Burning Man πŸ”₯: Everything You Need to Know - History, Philosophy, Community with Caveat Magister
Published October 21, 2019
93 min
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    Caveat Magister has been writing about Burning Man culture for the last 10 Years and is the author of the book "The Scene That Became Cities: What Burning Man Philosophy Can Teach About Building Better Communities: http://www.mattbelair.com/ & http://www.patreon.com/mattbelair Sign up for the email list and most importantly do 1 act of kindness today! πŸ™πŸ‘ŠπŸš€ Caveats website: https://www.amazon.com/Scene-That-Bec... Donate: http://bit.ly/mattbelair Support by Doing an Act of Kindness for Someone Today! Subscribe: Podcast: http://goo.gl/1euQe7 YouTube: https://goo.gl/Mz7Ngg FREE STUFF: Guide to Lucid Dreaming E-Book and Guided Hypnotic Experience: http://www.mattbelair.com/luciddreaming Show Notes: Caveat Magister, aka Benjamin Wax, for the last ten years, has been actively writing about Burning Man culture and engaging with Burning Man at the cutting edge of its philosophy, composing over 250 articles for the Burning Man website. By 2015, this work had made him, outside of Larry Harvey and his fellow founders, one of the leading interpreters of Burning Man within its own culture. In 2015, Larry Harvey asked him, along with Burning Man's Director of Education, Stuart Mangrum, to sit on the "Philosophical Center" of the Burning Man nonprofit. He is the author of the new book THE SCENE THAT BECAME CITIES: WHAT BURNING MAN PHILOSOPHY CAN TEACH ABOUT BUILDING BETTER COMMUNITIES Working for burning man official website Starting writing the book just after Larry Harvey just had his stroke Caveat shares about Larry Harvey The origins of burning man The cacophony society Burning Man Philosophy Understanding where burning man come from? The fundamental unit of burning man being ACTION The emergence of burning man philosophy and the burning man network Where the 10 burning man principles came from Left the meaning of the man burn meaning and principles meaning up to the individual Why Burning man is in its high culture phase Applied existentialism Why you might become miserable Where od you see burning man in 20 years if you could egg it on? Competition to Collaboration – Scarcity Intrinsic motivation connects you to the bigger network and innate motivation Why we need to let go of efficient The β€œDoarchacy” Decisions get made by people doing the work A new model of leadership Traditional leadership comes from 1. Funders 2. Administrative power What experiences of leaders at the burn 1. Relevant 2. Agency – making decisions that matter to them 3. Competence (challenge) 4. Who ruined burning man? Addressing the negative feedback about burning man Social Capital vs fiscal capital If you like the show please share, do an act of kindness, and become a patron here http://www.patreon.com/mattbelair THANK YOU! About Me: ======== Master your mind, body, and spirit with Matt Belair and world-renowned leaders today! This unique show features candid conversations with experts in personal development, spirituality, and human optimization. Each episode is another key to help you unlock your infinite potential and assist you on your path to self-mastery! You will discover the best tips, tools, and technologies to master your mind; plus the science, principles, and practices to master your body. Finally, you will dive into the deepest depths of yourself, life, the universe and the pursuit of discovering who you really are, and consciously creating the life of your dreams! https://mattbelair.com/bio/ May Love, Joy, Passion, Peace, and Prosperity fill your life! Namaste πŸ™ πŸ‘‰ For top rated video podcast, coaching, speaking, media and consulting inquiries contact me. πŸ“§ - Email Me: Matt@ZenAthlete.com πŸ“ - Contact Me: https://mattbelair.com/contact/ Follow Social Media ================ ➀ : - Instagram: http://bit.ly/Instagram-MatthewBelair ➀ : - Twitter: http://bit.ly/Twitter-MatthewBelair HashTags ======== #BurningMan #BurningManCulture #BurningManHistory #CaveatMagister #PersonalDevelopment β„’Matthew Belair - OFFICIAL
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