Are you an "artist"? {Lisa Congdon}
Published January 19, 2017
47 min
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    Ever get the feeling that it’s too late to do what you love? In this episode, even our host admits to feeling that way sometimes, thinking it’s “too late” because she's already thirty. But thirty is around the magical time that artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon had her artistic revival. After working many years in education, she felt like a part of her wasn’t being fed. On a fluke she took an art class with her brother, and the experience changed her life. Lisa is best known for her colorful abstract paintings, intricate line drawings, pattern design and hand lettering, as well as her work as an author. She and Majo cover some topics Lisa hasn’t shared on a podcast before, including the unsexy parts of her work and challenges she still grapples with, and discuss why some women can be so afraid to step into their creative power. Show Notes: -Lisa’s early years: A young girl eager to please and figure out her place, her awkward teenage years, and the layers of self-doubt and insecurity she had to shed. [4:34] -“Is this really what I want to be doing?” Lisa’s insights on her early career and the creative outlet she sought to feel “fed”. [10:58] -The fluke that triggered her creativity and path to becoming an artist. [15:02] -On deserving to be a creative, exploring loneliness, and opening oneself up to the world. [18:34] -Some of the internal challenges Lisa faced, including thinking of herself as a victim. [24:41] -Lisa’s advice to Majo on coming out of the creative closet. [28:46] -What defines an artist? Plus, conflicting thoughts on sharing your work via social media. [33:33] -The unsexy parts of Lisa’s world as an artist. [37:24] -Still “in process”: Lisa shares things she’s never discussed on a podcast before, including her plans to connect her work with activism and some of the vulnerabilities she grapples with. [42:51] References: More on Lisa at Episode Sponsors: UENO – Adobe Creative Residency – Music by Lucia Lilikoi –
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