Matt Belair is crushing it! Love it! Love it love it!
This guy is one of my favorites! Always willing to go deeper, so un afraid to speak his mind!!!
Love. Transformation. Truth.
Simpsoni Balogni pony
Matt is doing great work, sharing high vibe content for his listeners. He tells it how it is and isn't afraid to cover the taboo topics and say the "thing". Highly recommended if you are looking for a trusted ally on the spiritual path.
Listen and be inspired
Tomorrow's Cuisine
Matt brings new knowledge, persepctive, kindness, compassion and honesty into each podcast. His guests unfold new and thought provoking information that can be digested long after listening to this amazing podcast. Each episode is informative, unique and inspiring. With a wide range of topics, anyone and everyone will walk away with several "gems" that will promote a new and refresh look on how we all are, what we can do better, resulting in become better person!
Used to be good but turned political
I am updating my previously positive review. Lately Matt’s guests have been anti abortion and trump supporters (and not in a rationale way). Tbh I really liked how this was not a political podcast and now it’s turned into this weird garbage.
Great Food For The Mind
tim va
Matt is awesome. His guests are great. Many thanks for making a difference in my life with so many thoughtful and insightful episodes.
Inspiring and always insightful!
Matt is a humble soul with a beautiful heart that shines through in everything he does, be it a podcast, writing a book or teaching a course. His content is consistently uplifting, timely and incredibly interesting. But it’s his personality and positive energy that continually impress!
Deep dive instructor
Chaim K.
Matt's podcast is a compilation of wisdom and inspiration. It's done non-judgementally and with deep affection for his guests and especially his audience. This is always in my regular rotationa and I deeply appreciate the detailed show notes and giveaways. Zen mind, Zen Universe!
Awesome Material. 💫 Awesome Host. 🙌
The Ruffled Dove
Get ready to have your mind blown. Matt is a thoughtful host. Asks great questions, never talks over his guests and the material is always fresh and beyond interesting. My favorite Podcast and YouTuber. #truth
This podcast has really helped reignite curiosity and growth and aligned actions for all of us who listen. Please listen if you haven’t yet we need to be our best selves and cooperate with this planet and save it we still have hope. Thanks Matt and all the amazing guests.
Perfect for the soul
Binge listening to Matt’s show has really polarized my moral an spiritual compass. The connections that hold your mind, body, and spirit are key. Many of the visualization methods he talks about I have been unintentionally doing most of my life. Matt has opened my mind to a multitude more and has re-awakened some that I have lost connection to. Now more than ever I am utilizing these to support my goals.
Most useful podcast out
You definitely are doing such huge things with having this podcast. As much as it has helped me I can just imagine how many other are having there minds blown daily!
Matt Belair!!!!
Mark C England
Matt Belair is incredible. He brings ALL KINDS of esoteric wisdom to the table on top of being a total baddass of an athlete. He gave me some work out tips i'm still using today. And he is discerning too. There is a lot of werid metaphysical information out there and he cuts through all that with a quickness. Love his guests too. #ParisRobinson
Author, Cosmometry - Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos
Marshall Lefferts
I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Matt's excellent podcast, thoroughly enjoying an engaging conversation that spanned a wide varietly of topics, all threaded together by Matt's insightful inquiry and deep listening. I'll be tuning in to many of his shows and look forward to great conversations to come!
Great host, great show
I love Matt's enthusiasm and positivity. He has an infectious style and made me feel welcomed, respected and appreciated when I was on his show. I come back to his channel to find ongoing interviews with people that I know I will find interesting.
Mind body spirit food
Matt is an engaging speaker, he doesn’t bore you one bit, and has infinitely interesting guests and conversations that really get you to think beyond your boundaries and inspire wonder and a sense of potential and optimism. It’s not all roses, but it’s about looking at life with open eyes and an open mind. Thanks for the positive content, Matt!
A true gem in the sea of podcasts
Shoeless Doc
Such a wealth of information from a diversity of remarkable guests, and delivered with heart! No need to go elsewhere ... thanks Matt!
Matt is The Man!
Jakobi Kent
I always check Mr Belair’s podcast first for finding consistently inspiring and amazing content. Somehow he always pulls in a cornucopia of talented, wise, and intelligent thinkers, movers, and shakers. He never stops producing quality content, and he’s dedicated to his craft. This guy also seems to sacrifice a lot of time doing this, and should be supported monetarily more often. I’m going to make my first donation any minute here… I’ve been meaning to support him for some time now, and its going to add up to a nice tip/donation… Keep up the good work Matt, the awakening world is listening!
Great podcast
Aar On
High level information on a plethora of different subjects. Thanks Matt for all you do!!
Valuable content
I’m really enjoying Matt’s podcast. So far I’ve listened to a few episodes and they have been educational, inspiring and entertaining. Looking forward to learning and growing as I listen!
You are so grounded and wise! I follow you in almost all platforms. Always positive, inspirational and authentic. We need more people like you in this world. Thank you for shining!
Love this
Ive recently journeyed down the metaphysical rabit hole and came across Matt. Lead me to this podcast and been listening to it every chance I get. So far loving the interviews and the content he posts! Keep it up :)
Great content
Inspiring podcast that I recently found. Look forward to each new episode. If you’re into spiritual work and modalities, I highly recommend this podcast!
Mind expanding goodness
I love listening to this podcast. Matt does a great job bringing on super interesting guests who open my mind to new ideas and expand my awareness of what is possible. And it’s all done with loving kindness and a sense of service.
Hit Play Now!
dunkaroos NS
I’ve been listening to Matt’s podcast for months and months now and all I have to say is, why are you reading this review and not listening to his podcast right now!? Talk about upgrades, Matt brings on some of the most interesting people in the world, which is a serious statement but one I totally back up. They’re all leaders in their fields, whether it be consciousness, physics, tech, spirituality, and a multitude of other areas. The upgrades I’m talking about come in the form of knowledge, ways to increase your health and happiness, performance in your sport or field, and overall boosts to your wellbeing and life. Give it a listen, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, this podcast has seriously been an awesome addition to my life and I’m sure it will be to yours too.
Upgrade and Embrace YOU
Matt does a great job bringing together a swath of knowledge along with highly gifted guests who collectively bring a Tidal Wave of Love, Compassion, Truth, Intelligence, Intuitiveness, Dedication to Humanity as well as the Radiance of a Diamond! Thomas Campbell, Unity, Sandra Walters, Gerald Clark, have been my favorite podcasts so far! Matt keep up the inspiring work and may the Universe (Won Song) always sing your favorite tune!
Matt Belair is The Master Mind
Matt is not only a very evolved soul, he is compassionate, passionate, knowledgable, connected, dedicated. He meets & interviews the most interesting people & he is the genuine article. Thank you for everything you do brother.
Thank you For This Podcast
Heather Mattoon
As a person who is seeking freedom from the suffering in this life experience and for ways to help myself grow and evolve in as many ways as I can while I am here, I have found a tresure chest full of pearls and gold in Matt's podcast. I am so grateful to have found it and have learned so much from him, his style and grace and all of the guests that he has brought on. Thank you!
Great podcast
I have been on the spiritual path for about 19 years. At least, consciously. While there are a lot of books that I enjoy reading and a a couple of spiritual thinkers that I follow, I like to run, once in a while, into a spiritual refreshment. A different way and sometimes, more in depth look at spirituality and explore what it encompasses. Matt Belairs' podcast does just that. It takes you deeper and wider. Highly recommended for anyone looking to expand their spiritual horizons and deepend their spiritual verticality.
Ufos are real
Matt is boundless in his pursuit for truth and it’s construct. He brings fresh experiences to the fore and shares its brilliance to the world. Fantastic!!
Yes, yes, yes, so much yes!
Love this podcast. Love you and this amazingness. Thank you for doing what you do. Your guests and topics are ALWAYS top notch. On point, on trend and on the inside track. The flow of conversation is easy to follow and always super informative. Grateful and excited for more. Subscribe to this podcast! YES!
Virtually he is as AMAZING as in Real Life
Jonesy Money
Matt is the real deal. I had the grand opportunity of meeting this Ambassador for humanity, face to face in Portland, Maine and it was worth every minute. Matt, keep inspiring the world Champion.
Gotta Listen!
Matt has insight that will blow your mind! He is extremely effective at communicating and sharing, and his podcast is brilliant!
Nourishes mind body and spirit !
Anahata Ananda
Thank you Matt for bringing content that deeply nourishes and expands the mind body and spirit connection. I appreciate the thoughtfulness dedication and passion you Bring to each episode with interesting and thought-provoking guests and topics
Conscious expanding
I love Matt’s podcast. The topics are eye opening, thought provoking, and conscious expanding. As an interviewer does his own research and has a humble curiosity and he’s able navigate the conversations allowing the guests to share what ever they want to share. I love how Matt encourages listeners to have an open mind and just to be kind to one another. Thank you Matt!!!!
Matt is on the right path
Stuart Ferrier
And Matt is helping us all to find the right path. He interviews some of the most amazing and thought provoking people on the planet. Mind blowing content!
I am GRATEFUL for your podcasts.
Wow ! I was led to your podcast through, a website offering services to raise your consciousness using kinesiology. I had to find part two of the interview of these two great guests and went to iTunes to find your podcast. Thank you for such a great interview. I am now excited as I see all of your podcasts are talking about awesome topics with great guests. Thank you for you and I look forward to hearing more of your wonderful work. May you be blessed abundantly !
Welcome to your awakening journey!
Erin Virtue
This podcast has so much knowledge and love to offer every human on this planet. Listening to this podcast guides me on my journey every time I listen to it, and I seem to gain awareness and a deeper understanding about life. If you’re looking for some wonderful knowledge about our reality, I highly recommend listening to Matt. There’s a variety of topics so everyone can find an episode that fits their interests! Thank you Matt for all that you do! The Universe and Humanity is filled with gratitude for you!
One of favorite podcasts 😊
I love Matt’s energy, the passion, enthusiasm, and ambition exudes through each episode and it’s so contagious. Each episode is super interesting and relevant and helpful for the anyone looking to improve their personal development journey.
So much inspiration
I’m feeling really inspired by the conversations in this podcast, thanks you for the introductions and windows into ways to awaken! 🙏
This dude is the truth!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year or so, without a doubt favorite podcast ever. After roughly 100 episodes later and it’s still fresh with new topics and overflowing with such profound and ground breaking knowledge, I respect Matt and all of his guests who take the time to make this happen. With this podcast and also reading Matt’s Book Zen Athlete, I’ve been able to make better sense if the bigger picture, not perfect but better. I mean for little to no cost this dude is leaking all the secrets/cheat codes to this game we call “Earth School!” I’m being %100 authentic when I say this dude is the truth! DON’T SLEEP ON THIS! All love!
Loving this
Care of Magical Creatures
Loving this podcast! Have been listening for a while now and am really feel inspired by Matt and all the guests. Love the diversity of topics and what an upbeat and gracious host Matt is.
Leveling Up!!!
I initially came across Matt when he was featured as a guest on Jiro Taylor’s podcast. From there I decided to take a look at his work and all I can say is that I am continually blown away by the topics that he covers. I truly appreciate all the hard work you put in behind the scenes in order to allow all of us to have access into some of the most profound world class individuals on the planet!!! Your podcast has greatly enriched my life and has encouraged me to take even greater actions to level up in all areas in hopes of living a truly abundant life! Please continue with your efforts for you are truly making a great difference! Thank you!
Best podcast
Matt’s podcast has been one of my favorites his topics are intriguing and his energy for his subjects are contagious. I’ve learned so much from his episodes and love what he says about doing a kind act a day for people ( I also include animals in that as well). Great show makes my long drives go by quickly. Thank you Matt!
✨Food for the soul!✨
I came across Matt’s Podcast by a pure synchronistic nature. The episode I listened to was absolutely enthralling (David Lonebear Sanipass is a fascinating individual as well as what he brings to the table) and I found myself listening to all the specific episodes Matt had with him. From there, I was hooked and have started from the most earliest episodes. So much high quality learning and gratifying for the soul! I highly recommend this show!!!
MaryBeth Elgrably
This episode helps take you to the next level of ascension. Not only is the content helping the collective raise its awareness, Matt's vibration alone is enough to lift anyone's day.
Amazing host and relevant guests!
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and can not express my gratitude to Matt and his guests enough. I have been challenged to open my mind to new concepts, integrate those concepts into practice and continue to seek opportunities to grow and expand! Matt’s authentic, loving, positive nature is magnetic and his engagement and excitement with his guests make his passion clear. This is a must listen for any seeker on a spiritual path.
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I never leave reviews but your podcast blows me away. Thank you for your message.❤️
Simply mind blowing
Makes me feel a little less alone in a world that may call you crazy for your spiritual beliefs. I will continue to share with all my loved ones, sending you love, Matt, for your gifts and service.
Incredible detailed help.
The 700 idiot who both it.
I found out about Matt Belair from a You Tube vid. The second I heard him talk about his experiences, I new I was on a similar path, his pod cast cast has been super influential in guiding my spiritual growth, it’s so helpful to hear him describe he’s experiences and be able to relate. Honestly this is how you can find the people that really know what they are talking about, you learn to hear there truths. Even if your now trying to have these super human experiences I would recommend we all give it a try because just one makes you a more aware caring person. Thanks Matt hope you never stop!
Tyler Harmony
Let me first start off by saying Matt is one of the most genuine humans walking this crazy earth. We are all so fortunate to have a source of knowledge as honorable and valuable as the Matt Belair Podcast in today’s day in age. I have been religiously listening to these podcasts for the past few years and never once been bored with the experience. It’s amazing how many beautiful people are walking around right next to us that have such a well of knowledge and insight in this multidimensional experience of life. Let’s all take the pledge to do more for each other and awaken a movement of thoughtful empathetic action in this world of hardship. Thank you Matt for your spectacular contribution to the human race and always lending timelines kernels of knowledge to help your fellow brothers and sisters. LIGHT & LOVE
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