Creative to CEO {Marian Goodell}
Published May 12, 2016
69 min
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    How did Marian Goodell go from studying photography and creative writing to becoming the CEO of Burning Man, one of the biggest sociocultural experiments of our time? The link is fascinating, especially for those who are both creative and analytical and who aren’t following a straight and predictable path. Find out how Marian deals with criticism (i.e., she is too impatient and her tone is too "demanding") and how she filters feedback. Show Notes: -Marian as a little girl: Learning self-acceptance, how to embrace differences, and enjoying the perks of being a fiery redhead. [2:34] -The role of Marian’s family in shaping her to become a strong, confident woman. [8:47] -On attending an all-girls college, running for student body, and the first time she decided to be a leader. [13:16] -“My role as a CEO is very much that of a storyteller”: How Marian’s creative, analytical side made her the right woman for the job. [16:37] -On being a “cat herder” and what that means to her as a leader, and other leadership qualities. [21:47] -Why Marian cares about providing opportunities, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and sharing differing perspectives. [27:04] -Stories of her father and his participation in Burning Man 2008 (a year before he passed away). [30:32] -Marian and Maria discuss failure and the fear of rejection, the importance of creative confidence, and the challenges (and benefits) of collaboration. [35:14] -On feminism and fathers, and finding the balance between feminine and masculine leadership traits. [40:30] -Looking beyond gender: Taking a hard look at qualities like patience, aggression, compassion. [47:26] -How Marian filters and utilizes criticism/feedback. [52:38] -Have you ever felt like an imposter? The inner critic vs empowering voice. [57:44] -Burning Man: Marian’s vision for the project’s future, her favorite principles (Leave No Trace and Radical Self-Expression), and being poised in the world as a catalyst for social change. [1:01:53] References: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg Burning Man at Music: Lucia Lilikoi at Find Heroine on:
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