Shifting Power {Eileen Carey}
Published October 27, 2016
56 min
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    Our speakers often hold up a big mirror, sometimes revealing traits within us that need to be developed or amplified. Eileen Carey is a super feminist who offers that experience as an outspoken, unapologetic woman with a thirst for power. An overachiever who doesn’t always follow the rules, Eileen is CEO of Glassbreakers, which provides solutions for companies that want to keep their employees diverse and engaged by tackling diversity at the corporate level. Eileen comes from a long line of strong, opinionated women, and she continues in their tradition. In her interview she shares her thoughts on the fluidity of gender, drops some tough-love for women who feel like they can’t completely be themselves at work, and talks about the difference between career and corporate feminism in a way that is refreshingly direct and authentic. Show Notes: -Eileen’s powerful upbringing: Coming from a long line of strong and rebellious women. [4:02] -On her independent and strong-willed personality, speaking up despite labels of being bossy or bitchy, and being comfortable with being controversial. [9:27] -College years and discovering her true passions, plus the elite job she found on Craigslist that opened the doors of power to her in Manhattan. [14:53] -Eileen shares about her thirst for power and how that guided her when the recession hit and her career became uncertain. [19:39] -On being the “token millennial” during Occupy Wall Street, plus stories of Eileen’s mom the “corporate feminist”. [24:53] -A lively discussion on masculine vs feminine in work cultures, and Eileen’s critical advice to jobseekers. [28:49] -The value of diversity – One of the main catalysts for starting Glassbreakers. [34:20] -The rock-bottom years: Eileen shares how moments of darkness in her life led her to make (good) drastic decisions. [39:13] -Eileen’s lifelong passion for feminist causes and her thoughts on Hillary being the most overqualified candidate. [44:55] -Some tough-love advice on work-life balance, what it takes to scale a huge company, and the importance of building amazing teams. [49:07] References: Check out Glassbreakers at Music by Lucia Lilikoi - Episode Sponsors: UENO - InVision -
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