Great stuff
TC Green
Great for following Mars news, even if the podcast is run by a suspicious looking Canadian fellow(SpaceX security still has their eyes one you!).
Jake talks about just Mars! He does a lot of things about the history of the robots we sent up there and and the analogues. There's also a bunch of interviews which are super cool! If I could rate it 10/5 stars I would!
One of my favorite space podcasts
This podcast is excellent. Super informative and in depth, while still incredibly accessible. Robins is well informed, has as a pleasant and engaging radio personality, and a passion for the subject material that really comes through.
Thoughtful and accessible
WeMartians is set apart from other space podcasts by Jake's thoughtful style of interviewing and explaining. He covers high level news and background but isn't afraid to drive into the nitty gritty questions about how the science and exploration of Mars is actually done. Even if you have just a mild interest in Mars, this is worth a listen.
Effective space-nerd listening material
This podcast is a wonderful deep-dive into current news and research being conducted about our neighbor planet. Well constructed and informational enough for me to learn new things with every episode! As someone who recently started working in the industry, this helps me sound like I know what I’m talking about when conversing with coworkers at the water cooler.
Where have you been all my life?
Such a great Podcast, Jake! You break down all things Mars into digestible chunks that make for great listening. I’ve been a lifelong enthusiast of space technology, but never had the time to dig into all of the details. Thanks for all your efforts in bringing this content to us — very much appreciated!!
The depth we crave
The samsonator
I love this podcast! Jake provides topical coverage in each segment which deep dives one or more subject areas to provide a solid coverage to boost your understanding of knowledge areas critical to understanding our next home. I especially liked his coverage of each of the rover missions, and the comprehensive year in review sessions for perspective. His approach is very complementary to the space podcasts which are more focused on weekly events; you will want to save these for future reference and go back to listen to the background details to inform how you interpret the news of the week.
Great storytelling
Steve at Starsend
Mars, a compelling subject, and WeMartians, a podcast that tells its story with passion, humor and style. It's quite a combination.
Awesome podcast
Lana Lopopolo
Love this podcast. Interesting and informational. There are some really great interviews in the episodes as well! This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on my long drive to work; it keeps me entertained and inspired!
Great New podcast focusing on humanity's next step
I have listened to a few episodes now and find it to be quite good. Production values are quite high and the interviews are in depth and interesting - but not too in the weeds. It does focus on the scientific and human exploration of Mars, but the topics are quite broad and are applicable to a lot of space exploration in general.
The Mars podcast you have been looking for!
Bovard T
Fantastic way to keep up to date on all the latest Mars developments and learn about the cool future technologies that will get us there!
Made my year!
I just listened to the Deep Space Ecologies episode and loved it. It's the science of closer ecological systems that has fascinated me for so long but until this episode my efforts to dig into it further were limited. This turned me onto exciting new possibilities. Thanks!
Great podcast
(space) pat o.
The show always has interesting guests. It is great to learn about Mars straight from the people actually doing the work and research. The content is a great mix of easy-to-understand explanations and heavy science.
No empty calories here.
Dave Gallagher
If you've been looking for a smart and well-paced podcast about all things Martian, you found it.
So much to look forward to!
This is an amazing podcast that mostly speaks on our vision to visit mars in person. It make me dream of being there already. Thank you for keeping the conversation going, hopefully we will get there soon.
Mars Central
Mark Tseselsky
This podcast is a great way to keep track of everything there is to know about Mars and human exploration of Mars!
Another great space podcast
There are many great podcasts about space and space exploration out there, and WeMartians is on that list. It's great to have a Mars focused podcast, and the interviews are great, real discussions with the scientists and engineers.
Mars Podcast that I have been waiting for!
This is a podcast that I have been waiting for! Finally, someone is talking about our neighbor planet!
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