Victim to Queen {Justine Musk}
Published January 26, 2017
43 min
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    In today’s episode, we speak with with writer, speaker, and soul-blogger Justine Musk, who has long been exploring the heroine’s journey in her work. She’s bold, honest, raw, and her story is an uncanny fit of the heroine’s arc. Justine found her true voice and power as a creative leader after rising up from her own personal underworld. She shares how we can look to myths for guidance and offers advice for putting yourself out there. Her insights on our relationship to emotions, what she calls “non-predatory” power and leadership, and why saying 'no' is so important as a woman will blow you away. Show Notes: -Justine’s early years: A small town, bookish girl who couldn’t wait to grow up. Early influences, teenage awkwardness, and learning to stand up for herself. [4:30] -Coming into her own in her college years, wondering where she belonged, plus her awareness of the disconnect between how people were perceiving her and how she perceived herself. [9:14] -The story of goddess Persephone and why Justine connects so strongly with her. [12:52] -The benefit in connecting to myth, “post-traumatic growth”, and Justine’s insights on dealing with pain. [18:33] -How Justine emerged stronger and more empowered after descending to her lowest point. [22:43] -Justine’s advice for putting yourself out there, plus why it’s important for women to be unconventional. [27:02] -Taking a closer look at feminine authority and leadership, and the power of saying ‘no’. [32:23] -On women’s relationship to emotions and feelings (especially in the workplace). [35:54] -Justine shares her excitement for an issue she’s exploring and what she’s working on now. [39:05] References: Check out Justine's blog at Episode Sponsors: UENO – Adobe Creative Residency – Music by Lucia Lilikoi –
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