Too annoying to listen to
1. WAY too much intentional stuttering 2. STOP saying “you know” constantly 3. Talk in your real voice brooooooo 4. 🙉
Not very good...
Joe E GT
Definitely better GoT podcasts.
Are they paid by HBO?
I listened, but it seemed like the reviews were pandering to the show at times. I figured this was so EW would continue having access to the show and its cast and crew. I did enjoy some of the opinions but Hollywood Reporter’s podcast is more entertaining and much less biased.
Enjoyable and informative
I really enjoyed your podcast. I joined late but I started listening due to James’s articles. Thanks for the ride!
Sycophantic Hacks
The pair of them are nothing more than paid shills & apologists for the stupidity that is the last two or three seasons of what was once a show that was 90% masterful, & finished 95% drivel. They won't speak truth because it's not in the financial interest of themselves & their employers to burn bridges with what seem to be a couple of morons that will be bringing their bad decision making to ever bigger I.P.s (Most notably, the StarWars franchise). If there are legitimate reasons to avoid Entertainment Weakly, these two, (& particularly James) rank highly among them.
Great example of how to spin
Gobias Ind
It’s really interesting listening to this podcast & how the narrative is spun from ‘oh you thought this was bad’ to ‘this is why it’s actually great!’. It’s a great example of how to propaganda with a smile.
Bye Darren
I feel bad saying this, but I absolutely could not stand Darren’s voice. I listened solely for James’ exclusive input and hearing other listeners takes on each episode. I’m almost relieved GOT is over so I never have to hear Darren’s voice again. The excessive giggles gave me high blood pressure.
Can’t believe it’s over
bri 1964
I am going to miss you guys! Loved the insight and banter, can’t you find another show to discuss??? Westworld maybe?
Pretty good with one huge problem
Bob T 28
This is a pretty good podcast. Darren laughs too often in an annoying way. His giggling is just absurd and ridiculous for an adult. Seems like a pre teen might giggle like that. Come on. On the latest episode, I couldn’t believe a grown man would ever giggle like that. Absurd.
Good duo
Havocado Guacamole
James and Darren come at the show from two different angles- James having been on the set, interviewed the actors and producers, having known all the spoilers for a long time, and really appreciating all the work and artistry that goes into Game of Thrones. Darren comes at the show like the rest of us, enjoying some of it, skeptical about some of the production and scripting choices, coming up with nutty fan theories, but having a good critical eye. Good pairing.
Great content!
I greatly enjoyed this podcast! I gave it a three of five stars because I enjoyed just one of the hosts. James was great throughout and gave thoughtful responses to every aspect of the episodes. Darren, with his constant complaining, stuttering, and nervous laughter, is almost unlistenable.
It’s over
I force fed this show into my ears only to get James comments and insights. I’ve refused to learn the other hosts name and now that this podcast is over I feel I can finally say - “Dude. You constantly contradicted yourself, your feelings on plot points many times were so out of left field you had to finish every sentence with a laugh to yourself. (Seriously. Listen back to your podcasts and hear yourself laugh uncomfortably after most of your statements) even in this podcast today you got upset that Tyrion had his moments - after complaining he was useless in the past. Let me put it to you nicely, when you say what is “most compelling” and what it “made you feel” is SO SO SO irrelevant and non-sensical I’m unsure if you should continue doing podcast recaps.”
I enjoyed this podcast until they spoiled End Game
Dudes, don’t blunder into a major End Game spoiler while discussing GoT. I enjoy the perspective from having been onset and I like that you are generally positive. But to describe the climax of a film still in theaters in enough detail to spoil it is not good practice. You guys are pop culture journalists, right? I don’t listen to guys sitting around on their kitchen talking GoT so that I don’t get weird outside stuff thrown in. Bad form , bad form.
SO Enjoyable!
Rochelle tagger
Interesting talk and insights from people who love the show. So agree with James!!!!!!!
Great Perspectives and Insight
I love hearing these guys. I love that they have different perspectives and bounce back and forth. It's great that they don't agree on 100% of everything and as a result we get angles we haven't considered and each of our opinions is probably also taken by one of the two great hosts. I like the mix of one journalist and one television critic weighing in in different ways. Keep up the great work, guys! Hope to hear you both in another podcast! Too bad that this one ends with the show!!
Listen for James, ignore the other guy
If this were James’ podcast it would be 5 stars and beyond. His insight, intelligence and thoughtful measured critique of the show is unparalleled. The other guy should just stick to watching blockbuster popcorn movies with one dimensional characters because he is incapable of understanding anything with emotional depth. The best thing about this podcast is James, the second best thing about this podcast is the show is almost over and thank god I’ll never have to listen to that other guy again.
Ditch Darren
It was painful to listen to Darren spin himself around in complaints this week. James was right - no matter what he said, it would just set Darren off on a rambling diatribe that lacked focus, sometimes even contradicting his own opinions that were just a few weeks old. I’ve really been enjoying your work this season, James, but Darren isn’t the right partner for you.
Darren’s the worst
I’d recommend binge mode instead. James is fantastic but Darren is one of the most annoying podcast listens ever. His nervous laugh and excessive use of the word like not to mention he’s seems to think that we want him to tear apart the show we love. The only silver lining to got ending is I’ll never have to hear Darren’s voice again.
This podcast is great...
If you ever wondered what a ninja turtle reviewing GOT would sound like.
Take a break
Good podcast and content, but the one host never takes a breath to give James time to talk. It’s exhausting.
Smartest GoT podcast
matthew peteroy
Love these guys. I will miss them as much I will miss GoT!
Terrible sidekick
Can James do this alone please?
Best GoT podcast!
Lifeboat Foundation
I was really impressed with the Season 8, Ep 4: Misjudgment Day podcast, where unlike most reviewers they seem to understand that GRRM meant to end the show with a Cersei confrontation and not a final battle with the White Walkers. They also understood why you couldn't kill off most of the characters in the White Walker battle as deaths would be more meaningful if complex human characters were the cause of most of the deaths.
Pander harder
frugal frankie, jr
These guys just love everything about GOT, every scene, every performance, every line of dialogue, every artistic choice. They just love it! The Night King? We didn’t need him, excited to get back to the human conflict! Non-sensical writing? No, it’s smart storytelling, practically Shakespearian! These guys clearly care most about pleasing their industry overlords and refuse to say anything critical without drowning it in qualifiers and praise and apologies. Pathetic.
Great for GoT Fans
This is a great podcast if you're into Game of Thrones! It does more than just summarize each episode; there's some good analysis and honest reactions as well. Definitely worth a listen!
Almost unlistenable
Listen to Binge Mode instead. The host who says “you know,” and “like” every other sentence is so grating and annoying, it ruins the entire podcast. He really sounds like a 38 year old man who is trying to imitate a 13 year old.
James needs a better co-host
I enjoy the insight James brings to the show and really gives a thorough review, but Darren bumbles his way through and half the time I’m wondering if he actually watches the show
Wonderful Companion to the Best Show on TV
Mr. Bartoloco
Darren and James have a great chemistry together. Both are very knowledgeable about the show as well as the books. James provides insider’s perspective from being on set and many interviews with the cast. It’s amazing access and you feel like you are there yourself. Darren brings great enthusiasm, but also isn’t afraid to play devil’s advocate with writing/creative decisions on the show. It’s a great podcast and the ultimate Monday morning watercooler discussion.
Miss Lala
I look forward to these podcasts after watching each new episode! You guys make it entertaining, fun and cover all areas of the episode with information and answers. I’m still Queen Daenarys!
I look forward to these podcasts!
I have been listening to the GoT EW podcasts for the past two seasons and have grown to look forward to them (almost as much as the GoT weekly episodes themselves). James Hibbard’s insider knowledge and insights into the episodes and Game of Thrones world offer an enjoyable companion piece to my weekly obsession. The banter between the hosts are also good. Yes, James does mention his set visits a bit, but the insights that he gathers from his familiarity with the producers and cast make it worthwhile. We all have secret envy that he has one of the best jobs in the world! Keep these coming (I would listen to future podcasts if you go back to prior seasons)!
1930s lover
Unfortunately, until the host invests in some speaking lessons, this is unlistenable.
Excellent Content and Recap
James Hibberd is always on point and has excellent insight to the show. Darren Franich can't ask a question without launching into his own bumbling opinion and then giggling his way through. The stuttering and giggling are almost unbearable at times. I've been listening to this podcast since it started and have enjoyed it being a companion to watching and recapping the show. I also appreciate how both hosts incorporate elements from the books. I wish James could have had a more “radio friendly” or even slightly polished co-host.
These guys just sit and whine about technicalities on a show they’re supposed to care about? Every episode for this final season I could only make it about 15 minutes in. For their 8x03, when I cut it off, they were still droning on about the ethics of brightness. Absolute torture. Finally gonna unsubscribe.
"Like, uh...."
If Darren got paid by the "like, uh," he could retire at 35. His adolescent speech pattern makes an otherwise decent recap nearly unlistenable.
Savants of Thrones!
James and Darren are Savants and more of Game of Thrones. I am a big fan but gotta admit I miss almost 50% per week so this podcast is a must. They go through many deets that go over my head normally in a fun and easy to follow format. The interplay between the two is generally spoiler free but chock a block with great stuff.
Two White dudes try to eviscerate 8yrs of the best television
Are middle aged white dudes done yet?
Great Thrones discussions
One of my favorite and go-tos for game of thrones reviews and discussions. Always finding out new info and enjoy your guys humor
Season 8 Episode 2 Has Spoiler
I won’t say what, but host cohost James Hibberd states something that is a spoiler about 9 minutes into season 8 episode 2 of this podcast. James.. just because someone tweeted a spoiler and, in your words, it is “out there now”, does not mean you should mention it. This is THE podcast to listen to as James Hibberd has had the privilege to “lurk” on set for many episodes of GOT through the years as a writer for EW. Check out his exhaustive insider coverage of season 8 on the EW web site. Took hours to read all the new articles he wrote.
Hard to Listen
There is some good conversation and I like the hosts interaction and rapport, but James constantly says “you know” to the point that it gets very distracting and I end up turning it off. Hope this is something they will be aware of in future episodes as I see similar comments from fellow reviewers.
If you don’t like the episode a “knight of the seven kingdoms” you are watching this show wrong. Truer words may never have been spoken. Love the podcast. KB The Fancastit Pod
good content but not everyone has a good podcast voice
I appreciate the enthusiasm but the stuttering is so distracting. “I-I-I-I-I-I....”. It makes it hard to even finish listening to an episode.
Dany deserves better
The Dany bashing was so bad I had to stop listening. Plus their delivery-two giggling teenagers. Do better next time.
These guys should stick to writing
While I appreciate the insights of these two, they do not come across well on a podcast. In the first recap of the last season James says “you know” so many times I lost track, but it was all I could hear. Between their stuttering and “you know”’s and the flat delivery of James, it’s pretty impossible to listen to. There are much better recaps out there.
My Go-To Podcast
I love this podcast! James is so knowledgeable about all things Game of Thrones, and Darren is a fun sidekick, who keeps it real with his Song of Ice and Fire book knowledge. I can’t wait to listen each week!
Great podcast!
Traveling Mom & Dad
James and Darren explained a few of the things I didn't understand and reminded me of some of the characters back stories. I want to rewatch episode 1 after hearing their analysis. I can't wait for next week!
Water cooler podcast
I look forward to this podcast on Mondays, after watching GoT. I need time to process my thoughts and emotions about every episode and this podcast provides the outlet that I need. I really enjoy it -- it's insightful, enlightening and coming to an end real soon.
Good content, big style issues
The guys knowledge and enthusiasm for the show is stellar and when I’m looking for extra GoT stuff to listen to after Bald Move, I’ll have a listen, but I don’t always finish. Whether I do or not is directly connected to the challenge of listening to sentence after sentence with 7-8 “kind ofs,” “sort ofs,” “likes,” and “you knows.”
TV insiders GOT reviews
I listen to a lot of Podcast about GOT/ASOIAF and this is my favorite GoT podcast. James Hibbard has the inside scope about the actors and the production. The cohost Darren Franich gives a good book reader p.o.v. and a funny perspective. Together, they give a full hour review that is insightful, and generally positive about the show.
Hard listening
The content is great, but the voices and stuttering make it a hard listen.
Need a new co-host
Udwdxnhdsyez jfxs
James, I love you and your insider insight. Also love your weekly recaps and interviews - they have been invaluable. But Darren has got to go for the reasons many, many precious reviews have noted.
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