Incredibly unique story
This podcast keeps getting weirder and weirder. At first, the turn from season one to two left me feeling like I might not like it, but it was so fascinating so those fears were quickly assuaged. And then season three is another left turn, even better than the last. Really excited to see where else this show goes !
My all time favorite podcast!!!
Rexy Brooke
I love Archive 81! It’s beautiful and strange and funny and horrifying all at once. The people behind this are so creative, I Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.
Not only is this podcast amazing, it’s actually making me enjoy the ads at the end. 😂 Great job!
Cool podcast.
Light worker 73
Very interesting.
One of my top three podcasts
Dan is hired to organize some tapes about a very strange apartment building. Really ramps up and takes a turn in season 2 and 3. Horror. Good characters, interesting worldbuilding, intriguing plot, good voice acting, the best sound design of everything I’ve listened to so far. The whole package, really.
This is a good one. If you want a change of pace this is it.
Almost through season 1, I have no idea what is going on. The reviewers say to keep with it but honestly at this point I have no idea what is happening. I’m giving it 3 stars because I am optimistic.
No idea what was going on
Thanks guys for getting my through my work days! Enjoy this podcast a lot!
It grows on you
so for season 1 and the first half of season 2, i really wasn’t sold on what was going on (a bit confused mostly), but it really picks up. It’s worth it to keep listening even when every episode leaves you thinking ??? The characters in season 3 are phenomenal, and the lore just keep building. It’s a slow build, and I think they earn a lot of their big moments. I recommend this podcast, especially if you like horror audio dramas like the magnus archives!
Amazing audio drama!
Love the stories, voice acting, sound design - everything!
To A Logical and Disturbing Extreme
One of my favorite things about this show is a development made in the second season. A lot of audio dramas make convoluted reasons for the characters to be recording everything and always happening to have a recording device on them. This show takes that to a logical and disturbing extreme where I was both horrified and delighted when I realized where they were going.
Left of the Dial
Archive 81 is my favorite Podcast and the Left of the Dial series doesnt dissapoint. It is so gooooood. How much money do i have to donate to get more podcasts? Keep em coming!
Grossly addicting
It really gets under your skin. It’s enthralling, deeply unsettling, and brilliantly done.
Decent enough
I think this show is intriguing but it’s major downfall is the length, or, in this case, the lack of it. Both the length of the episodes and amount of them in the first season don’t give enough time to get fully invested in the plot. The characters are compelling enough but there is something left to be desired in showing their motivations and development. It just felt a little rushed to me. Like the main character could have spent more time in his descent into obsession with the tapes. The same can be said about Melody in the tapes, it would have been cool to see her get dragged into the mystery slowly and gradually until she’s in too deep. It’s fine enough and there is something there to be appreciated, especially if you like a fast binge podcast but it’s not the best for people who like things to be drawn out and developed very deeply. I did like the rat though.
Great show
It’s weird - totally my type of weird!
Started listening to this pod on a whim, and I’m so glad I did! It’s weird, creepy, ORIGINAL, humorous and SO d*mn hard not to binge the entirety of! I’m on S2 right now and it’s blowing my mind! If S3 is even better like a lot of people are saying it is, my brain is going to shatter. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts! I wish I could give it an extra star just for mentioning Death Grips kekeke.
Good stuff
Started listening at season 3 instead of 1 and then went back for more with season 1 and 2. The insertion of soc-jus stuff isn’t overbearing and fake like a lot of insufferable stuff. If a character is LGBTQ, they just are and it feels normal in the story rather than artificially inserted to seem inclusive.
Over My Head
I started listening at beginning but quit at end before end of season 1,, I was content hungry at time. I just picked it back up not realizing how over my head it was back then. I am so chastising myself go giving up back then. BRAVO, to the story! I thought it was not going anywhere but it way surpassed my prediction. I’m so glad I rediscovered! One of the best serial podcast online!
This is by far the best storytelling I have ever heard in a podcast.
Must listen
This is an excellent podcast. The writing is fantastic and delightfully weird and the production is amazing. I love the world that’s been created and hope this is something that continues onward for a very long time. Wonderful storytelling!!!!
Pretty good podcast!
If you're into spook/supernatural stories, this is great. Very cool, bonkers, Lovecraftian themes. The premise/setting basically changes each season (although it all takes place in the same universe) which is kind of annoying when you wanna keep following earlier characters, but it's fine once you know what to expect. The writing, acting, and sound design are all great - overall, the production quality is top-notch. My one suggestion is to skip the Q&A episodes. They don't add much and I can't really stand the creators. Oh well. The show is still awesome.
This is one of my favorite podcasts!!! You guys are awesome!!
Support them!
Have listened to hundreds of podcasts and this is the first one that made me realize I should be supporting them as well and is now the first podcast production company I became a patron of!
Left of the dial mini series
I love it. Thank you for doing this shorter spin off. I was really missing the universe.
He's a lab rat! lol
really enjoying this podcast. :)
Omg is this show back!?!?!
I’ve listened forever - start with season one if you make it like the rest of us you will understand!!!!!!!!
Weird fiction with a crispy coating of black humor and chunks of creamy science
Modified Dog
This podcast considers malevolent architecture, audible body horror, magic, and tape recorders, among other things. I binged on the 3 (currently available) seasons in a week or two. I love weird fiction, and don't mind use of tropes, done well, but this is really a very original story without plots that you've encountered before. Themes and ideas from SF support an atmosphere of cosmic horror, while including some excellent black humor, and enough pure weirdness to delight. The characters are good and their struggles moving. The 3 seasons are fairly separate stories, with links in the form of a common world and history, as well as encounters and gradually-revealed relationships between seasons. You don't really have any choice — listen and enjoy.
I Don’t Have the Words...
...other than these words: This podcast has the most creative storytelling that my ear-balls have ever heard. Each season is better than the last; but if someone tried to force me into picking one as my favorite I would probably just run away while screaming: “if you don’t like it you can cut off your left hand and leave it on the floor of the phone booth”! (reference to season three). XOXO Nate
Has good reviews and this may be my next podcast
Don't listen if you don't want to eat Popeye's
I'm a vegetarian and the third season of this show made me have a unruly desire for chicken flesh. The show has out of this world sound design. The addition of Kristen DiMercurio for S3 was an A+ casting choice. I can't wait for more!
High strangeness in the best way possible
Abby in Iowa
So many nice things to be said! Great voice acting and sound design, I really like the music. The humor is so on point. You guys are doing something truly good here, always look forward to more of your stuff :)
Weird horror
Great for fans of Vandermeer, Mieville, Octavia Butler, etc.
Thanks for the weirdest horror ever
Each season is a different bizarre misadventure. Lots of fresh ideas in a genre where it’s easy to lean on tropes. Thanks for making long drives unsettling and weird.
Keeps getting better
Liked season 1, enjoyed season 2, freaking LOVED season 3 and can’t wait for more.
OKAY WE GET IT you hate capitalism
I thought this would be more about entertainment
Season one was pretty good. I started to get hooked and couldn’t wait to listen to season two... that’s where it all went down hill, fast.
Love this podcast
Axelle aisilinn
Binged the first season and loved it! Im on the second one now and its diffrent but Im still enjoying it a lot. The sound design and acting only got better! Cant wait to see where it goes.
Great pod!
Ryebonucleic Acid
Listened to the third season within 24 hours of starting, very well put together intriguing podcast. The epitome of what a radio drama can be.
I just finished season 3. This story is so weird and fantastic and gross. The writing keeps me guessing and there are plenty of great one-liners. I’m laughing, I’m gasping, and occasionally “NO!”ing. The musical score is engaging and appropriate. I LOVE the theme of sound being a gateway/language/superpower woven into an audio story, and the soundtrack is so appropriately wonderful. The characters are very real. And unreal. And kindanotreallybutsortareal. They’ve created an amazing universe, and it keeps getting bigger. I’m excited to see what is mapped next.
Best modern cosmic horror out there.
Wild shifts and changes every season, ambitious, unafraid, inspiring and cool af. Made with so much love. Please come back soon! I've listened to season 3 so many times I can't stand he wait!
Not usually a podcast person but..
This is very entertaining, highly recommended. I just started listening to season 1 and I’ve already binged 6 episodes. I’m currently on the 7th. At this point I’m very hooked. Lots of love for this podcast-good job guys!
Really enjoyable story
Just got into podcasts, more of a reader but I can listen to this in the car etc. Lot of fun to listen to this, not laugh wise mind you. Creepy good atmosphere pacing etc etc.... only listened to the first season so far but if nothing else I would recommend giving it a shot. Hope you enjoy it.
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Best fiction podcast
This podcast is a weird fiction horror podcast. It is dramatic, creepy, and even funny at times. It has the best sound design out of any podcast I have listened to. The seasons vary in style but all encompass the same unique beautiful horrific world. My metaphorical breakdown of the seasons are as follows: Season 1. From someone who has never heard of water before to seeing glimpses of the ocean. Season 2. Being pushed through a cheese grater into said ocean. In a good way. Season 3. Some people play with the ocean.
Can’t stop, won’t stop
I am in love with this show. It’s weird, it’s creative, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But I’m loving the characters and the twists. Keep it up!
On my THIRD full listen
This is the best piece of audio fiction I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling upon. I can’t sing its praises enough. Thank you to this talented and amazing crew for bringing this world into my life!!
Mike Mrs
I had listen an awesome.
Third season my favorite so far.
I’ve listen to all the episodes and can tell you that it only gets better. Season one interesting, season two I hung in there, season three Fire!
One of the best podcasts
Seasons 1 and 2 are amazing, season 3 is absolutely STUNNING.
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