54] -On her newfound desire for freedom, feeling drawn to the water, and getting started as a swimmer. [29:58] -Kim’s relationship to water: Making friends with dolphins, talking to sea lions, feeling spiritual connections with islands, and swimming with great white sharks. [34:29] -How Kim relates to fear, her most challenging swims, and her advice to other women wanting to take a new leap. [42:15] References: Check out Kim's adventures at http://kimswims.com/ Music by Lucia Lilikoi – lucia.bandcamp.com Go to http://www.heroine.fm/survey and give us your feedback on the show so we can continue to delight you with Heroine – Receive an audio training on the Inner Critic as a gift in return!
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