Designing Rituals (6/6)
Published December 1, 2016
15 min
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    You are human. You make mistakes. You aren’t perfect and you certainly aren’t a machine. We all know this, and yet so many of us hold ourselves to idealized standards of very disciplined people with high willpower. In a perfect world, maybe we’d actually be like that. But the truth is that even after you design your ritual and test it out, eventually it will morph, lessen, or decay altogether. This is completely natural. We have to design for the maintenance of our rituals as much as the creation of them. In this flash wisdom episode, host Majo talks to us about the importance of self-compassion and shares three things that have helped her develop a “reset” mindset when rituals fall to the wayside. Show Notes: -Check out and pre-order the new ebook: The Magical Effects of Morning and Evening Rituals, shipping on December 8 – plenty of time to order as a Christmas gift! Find it at and use the code “heroine” to get $10 off. -Music by Lucia Lilikoi at References: -You can read through the steps & resources outlined in this episode and the others in this series at Scroll down to the Rituals category. -If you’re a woman in the SFBA interested in joining my women’s group, let me know at Some of the incredible supporters of Heroine – Check them out! -Brigit Kang ( Brigit is a SF-based designer with a great eye for beauty who is now focusing on weddings. -Coleen Baik ( Coleen is an independent designer and artist who has worked with legends like Gloria Steinham and whose art has explored the heroine’s journey. -Daniel Steinbock ( Daniel is an incredible musician and philosopher with a beautiful mind. His album, The Blade, is to die for. -Greyson MacAlpine ( Greyson a very supportive product designer at UENO, our lead sponsor who you know is always looking to hire designers at -Kelsey Janda ( Kelsey is a very talented designer in the Midwest whom I recently bonded with. Her work is very cool and interesting, so for the designers listening, check out her work. -Mamie Rheingold ( Mamie is an amazing legend who is developing the coolest app called Universe that allows you to unleash your creativity and basically make whatever you want with an app. -Meredith Rom ( Meredith has her own podcast called Rising Women Leaders. If you’re into feminine spirituality, you’ll want to check her out. -Laura Porcelli ( Laura is my aunt and a very talented artist. She’s freaking dope and so is her work. -Rhiannon Griego ( Rhiannon is a soul-sister and a really incredible textile artist. She makes woven garments, beaded jewelry...I wore a pair of her earrings to my wedding. Her love for beauty and for our planet is really felt in her work.
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