Inner Voice & Trust {Jenna Bott}
Published June 1, 2017
38 min
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    Today’s bonus episode features Jenna Bott, Art Director for the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation, who worked on the visual identity for Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Option B. Amidst holding down full-time jobs and having three children, Jenna shares how she came to call herself a designer over a decade of freelance projects, working at a small agency, and landing clients like Lean In. She also talks about dealing with rejection and imposter syndrome, and what it means to be “paid to learn.” For anyone looking to bridge into what they really want to do, Jenna has fantastic insights and advice to offer. Show Notes: -Jenna growing up: A “visually particular” tomboy who didn’t identify as an artist. [2:32] -How she felt a strong pull to the arts in college, but went in a completely different direction, plus her one creative outlet and the job that sparked her love for design. [6:55] -Jenna shares the pivotal motivation and insights that came after a crushing rejection. [10:28] -On her decision to switch things up after becoming pregnant, and the internal challenges around embracing herself as a designer that she had to get over. [14:08] -Growing her freelance business while working full-time with three kids... how this hustle phase paid off when Jenna landed Lean In as a client. [19:59] Persevering through self-doubt by trusting her inner voice, plus great advice from one of Jenna’s mentors. [23:18] -On being in process and still figuring things out, and how she approached her work on Option B. [27:57] -Majo and Jenna discuss Sheryl and her new book: Her goal to normalize the conversation around grief, making it okay to talk about, and the importance of knowing how to comfort others. [31:51] -What Jenna has learned from her work on Option B, and her final words of wisdom. [34:40] References: Option B – Get the book – Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation – Music by Lucia Lilikoi – Go to and give us your feedback on the show so we can continue to delight you with Heroine – Receive an audio training on the Inner Critic as a gift in return!
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