You make a difference
SpearDog Love
I have learned so much from you. The most valuable information you’ve provided is the impact of modifying your thoughts and behaviors can truly help you overcome bouts of depression. I also appreciate the tools you’ve highlighted to accept my reality for what it is. I want to thank you for all you do for me and I am confident I’m not the only one who feels this way. Just know that you are truly making a difference in this world.
Episode 169
I really Loved this episode I felt like it really resonated with me. I definitely appreciate this podcast in general and just thank you for sharing.
So helpful
This is a great way to supplement my weekly therapy. Thanks and keep up the great work!
I listen every week!
I love the insight Duff gives on all these different subjects and struggles. It always gives me a new perception on some of my own struggles and how to better cope with them. Even if it is not a specific problem I have I can always relate some way to the advice he gives on these issues. I love the episodes where his wife is present and discusses her point of view. Getting a woman’s perspective always helps me relate even more, being a woman myself. The dynamic these two have is amazing and their communication skills are admirable. Definitely a great podcast for self improvement and self awareness!
Episode 154
Woah! So many juicy tidbits that are insightful. Thank you!
I recommended this to my therapist
I love listening to your show. I am a rape survivor who deals with PTSD, and some of the things I’ve heard here have stuck with me throughout the healing process. I even recommended your podcast to my therapist. I tell her all the time “Dr. Duff was saying the same thing on the podcast and explained it like this is that what you mean?” This is definitely one of the most important podcasts out there.
I tried to find the topic but i dont think you ever talked about it
Your podcast is so great and i really like how you get into the topics in details i just wish of you talk about breakups and moving on and the grief stages i’m going through a breakup and its really hard on me cause its my first serious relationship but i know i have to move on i just wish if someone tells me how long is the healthy wallowing i know i should grief and wallow i know i have to get it out of my system but its been 4 months and it keep come at me everytime i think im finally done being sad and ready to move on it comes back at me and i get sad like its new and i wallow idk if thats normal i know i have to fight it but i think theres a fine line between fighting it in a healthy way and keeping it for later and i dont want to get sad every once in while i wanna move on so i just wanna know HOW LONG is the healthy period, and its hard cause everytime it comes back at me it come harder than before like its only getting worse when it should lessen
I’m happy that I tuned into your podcast about adhd. It’s so nice to have it explained the way you did. I feel that you gave me the details needed to explain how my kids can use some tools to help them out. Can’t wait to help them out. Cross my fingers. Thank you.
Best Thing I've Come Across
This podcast, is more than just a typical self-help podcast. It talks and explains things in a plain English kind of way. I'm pretty sure a lot of us have left an appointment and/or session with questions of interpretation. Well this, in its own way, cuts right through all the "red tape", and puts it in understanding ways. He's right, he's not your therapist. However, a lot that's said may be able to additionally supplement what your psychiatrist and/or therapist tells you.
What a relief!
Abw 927
I’m so grateful for the episode about toxic family. I have a toxic mother and my father was amazing but has passed away. I’m living in my mother’s rental currently and decided yesterday that I’m done. This was so validating, to hear it’s not me! For so long I’ve been the scapegoat and my brother the golden child. The best thing I can do for myself and my son is save money, get out and cut ties. Thank you!!!! Ashley
Thank you!
Meesh Marie
Thank you so much for all you do. Your podcasts are amazing and I am extremely grateful for your insight.
Love it!
I listen every week and find it extremely helpful. Thank you Dr. Duff!
Snooze fest!
I’ll stick with Joe Rogan, thank you.
Wow! Thank You, Sincerely
I just listened to “Episode 154: Emotional Cheating, hypomania, boundaries in supporting mood disorders.” I have been teeter-tottering for 20+ years and listening to others as well, diagnose me as being bipolar. I honestly just thought that I was an extremely hyper person. I’ve always talked fast, moved fast and everyone knows my brain is always thinking about 4-10 things at once. As I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten much worse. But your description about hypomania and your explanation, the way you talk in REAL terms with real examples and scenarios, that’s t it does exist that someone can just be all that, it be there personality (which Is what I thought about myself) and their just hyperactive naturally. but when hypomania is going at its best, the person will tend to ignore the known daily things that they must do and the goal and hope for management is that they can get some control so when they are not in hypomania, there is a isn’t such a mess to clean up. That they can use that time to max benefit of the energy level. Idk why, THAT Just helped me so much, more than anything I’ve heard about the topic in my life. THAT describes what I’ve tried to do my whole life unsuccessfully. I’m tired of the chaos and just wanted to thank you again, as I appreciate what you do for the people. I’m thinking Maybe it’s time for me to seek someone else’s help with this, I’m 43 and tired. I actually wrote about 10 times more than this and realized that it was not exactly too long and too much, so I drastically shortened it. I can add this though, I agree wholeheartedly with all the reviews left that say how real you are and that you are just well spoken. You can get across very elegantly what you are trying to say in a way that makes sense and you are capable of changing someone’s life with just one podcast, as you have mine today. I appreciate all you are doing, thank you, as the world is a better place because of you. And your website is amazing! You give so many valuable resources about anxiety, social distortions (which I honestly have all of them) and things that are real and truly applicable. My daughter is finding these helpful too. Thank you for being you and for all you do! I’m a fan Sara Murphy from Tucson saramurphy
A kind voice, real answers to real questions and an amazing help.
This podcast is really well done, answering questions on at a time, on a “true struggles” level : so many of them I could relate to, are asked from people who don’t know how to make their life better, and Duff is helping each one on them. I am so grateful for this podcast, and for answers to my personal question as well after emailing it to him. The interviews are passionating, very enlightening, sometimes very personal and it’s so nice to see we’re not alone with all our questions in our heads. Also, this is a bit personal but I am not a native English speaker, but he speaks so clearly and with words all can understand, it’s really helpful. Thank you for all you do Robert Duff, the time and the respect you give to people are supporting so many of us.
Changing a life one episode at a time.....
Danielle Brandy
Last year, I started seeing a psychiatrist and a counselor for anxiety and a mood disorder. Not long after I started seeing my counselor, she suggested that I try listening to some podcast. I had never listened to a podcast before because I assumed they were like listening to a boring talk show on the radio. A couple weeks later she asked if I had listened to any, and of course I said no. Later that day I’m browsing the podcast and come across this Hardcore Self Help Podcast. I added it to my library and went on about my day. Finally that night I decided to suffer threw one podcast episode just to say that I had tried it. I turned on this podcast and the first episode I listened to was about making an anxiety ladder. I paused halfway threw the episode, got a paper, and pen. I made my own anxiety later that I still work on now. From then I was hooked. I get anxiety while doing various activities during the day, so I turn this podcast and I’m so focused on what Duff is saying that my anxiety disappears. I take notes from his podcast and implement them in my life if I feel they will work for me. Recently my grandmother passed and although I loved her, she was not a kind woman. I felt anger towards her. Even though my counselor said I didn’t need to feel guilty for my anger towards her, I did. I listened to the episode about toxic people a few days ago, and I was mind blown. I had never heard my grandmother being described so well. Although I loved her, I no longer feel guilty thanks to that episode! I am also OCD-cleaning- I had been struggling the last couple of weeks because I would not clean anything because I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I felt I needed to do. I listened to the productivity episode, and the main thing that stuck out to me was doing 3 things a day and anything else was extra. The past couple of days I have been able to stick with making a list of 3 things to do instead of 50 and it has been beyond helpful. Every time I feel like I’m struggling, a new episode will come up and to say it helps would be an understatement. The episodes help me in between my appointments with my counselor, and she has been very happy with the progress I have made. Most of all, I’m proud of me. So thank you Duff, thank you for creating this podcast. Your making a difference in the way people think, approach things, and accomplish their goals.
I started on the most recent episode because the title spoke to me, but I did not expect to have the reaction I did. The guest’s situation matched mine to a tee. I am shook.
I take away something from this podcast each time I listen, even if the subject isn’t something I personally deal with. Duff makes things easy to understand and relatable. His books are the same way and are the most helpful books I’ve read when it comes to depression and anxiety.
Hit Home for Me!
I have been listening to this podcast for almost a year. Every episode has opened up my mind and with my mental health. However episode 152 hit home for me because I had grew up in a toxic home and had a toxic relationship. Listening to this podcast had made me understand sooooooo much more with my past. Keep it going with the amazing topics!
Fresh and informative
This podcast is unique and intriguing. Duff discusses topics that elicit curiosity and internal reflection. I love that he offers research-based advice. He does an excellent job translating the literature into a raw and relatable form. I’ve been binging this podcast and highly recommend it. ♥️
Helpful and interesting !
I love to listen to The Hardcore Self Help Podcast on my commute to work! It really puts me in the perfect mindset for working with adolescents in residential treatment for OCD and anxiety. I have learned a lot through Duff, as I am part of the residential staff- I don’t have the clinical background of a therapist. It has even influenced me to begin my Master’s degree in mental health counseling! Thanks for a great podcast!!!
Easy listening and by far the most relatable
I’ve been listening for quite some time on iTunes. Duff has got to be one of the best speakers. It really feels like he is just hanging out and chatting with you. Like a friend you didn’t know you needed. I started listening because I have been feeling very off lately and I have adult ADHD (diagnosed at 4) and I struggle with a lot of my past. Listening to his helps me work through my own issues on my own terms. Brings to light a different way of thinking and healing. Plus he’s hilarious and I wish he had his wife on more! She’s great! My fave episode is “10 common thinking traps!!!” By far. And also all of the ones with Joelle! Thanks Duff for all that you do!
Unirganized, and not positive
Duff’s podcast covers great topics. However, his approach to content and that of his guests is not the most productive or positive ways to learn to cope with the myriad of mental health problems. He often uses negative forms of communication or tones, and so do his guests. For instance, the psychologist who was talking about family abuse was unfortunately quite toxic possibly bc she has not been able to deal with the trauma completely, to be helping other through that and needs some therapy herself.
Episode 152
Listening to this podcast for about a year has really helped my healing process. Recovery from emotional and domestic violence is difficult. Each episode offers a thread towards the weave of healing. Episode 152 on toxic relationships was so on point personally and professionally. Thanks for this podcast:)
Honest and educational
Miso lover
I highly recommend The Hardcore Self Help podcast. Dr. Duff takes the time to thoroughly answer listeners’ questions in an honest and nonjudgmental way. He really encourages people to dive deep into their emotions to cope with their issues and problems. Dr. Duff uses specific language and explains technical/academic vocabulary. He integrates humor and his personal life so the listener doesn’t feel “less than”. I’ve found his podcasts to be very informative and comforting. He is really invested in helping his listeners.
Smart and engaging psychology podcast
Jill Simmons
Duff ‘s podcast companions me weekly, and tackles myriad important subject with a charming common sense expertise that makes it seem like having a psychologist best friend from college. He invites you into his life in a way that models vulnerability without ever crossing the “appropriate”line. The expert interviews address a wide array of subjects, and the answer to readers’ questions are sensitive and thoughtful. This is more intimate than Dear Sugars, but has that engaging love of people.
Great Podcast!
Turnt Up Tina
Duff the Psych is amazing! His podcast has a lot of informative content. I am a new mental health professional and listening to his podcast has helped me a lot in my personal life and in my career. I listen to his podcast daily, highly recommended for anyone!
Down to earth self-help
I’ve found over the years that healing often comes in the form of real down-to-earth support and advice. Dr. Duff is so informative and yet so relatable in his podcasts. It’s a great listen with many relevant and helpful topics. Highly recommended!
Love it
I’ve been listening for a few months now and I thoroughly and genuinely enjoy this podcast. It really has made me more self aware mentally. I started seeing a therapist even. I love the wide range of questions answered to! I feel as if somebody is struggling mentally, this is a great podcast to give a to to.
Shared to me, & now I share to others!
This podcast is incredibly helpful. I have learned so much about mindfulness, exposure therapy, and learning how to ground myself back to reality when my anxiety gets overwhelming. I share this podcast with everyone I know who expresses that they are wanting to start with therapy but too scared, so I give this to them as a stepping stone for self help (because I know they will learn from it on how to get the tools & resources to get help!) thank you so much for this podcast!
Helpful //
Thank you.
Started off strong, but it lost its power constantly pushing a liberal agenda.
This podcast description should read “I want to help answer mental health, anxiety, depression, relationships, sex, and life question... UNLESS you are a Conservative “ . I tuned in thinking hmm this guy has some good advice. I put my earbuds in and off I went for a run to release anxiety from a really bad day. Low and behold it got worse. This guy blatantly tells his listeners he is a far left liberal in one of his podcasts then a blames the right for their problems. What kind of bigoted psychobabble did I sign up for?
I started to listen to podcasts as I drive (which I drive weekly for work) I haven’t really found any podcasts that I have stuck to I have just been bouncing around from Podcasts to Podcasts. Today I found duff who so far is really easy to listen to and within one episode of listening I have found several helpful tips that I am going to start implementing into my daily life.
The Hardcore self help podcast
I have learned so much listening to these podcasts.
Ready to be pathologized by a DSM-thumper?
Vandee Lovelace
I find it incredibly irresponsible of any mental health practitioner to not be up-to-date on the latest research on trauma. Trauma is pervasive and undercuts the need for many diagnoses. He frequently thumps the DSM-V as a bastion of mental health pathology, but the DSM is, well, pathologizing. Anyone with a comprehensive understanding of trauma would back off from pathology. Stop pathologizing people’s healthy adaptations to unhealthy circumstances. If you’re struggling with any kind of mental health problem, I implore you to check out Judith Herman’s “Trauma and Recovery” and Bessel Van Der Kolk’s “The Body Keeps Score.” When the world understands how pervasive trauma is, the DSM will become largely useless as we move toward holistically (ie viewing a person as multidimensional, rather than as a list of symptoms) healing trauma. This might have something to do with C-PTSD being denied entry into the DSM-V despite ample research.
Ryannon S.
I have been listening to these whenever I can, but I have to be in the right frame of mind. Great advice! I imagine it is helping tremendously for a lot of people out there. Your wife is lucky to have her own professional to help guide her. My struggles is finding the way to start any of the suggestions to move forward. To get the help. Where to start, how to get out and get the help. Someday maybe! Keep up the great work! You are an amazing young man to have accomplished so much.
The best!
Mickei boy
Excellent great support and awesome listening to the questions and answers! Thank you!
Great mental health podcast
Very helpful. Simple format, Duff makes difficult topics easy to digest and use for one’s own mental health. Began therapy recently myself and am looking for all the resources I can get, so this is great!
Much needed
My first visit to podcast and I chose this. Wow. Just exactly what I needed to hear. Fabulous direction given by an obviously intelligent and well spoken human being
The light...
This podcast is amazing because it provides such clear and concise information in a very use friendly way. I started listening when I was in denial of my mental illness and refused treatment sure to all the unfortunate stigma around getting help. Listening to Duff the psych (though not my personal therapist) felt like listening to a super knowledgeable and helpful friend who happened to be a therapist. He provides valuable information and resources that many people can benefit from. Through listening to this podcast I finally got over the stigma and got the help I need. Forever grateful. 🙏🏼 If you're not subscribed yet do yourself the favor and check it out. His detailed show notes make it easy for you to prioritize the episodes you feel you need to hear first.
Say no to pedantic obfuscation
Dine around town
I found Duff on YouTube a bunch of years ago after a rabbit hole search for asmr videos back before I really knew what asmr was. I have since read both his books and regularly listen to his podcast. He is as real as it gets and has an amazing way of making mental heath feel accessible. I truly appreciate his honest, straight forward approach, no pedantic obfuscation here!!
Best Self Help Podcast out there
This podcast is a treasure trove of information given in a easy to understand format about all kinds of mental wellness.
This podcast is great!
The self-help advice on this podcast is right on point.
Great psychological information
Duff shares great information in an easy to understand way and connects to everyone with and without mental "issues". A great listen that has personally helped me many times. Looking forward to listening to his books.
Thank you !
I was searching iTunes for a good mental health podcast since I tend to listen to true crime podcasts that only fuel my paranoia and anxiety. I was SO excited to see you have a podcast. I read your anxiety book and some of your depression book (not what I needed at the time) and have recommended it to friends! I loved them so much. So I was hoping your podcast would have the same friendly and fun style as your books. This podcast was exactly what I was looking for! Not some easy listening, soft, whispering voice (I cannot stand those), but a great speaker and the exact type of conversational content I wanted. The episodes I’ve listened to have been great so far. I love that you answer peoples questions and explain a lot of terminology I didn’t understand even after looking them up. It’s helped me a lot further understanding my own mental health and the world of therapy/physiology/psychologists (and I now understand the difference).
Great advice
As a medical student I’ve really enjoyed this podcast! A lot of the advice is applicable to me and my mild anxiety issues and I’ve learned a lot about how to talk to patients about these same types of issues. I think your demeanor is so good and your patients are very lucky to have such a good approachable psychologist! It’s really nice you make this podcast because I have learned so much and it’s great for learning more about mental health and hearing other people’s stories!
The fluidity!!!
amber - iPhone 5
I am a super newbie to podcasts. I was honestly worried, that listening to this podcast would make things worse by hearing triggering things or things that I don’t want to hear, but *need* to hear. Turns out, listening to this podcast has me diving in *more* into my resources, holding myself accountable, navigating situations in my life better, being more aware of myself, etc. Baby steps, okay? Better than no steps! You’re not counseling people, per se like your disclaimer says, but rather you are being a HUGE resource filled with tons of other mini resources who is just holding a much needed conversation regarding mental health. The ebb and flow of conversation you and the guests is great! I also love the openness of your guests and yourself. I also love that you are covering a wide variety of topics, illnesses, situations, etc. First time listener who has now listened to several of your episodes now! Thank you for being a resource for people like me. 🤘
Thank you
Very informative and I really appreciate the time and effort. Calm and gentle voice.
Much Needed Mental Health Guidance
I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this podcast. I have been struggling with my mental health for many years, but as I've gotten older I've gotten to the point where I need to be more active in addressing it, where I have mostly been inactive and almost letting it control me. I have had a few therapists on and off, but happen to be in a place and time where I don't have a therapist and I'm going through a lot of difficult stuff. Listening to this podcast has given me ideas and strength to pull myself up, consider ideas and options I wouldn't think of on my own, and has pushed me toward therapy again. I wish Duff was in NYC because I want him to be my therapist. Thank you for being a light in an often pitch black tunnel-- I am voraciously eating up the episodes.
Thank you
passing foodie
Thank you for doing this podcast. I thinks it’s really generous that you put in the time to throughly answer questions to problems people send. I almost can’t believe how nice you are. I have never met or heard someone who was willing to help others with depression as much as you. I have never seen a therapist but I have been thinking of going to see one. Listening to this therapist gives me hope that seeing a therapist could significantly change my life for the better.
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