My favorite podcast
Asher Ernst
I really appreciate the way that the hosts always deal with topics in an even handed way while still really bringing intellectual challenge to some of my pre conceived ideas. They deal with topics across the spectrum of Christian theology and practice. Baptism, Trump, guns, evangelism, racial righteousness - they’re covering topics across the spectrum.
Always something interesting
I love their thoughtful approach to issues of interest to Christians. Very interesting and and always worth a listen.
Entertaining & informative
Well put together & well hosted. Enjoy the little glimpses into your personal lives too.
Real snoozer.
Boring subjects and boring interview skills. Zero stars isn't an option !
Sloppy editing
The discussions have been good and I learn a lot from the guests, but the sound quality of this podcast has gone really down hill the past few episodes. I noticed on this past week’s episode on Christian bookstores that Morgan’s voice echoed when she spoke into the mic. The sound is also uneven in some areas. I think I heard some sound bites cut off that weren’t supposed to be in the final cut. Hope these things get fixed.
Quick to listen podcast
Ron KR
I enjoy listening while I do my daily 2 miles walk The show talks about current events that are effecting our Christian churches and culture I’ve tried to find the podcast that talks about saving marriages but to no avail Where can I go to find it Thanks again
Learning modern church history
The Quick To Listen podcast is always informative and interesting but the recent discussion of Fundamentalism was outstanding. I learned more about the modern history of the church from this podcast than from 25 years in an evangelical church. Tremendous.
I love what these folks are doing.
Bama Chuck
We need more thoughtful voices that inform us and challenge our assumptions.
Christianity Today grasping the nettle
Many thanks for October 15 episode on global warming. Would be grateful for more coverage on this topic. As mentioned during the interview, climate discussions are politically charged in ways that don’t make for thoughtful analysis or response. More like that!
Smart, Thoughtful and Informative
I find myself drawn to this podcast it is nice to get the news from a Christian perspective. Just when I think I know the topic I find myself challenged to learn more and to learn it the correct way. After all the years of watching World News this is an amazing podcast, very informative. I also like that they have stories like...Lauren Daigle the meaning behind her song “ You Say”. It truly is a blessing. Thanks for all the information. Debbie in Pensacola, Fl
Great episode
Excellent interview with Thabiti Anyabwile! So appreciate the insights, definitions and exhortation to ‘lean in’ to how to apply the gospel. The gospel is meant to transform us and our culture and I believe that involves initiative taking, not passive belief.
Oh boy!
Grandma Nicki
Just tripped over this podcast. What a thoughtful presentation of a current social topic from a Christian perspective. But not at all judgmental. Focusing on the commonality of views and the value of all human beings, even those we disagree with. Refreshing perspective.
Great Podcast
This podcast has done a lot to open my mind to Christianity, it's very enjoyable, and discusses relevant topics.
Always stimulating.
F-A Jay
Solid, engaging, well produced.
Always Refreshing Perspective
A rare voice in America today - intelligent, serious, big-hearted, and uniquely Christian in perspective - Christian in that they strive at all times to look at the world as Christ would have us. This is NOT what is being said by the loudest voices identifying as Christian. Challenging and inspiring. Thank you so much!
Thoughtful, Intelligent, Gospel Centered
An excellent podcast that delves into the issues of the day in a thoughtful, intelligent manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed the episodes for almost two years now and have been challenged to think through issues and listen to people in a way that lines up with the truth of the Gospel, and at the same time sometimes in ways I hadn’t previously considered. I’m excited each week to find out what you will discuss. Thank you
One of my the best I have heard
Thought I was listening to NPR! And that’s a compliment
Finally, a pod cast of thoughtful and intellectually thought provoking discussions that are Christ Centered.
Insightful and wide-ranging podcast
I highly recommend this podcast for any Christians who are committed to being deft cultural critics. The topics, especially the focus on international issues, is especially helpful for listeners who naturally hear primarily domestic news.
SBC Me Too Moment
Larry Szyman
I really appreciated to interplay with Stetzer and hosts Morgan Lee and Mark Galli. I think they did a great job of threading the needle between being wise in light of cultural realities without capitulating to the "gotcha" spirit of the age. The directness, challenge and fun is a great recipe for how to struggle together. On a whole, I listen to this podcast weekly. I love the way Morgan and Mark interact. Mark comes off like an uncle to the young Morgan. And she has a fun energy and does a great job of keeping the podcast on track. They make a great team.
A Weekly Must Listen
CEA in Wenatchee
Quick To Listen is a weekly must for me. Morgan Lee and Mark Galli do an outstanding job of hosting interesting guests discussing relevant and thoughtful topics. This podcast is a gem and I almost always take away something that has shed new light on a familiar subject or opened my eyes to an entirely new issue. It is a nice break from the 24 hour new cycle with the opportunity for more perspective. It doesn't hurt that Morgan is a baseball fan with an SF Giant pedigree!
I thoroughly enjoy this podcast
I am so appreciative of the work of Christianity Today and all they do. Quick to Listen is just a piece of that. Their work is thoughtful, grace-filled and orthodox. They value social justice, truth, honesty, intellectual insight, right doctrine, grace and evangelism—a combination of values that is heart-breakingly rare these days.
Worth your time
Nancy at the Piano
This is just different from anything else out there. You might not agree with everything they (or their guests) say, but it sure can make you think. Thanks, CT!
CT has two great podcasts
And this is one. Love Morgan and Marks way of communicating. One of my favorite podcasts all around. Keep it up CT
Cuddos for your irenic take on controversy
You guys have a great way of talking about the conflict-laden topics of the day, respectful without giving up convictions. Thanks for modeling gracious speech, seasoned with salt (to quote someone somewhere ;)
Outstanding podcast!
I find Quick to Listen to be an insightful and helpful podcase. Morgan Lee and Mark Galli come prepared to discuss relevant and timely topics from a Christin perspective. They are both bright, incisive, and irenic in their discussions without being soft and mushy. They are careful to address what is true without being judgmental or adding to the polemic that is all to prevalent in our society. I find it to be a good example of what Beautiful Orthodoxy ought to be.
Excellent Overview
GP Travels
This episode provided excellent insight on the political, cultural and religious cultures in Israel. It was balanced and biblically supported. My only suggestion (hence 4 stars) is that the host, Morgan, needs to talk slower and finish her sentences with greater clarity. I’ll be listening again to see if other episodes are as insightful and useful.
Love it!
heavy dsky
I love reading CT and have subscribed for years. The podcast is a thoughtful engagement on a variety of topics created by two talented Christian journalists. Thanks!
Thoughtful discussion
In the current overheated cultural landscape where everything is seen through the lens of political allies, enemies and point-scoring, Quick to Listen is a refreshingly thoughtful exploration of the most-discussed issues. Guests bring interesting perspectives without trying to be provocative. Hosts truly seek to understand and actively challenge their own gut reactions without descending into navel-gazing squishiness. More of this, please.
Thoughtful and Engaging
Great topics covered from a Biblical Worldview with a willingness to hear different perspectives.
Christian Thoughts on What’s Going on Now
I appreciate QTL. The subjects are interesting and informative. I love Christianity Today magazine.
Always topical and heart touching
Subject says it all
The hosts invite interesting experts to discuss newsworthy topics in a way that feels like a conversation among friends at the dinner table. I would love to see a show about cognitive dissonance as a follow up on an article from several months ago. How to present truth to someone who believes a lie unknowingly, yet either refuses to hear the truth or justifies the lie. The recent Roy Moore scandal makes me wonder how to understand why people who call themselves Christian justify child molesting in order to win a Senate seat.
Bridging the Gap
At a time when American Christianity seems to be splintering by ethnicity & politics, CT’s Quick to Listen offers Christians an opportunity to listen & learn about Christian perspectives all over the country & world.
Necessary if I'm to remain in connected.
A important part of my refocusing upon needs around me and the scripture. A important podcast for ALL believers.
A Great CT Companion
This podcast always provides thoughtful Christian insights into current events. Morgan and Mark are a great mix. I would love to hear some appropriate personal background info on the hosts. Thanks for the great work! Keep them coming.
Left leaning Christian podcast
Joe Plumbler
To bad we can’t have a Christian podcast without the need to insert political view.
Thoughtful and balanced
Extremely thoughtful and balanced Christian perspective.
Great podcast with wonderful Informtion.
Was Eunice (Mother Of Timothy) a single parent or was her husband living in Acts and 2 Timothy ?
Review and My Question for the Podcast
Anjuan Simmons
This is one of the few Christian oriented products that takes a Bibilical approach to issues while still retaining a sense of realism. It's great. Here is the question I would like addressed on Quick to Listen: What should Christians do about White Supremacy (i.e., the political, cultural, and economic belief that the social construct of Whiteness is superior to all othe races and should, therefore, rule and be served by Black people)? Previous episodes have touched on Black issues, but I think this direct question has not been addressed. Since most Christians in America are White and White Supremacy was invented by White people, I think there is a need for Christian White people to participate in dismanteling the anti-Christian notion of White Supremacy. Regards, Anjuan (@anjuan on Twitter)
Podcast Model Citizen
I love this podcast because it is moderated & edited well, great informative topics, and reasonable perspectives shared. The participants participate in an activity that they share what they are excited about- which is fun but sometimes needs a switch-up. A+! They openly welcome feedback, they provide ways to reach out. I love the magazine & this supplemental podcast. Potential question for answering: What is the biggest challenge you face in making this podcast or working for CT?
Fascinating discussions with knowledgeable guests.
Great podcast
Interesting analysis. Good choice of guests. I appreciate the different perspectives brought by co-hosts Morgan Lee and Mark Galli- he being similar to me in age, background, and sex; she being more similar to my children.
An Evangelical Civil War?
Liam downey
With recent events - like Jonathan Merritt's at Liberty University and LeCrae's announcement - exposing more politicalization and division in evangelicalism, do you see a schism on the horizon? Can we find a balance of grace & truth in order to get back on mission?
interesting and fun
This podcast is fun, intelligent, engaging and topical. On top of all that, the host is geniunely Christian, and brings that perspective to bear on timely subjects. Very good podcast.
As a US Christian ex-pat living in a developing country and out-of-touch with the "real" world, it's refreshing to listen to something relevant and positive when everything seems so divided now in the US. Keep up the good work.
The model for thoughtful Christian conversation
kiki san
As someone who strives to understand different opinions, complex topics, historical context and Biblical application, I find this podcast riveting. The dynamic between the two hosts is especially engaging as it’s not only inter generational, a woman leads the conversation. I wish the episodes were daily!
I <3 God!!
I truly enjoy the perspectives and information shared in this podcast!
Love this podcast!
I look forward to listnening to this podcast each time it's released. Always current and thoughtful. Takes on the hard issues and doesn't provide pad, easy answers. True Christian culture rather than the culture created by conservative media.
I listen every week
Thought-provoking discussions, super-current topics, and relevant interviews. This podcast meets a huge need, helping us see cultural events through the lens of the Bible. Hosts are well-informed and excellent in guiding the conversation. I look forward to listening to it every week.
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