The Gold Standard
Cuckoo Wasp
Absolutely top notch. Great content, great audio. Dion is a machine, and a real credit to the community. Why haven’t these guys gotten sponsors yet?
Great show
Great show. Always a good listen.
Love the podcast. Host Dion comes up with great topics, great guests, and produced extremely well.
Fun Bobby Approves
I really enjoy the streams, and the information. Keep up the solid work!
Gold Squad Rulz
Great insights into the game, keep up the good work!
Simply the Best
Dr. Jawa
In my opinion the best X-Wing podcast around. Not just great podcasters with great information but very well run and organized.
Best X wing Podcast, hands down
I listen to 5 different X wing miniatures podcasts and they are all good, but I consider Dion, Marcel and the gang hands down the best in clarity, game comprehension, and strategy. They are always on top of the meta and predict what is usually next. That you don't get from other shows.
Gold squad, more like best squad.
The Blue Raja
Gold squadron, on top of having inarguably the best x-wing pilots in the world, has one heck of a good podcast. 10/10 would listen again
Great Balance of info and fun
Great balance of information and fun!
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