May 11, 2019
Our amazing guest for Episode 78 is Jeanae Hopgood-Jones who has taken a tragic and powerful experience as a mother and found a space of creativity and inspiration.  Her blog  is not only beautiful and sincere, it addresses areas of parenthood and life that are all too often relegated to the purely personal and not given or allowed a voice by the larger culture.  The loss of her twin daughters and reaching towards families of color and their experiences of loss are the seeds of this endeavor.
April 27, 2019
Pelvic floor stability champion Susi Hately returns to the Fourth Trimester Podcast to talk about how she advocated for herself while she was pregnant with TWINS and had the complication of placenta previa. Hear her inspirational story of how she was true to herself throughout her pregnancy and postpartum period
March 31, 2019
We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Adrian Villalba about perinatal chiropractic practices that benefit mothers. Having balance in your body both before and after giving birth can benefit new mamas in their recovery process. Adrian is certified in Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Listen to learn more about out how this works.
March 10, 2019
In this episode, Lisa shares with us practical lessons on how to understand  our own body signs. Learn how to chart your own cycle. Hear how important it is to listen to what your menstrual cycle indicates for your wider health overall. For example, if your period doesn't return ~ 18 months after having a baby, that's a sign that something may be wrong, and it is a good time to have a medical professional help investigate.
January 12, 2019
Here's a quick guide to the questions every new parent asks.
December 31, 2018
Emily Flynn is a birth and postpartum doula and health consultant in the Bay Area. She specializes in connecting folks in various places in their gynecological health cycles with compassionate and evidence-based care providers best suited to their individual needs. Emily's journey into birth work started through her legal research work with international organizations supporting migrants and refugees, which has informed and inspired her work with other birth care providers in building solid contracts and safe, strong, and satisfying businesses.
December 15, 2018
Suzannah Neufeld, MFT, yoga therapist has dropped by my house to have tea and discuss her new book Awake At 3AM and tell us about how she applies insights both from psychotherapy and yoga/mindfulness practice to help parents through the very challenging perinatal period. Suzannah herself suffered with grueling hyperemesis and was thrown into depression and anxiety as a result.  Hear her story and learn about her approach to helping us with the tough stuff.
December 1, 2018
Melissa Hurt is our guest this episode and she offers us an easy and rather fun and funny technique for "finding our voice" as new parents. This little exercise, known as the Y-Buzz will warm up your vocal chords and open your voice and tickle your face.  But it's not just for fun-- this technique is something you may find empowering as well as spirit-lifting.
November 17, 2018
How to avoid anemia (and recover from anemia) using nutrition. Anemia is common during and after pregnancy. Esther talks about how to stave it off, and how to use nutrition and what you eat to help recover from mild to severe anemia.
November 3, 2018
The Dos and Don'ts and Whys and Hows of being a respectful and HELPFUL visitor to your new-parent family and friends. This is some frank talk based on Esther's decades of observation and cultural comparison. Everyone can learn from this episode, whether or not they are, themselves, or know new-parents-to-be
October 21, 2018
Esther and Sarah return to the subject of visitors. A discussion of why visitors in the first two to six weeks aren't always the right thing for new parents from a physical, emotional-social and spiritual perspective, as well as why our culture doesn't foster appropriate support. This episode of the Fourth Trimester Podcast is a playbook for handling visitors, including:  setting boundaries for yourself communicating how you need visitation to work to your loved ones the difference between visitors who help vs visitors who don't know how to positively contribute  how to set up an appropriate 'meet the baby' event  why your birth story is a private experience you may or may not choose to share
October 6, 2018
Wait, what is Postpartum OCD?  Yep. It's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that develops or is magnified as part of the postpartum experience. Women who don't have OCD can develop it as part of their childbirth experience. Women who already have OCD can see their symptoms intensify during postpartum.  Most simply defined, OCD is when "intrusive thoughts" become fairly constant, and a person starts acting on those thoughts.  On episode 67 of Fourth Trimester Podcast we focus on postpartum OCD and speak with Megan Ellow who is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Delaware.   The episode covers:  -- Signs of Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum OCD -- How to find help if you think you may have symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum OCD (Hint: start by calling an anonymous helpline 800-944-4773)  -- Megan's true story of postpartum OCD and her recovery
September 23, 2018
I had a ton of anxiety about THE BIRTH. And then a fair amount of feelings about being a parent - would I be good enough? I appreciated talking with Leah Chalofsky about the New Parents Circle and Cesarean Birth Support Group, anxiety (as it relates to pregnancy and parenting), domestic violence, and teen pregnancy/parenting. The recorded conversation (Episode 66 of Fourth Trimester Podcast) includes all these topics: Hormones and their influence Emotions prior to birth  Anxiety, Depression and "feeling bad about feeling bad"  First two years of child's life - transitions physical and mental  Benefiting from being around other parents Ruling out physical issues - how physical and emotional are intertwined  LISTEN AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS - I’m a Mom doing this for other Moms :) iTunes Google Play
September 8, 2018
We are so happy to introduce Nethal Abdul-Mu-Amin to our listeners.  In this episode we also give our listeners an opportunity to learn a bit about Islamic cultural diversity and how Nethal is helping Muslim families find their reflection in the Parenting Community. We discuss the following and more: Homebirth Midwifery in the era before legalization and the current state of access Nethal’s background and what led her to become a Birth and Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator Resources Nethal has helped develop  as a Childbirth Educator, specifically for the Muslim community
August 25, 2018
Here’s a good introduction to the topic of Perinatal Herbalism. Beth Rees is an Herbalist, a SF-based Doula and she has worked with families over 20 years. Beth tells us about how herbs can nourish us and add enjoyment, rest and recovery to our intensive work growing our families.  Listen to episode 64 of Fourth Trimester Podcast to hear: How Beth became a doula/herbalist Geeking out about Birth and Postpartum Heart-opening   Herbal self-nourishment and caring for the new mom and baby Herbalism/Acupuncture integration Local approaches Gentle Giants of the herb world Internal and external nourishment and healing How to make your own breastfeeding tea Go to to download recipes for specific herbal supports for parents and children
August 11, 2018
Trusting another person to care for your child can be challenging. Having a plan in place for hiring and employing a childcare provider will go a long way in alleviating some of the stress. Put your plan in place with episode 63, including: when to start looking for a nanny / childcare provider (accounting for how long it can take to hire someone) how to pre-screen candidates and conduct the interview process (because you need more than one interview with your final selections) conducting a nanny trial period  how to develop and maintain a good line of communication between parents and care providers what to expect for how to pay a nanny (over the table vs under the table) and having contracts  how to consider the nanny's perspective, including pressure they may feel (e.g. if you don't have any backup care) how to set clear household expectations
July 28, 2018
Confidence-building is a lifelong exercise for all people, including parents. Listen to this Confidence Masterclass on episode 62 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. Learn the confidence-building foundations. This audio masterclass is designed for women and mothers in particular. The course covers:  The importance of demonstrating confidence to our children Loving and respecting yourself  What self care means  How to unearth your true identity
July 14, 2018
LGBTQ Parenting and the community organization that supports it in the Bay Area are our topic in this episode. Our Family Coalition is a non profit that is also involved in policy work and advocacy throughout the state of California. Our guests Dy Nguyen and Jeanette Page bring their individual and collective experience to the show to talk about family-making outside the heterosexual box.  We discuss: Differences in the process of becoming a family with kids Getting pregnant— finding a donor/partner/village, acquiring sperm, insemination services What the LGBTQ “village” can look like Our Family Coalition programs: playgroups, support groups, parenting classes Big events
June 30, 2018
Sometimes simply knowing your options is what makes all the difference. Education is key for pregnant mothers as they prepare for their birth and early motherhood. Birth Education is important for women because the "childbearing year" of pregnancy, labor, birth and the fourth trimester,  is the moment where fundamental respect, care and nurturing can be experienced and where culture-change can begin in each life with the benefits paying forward to individuals and society.   In this episode we have the honor and delight of speaking with a mother-daughter duo whose work together spans this cultural intervention of doula work in the context of social justice.  We weave together these elements along with the practical benefits of doula care. We explore the generational and traditional threads of women caring for families.
June 16, 2018
Every woman deserves the opportunity to fully heal and recover from birth trauma. It is never too late to address a past trauma. Listen to this episode of Fourth Trimester Podcast to hear:  How to recognize that you've experienced trauma or PTSD  How to begin addressing a potential trauma - the first steps to take for healing
June 2, 2018
Good Enough Mothering is actually The Best Mothering
May 20, 2018
Listen to this episode to learn about the advantages of building up a community of friends, family, trusted neighbors, and professional supporters (e.g. a postpartum doula, a night doula) to help during the first 90 days after having a baby.
May 5, 2018
On Episode 56 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast we speak with Lynn Benson, co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons for Busy Moms." Listen to hear more about:  Signs you’re suffering from burnout as a result of caregiving The physical, emotional stress and financial toll of caregiving Tools and resources available to help family members with the challenges of caregiving
April 21, 2018
As it turns out one in three women experience urinary incontinence after having a baby. The good news is that urinary control is something that can be regained. In other words, if you wee yourself a little bit (like Kate Winslet), this isn't something you have to live with forever. Women can regain confidence that they aren't going to accidentally pee during exercise (think running, jumping jacks, CrossFit, etc.), when they sneeze, laugh out loud, or simply when they have to go to the bathroom. Here's how.
April 7, 2018
This is THE PREP LIST episode that can act as an essential checklist for any expecting parent. Here's what we cover:  1. Caring for the postnatal body 2. Preparing for life with a newborn - an introductory playbook -- seriously, it's good
March 25, 2018
The episode about MIND + MOVEMENT. We speak with Evelyn Freebury who is a movement therapist and who has decades of experience working with parents and newborns. She shares ways in which movement therapy benefits both parent and newborn. At the end of the episode, Evelyn leads us through a live, guided somatic experience. Enjoy!
March 10, 2018
We are excited to call this episode of the Fourth Trimester Podcast the TWINS episode. Here's what we cover:  Having twin babies prematurely and a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) experience Why it isn't just a simple formula of twice the work  Identifying and getting help for postpartum anxiety  Feeding two babies at the same time  Taking shifts between parents, and additionally with the help of a doula or someone else and how that can benefit everyone  Preparing for the specific differences between preparing for having multiple babies compared to a single baby
February 24, 2018
It makes intuitive sense that communication and play during the first 0-12 months of a baby's life help set the tone for the child's relationship with the world around them. But how do we proactively and thoughtfully communicate with a baby in a way that encourages learning, emotional security and confidence?  Here's what you'll learn on Episode 51 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast: + How to support early communication - from birth and beyond! + How to be musical with your baby (even if you don't consider yourself "musical") + Tips for raising a bilingual/multilingual baby + Why the tools to support your baby's development are already in your home
February 12, 2018
If you are even remotely considering hiring a doula to help you out after you've had a baby, we highly recommend listening to Monique Cowan (a.k.a. Monique The Doula) share her first-hand experiences in a typical day in her job. She talks through the practical offerings of helping families prepare for a birth and thrive after baby has arrived.  Monique was inspired to become a postpartum doula after her own birth experience. She saw the potential to help women in her Southern California locale, particularly women of color and inner city areas.  She works with all people who need postpartum doula services and her website is
January 28, 2018
One of the major contributors to that feeling of overwhelm for expecting parents is the notion of having to hurry up and prepare for their little one's arrival. A major tickbox for that preparedness is BUYING TONS OF STUFF. That can be a fun part, and also a hugely EXPENSIVE and EXHAUSTING experience. So here's the simple thing you can do: buy a charming, high-quality clothing set that you can sell-back to a community of like-minded parents.
December 26, 2017
Serena teaches a class to help parents ease the transition into parenting by sharing what to expect and how to prepare for the first few months of being new parents. The class covers everything from postpartum healing, infant CPR and first aid, newborn care and gear, infant feeding, relationship savers and more.
November 27, 2017
Dr. Angelique Millette is a Family Sleep Consultant, Parent Educator, and creator of The Millette Method™. We welcomed her back on our show for a third time because she is simply that amazing. Here's what we discuss:  How to prepare a baby for sleeping in their own room in a way that emphasizes safety and love for the child When to start thinking about making the transition from room-sharing to the baby being in their own room (around 12-24 months is pretty typical)  What considerations to make for having siblings sleep in the same room together How sleep solutions vary from child to child  How to identify and address nightmares and sleep terrors   We discuss the phases of preparation for helping a baby prepare for sleeping in their own room, including practical exercises you can do at home with your child right away. For example, you can use pretend play to demonstrate safety, as well as draw pictures and tell stories about the bedtime routine. Listen to Episode 47 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast for the details.
November 5, 2017
Ever heard of Vaginal Steaming? Neither had we! Turns out, V-Steaming is a well-known and well-loved practice around the world. People love the practice for fertility, cycle cleanses, postpartum recovery & menopause. File it under "feels good and has potentially awesome benefits."   We invited a V-Steam expert, Keli Garza, to join us on Fourth Trimester Podcast and share all the juicy - dare we say, steamy! - details.   Enjoy the show! This is a fun one!
October 31, 2017
Renée Ann Cramer is our guest on episode 45 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast. She wrote "Pregnant With The Stars: Watching And Wanting The Celebrity Baby Bump" as part of her research into the culture around pregnancy and celebrity. She shares personal stories about her experience as a mother, as well as her fascinating perspective on how celebrity image plays into the psyche of modern parents.
October 25, 2017
In this episode, Esther has a really fun and intimate chat with long-time pre- and post- natal yoga instructor Jane Austin about giving birth, what pregnant and new mommas need and the power of yoga. We have some laughs and Jane offers a lovely guided meditation!!
September 16, 2017  What to do when breastfeeding doesn’t go as imagined Typical breastfeeding issues that come up for new mothers  What factors drive whether a woman can breastfeed or not Tips for breastfeeding success - what you can do in the hospital / right after giving birth The ins and outs of the initial physical pain of breastfeeding What breastfeeding accessories you actually need How you may be able to receive a free breast pumps through health insurance
September 8, 2017
The FINAL Birth Plan Episode. We provide a Birth Plan Template you can download and customize for your own use in hospital or for a home birth. It is 1,000 times easier to edit a birth plan template compared to creating one from scratch. Listen to episodes 13 & 40 & 42 (for Parts 1 & 2 & 3 respectively) to hear Esther and Sarah explain each item on the plan. Love, Sarah & Esther
September 4, 2017
'Why Not Home: The Surprising Birth Choices of Doctors and Midwives' is about "changing the conversation about birth in America and spreading evidence-based information about birth across settings." The short answer to home birth or hospital birth question is that there is no right answer. "Both options carry risks", Jessicca is quick to point out. However, some of the risks of a hospital birth are introduced by the fact that most hospital births come with an increased risk of interventions that would not have occurred at home. If you're considering a home birth, or just researching in general, we'd recommend listening to the episode and watching 'Why Not Home' on iTunes, Amazon or Vimeo.
September 1, 2017
Here's a Birth Plan Template you can download and customize for your own use in hospital or for a home birth. It is 1,000 times easier to edit a birth plan template compared to creating one from scratch. Listen to episodes 13 & 40 (for Parts 1 & 2 respectively) to hear Esther and Sarah explain each item on the plan. Love, Sarah & Esther
August 25, 2017
This episode is a high-level introduction of RIE infant parenting. Some of the themes discussed are about slowing down, truly connecting with your baby by giving them your full attention, and creating some predictability for your infant as part of the day-to-day routines. Listen to learn how to apply some of these principles to your own experience as a new parent.
July 31, 2017
Parents can have a hard time doing something for themselves, but will do anything for their child. When new moms and dads take care of themselves, they are increasing the capacity they have to take care of their baby. Here's what you can do for yourself in order to give your infant a better experience.
July 6, 2017
The Fourth Trimester Podcast is honored to have guest Miriam Zoila Pérez on our program. She and Esther discuss issues around birth support work as it relates to racism, politics, gender roles, anthropology and yes, even chemistry.
May 25, 2017
Part of what’s difficult about becoming a parent is deciding on the kind of parent we want to be. And once we've decided, sometimes the parent we are and the parent we imagined we would be are different.
May 23, 2017
Dr Stephanie Stewart is a psychologist and therapist who has developed her own brand of travel therapy, mostly by taking patients on epic surf retreats around the world. She tells us how being present and putting ourselves in new situations can help uncover new insights into our own personal development journey.
May 10, 2017
"Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I spent 10 days locked in the psych ward of the hospital after my postpartum depression and psychosis made me suicidal. In my altered psychotic state, I thought my house was bugged and the police were coming to arrest me for a crime for which I was wrongly accused. I thought the only way out of my crisis was to kill myself, so I told my mom and husband that I was going to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge."
May 5, 2017
Jane Honikman gives us an overview and outline for finding ourselves on the spectrum of mental health. Listen to the episode to find out how to identify different parts of the continuum and better understand where you yourself might fall on that spectrum. She talks about her time studying with Dr. James Hamilton who was interested in maternal mental health at a time when it might have seemed as if no one cared or understood, much like today in many women's experience!
May 3, 2017
Our latest episode's guest is Dr Shoshana Bennett. She helps us bust up some "myths of motherhood." Often, when we acknowledge that all those myths are indeed false ideas, the pressure to be perfect is alleviated and some of the feelings of depression dissipate.
May 1, 2017
The number one complication of pregnancy is a form of postpartum depression or anxiety. Despite how common it is for women to experience a degree of anxiety or depression associated during pregnancy or post-natally, there are still cases where women aren't receiving the care they need. To help crack the issue wide open, Maureen Fura and her co-producer Jennifer Silliman created a documentary film entitled, The Dark Side Of The Full Moon. The issue is dear to Marueen's heart. She was suicidal during her pregnancy and had dozens of counselors, OBs, psychiatrists and social workers tell her there was nothing they could do to help her. No wonder she took the matter into her own hands. She was particularly motivated to seek help before her baby was born because she was worried about the baby being taken away. Then again, she also planned to take her own life after the baby was born. These feelings are very real, and sadly, very common.
April 26, 2017
Sara Mauskopf came home from the hospital with a healthy baby. She herself on the other hand, while healthy otherwise, struggled with postpartum depression. With help from her family, friends and professionals, she came out the other side fully recovered. Her experience as a new mom, both because of the depression and in general, helped inspire her to create parenting app Winnie. Be it Winnie or another app or online resource, we encourage parents of all types to seek the information and support they need. And there's no need to wait until after baby is born. While you're expecting is a great time to explore the resources around you for everything from parenting meetups to breastfeeding support to local kid-friendly restaurants and everything else.
April 20, 2017
How does eating while pregnant factor into baby's palate? What is the relationship between milk supply and foods? Which foods work well for first solids to try with your 4-6 month old? What nutritious foods are helpful for a recovering new mom? Listen to the show to find out the answers to these questions and more.
April 11, 2017
As Jennifer Garner puts it, "From now on ladies, I will have a bump. And it will be my baby bump. And let's just all settle in and get used to it. It's not going anywhere." Love your body. Love your body for so many reasons. Your body created new life. Your body gave you a baby you love. Your body works hard every day. Your body isn't a girl's body, it is a woman's body. Bodies change after having a baby, and that's okay. By loving your body, you are setting an example for your child that worth comes from who you are, not what you look like.
April 5, 2017
Ever wonder about when you'll be able to have sex again after having a baby? Or how your body will feel and heal after giving birth? Curious about how having a baby affects intimacy, sensation and your body in general? Answering these questions for us is Kimberly Johnson. She is a bodyworker, doula, post-partum women’s health specialist, and single mom. Having had a difficult postpartum experience herself, she set out to understand what exactly was going on with her, and to heal herself naturally.
March 17, 2017
Chanti Smith is an expert at human connection. She has worked with people of all ages to strengthen their parental attachment relationships. In particular, the work she does through Somatic Experiencing has helped parents develop a strong sense of connection and attachment with their babies.
March 13, 2017
How To Build Your Strength After A Major Life Change - Jane Honikman Shares The Steps To Wellness Jane Honikman gave her first baby up for adoption because she felt pressure to "do things in order". She later finished college, married the father and had additional babies with the same man who is now her husband. Jane described her experience of giving up her first baby as a trauma. Compounding that trauma was the feeling that her second baby, another girl, was severely jaundiced as a kind of karmic punishment for what she'd done with her first baby. The experience triggered tremendous grief and guilt. Jane was not able to recover from her traumas until decades later through therapy. She waited until she was in her fifties to get the help she needed, having felt waves of anxiety and depression throughout her life. Jane encourages women to seek out the help they need as soon as they are able, and not to postpone healing. In our latest episode, we share an outline to help address postpartum anxiety and depression issues. This is relevant for EVERYONE, not just people who are "depressed".
February 27, 2017
In a word, Ann Jonas is resilient. She incorporates her own sense of spirituality into her coaching work, having experienced the sudden loss of her parents (her father killed her mother and died himself shortly thereafter in jail) and subsequently experienced the loss of her partner when her daughter was only two years old. One of Ann's takeaways from her journey thus far is that "life happens for you, not to you." She uses the metaphor of a car as the way we can look at life. There's a huge front windshield so we can look ahead and look around us. Listen to Ann share how to become the best version of yourself on Episode 24 of the Fourth Trimester Podcast.
February 20, 2017
Women who don’t meet their personal breastfeeding goals tend to think it is their own fault. It is time for women to stop blaming themselves. Women are starting to learn that difficulty with breastfeeding isn’t their fault, and that oftentimes what is happening is that the hospital environment and modern medical system isn’t setting women up for breastfeeding success.
February 7, 2017
Having worked with women through all stages of pregnancy, from pre-natal right through postpartum, Susi Hately has observed that a lot of new moms seem resigned to the fact that post-baby body is just ‘the way things are’ – prolapses, dry vaginas, painful sex, leakage, etc. Susi is on our show to help educate expecting mothers on how to take care of their wellbeing during pregnancy, post-partum and beyond.
January 30, 2017
Dr Monica Hannon is our guest on episode 21 and she shares some of the major issues that mothers and partners face during the first six weeks following the birth of a baby. Find out when it makes sense to pick up the phone and call your doctor.
January 24, 2017
When it comes to exercise postpartum, the primary message is to take the time you need to heal. Don’t rush to “get your body back” because it is easy to do more harm than good by pushing your body too hard before it is ready. The best thing to do for your body right after having a baby is to rest and recover. There are people out there who want to help you and who have the right tools to help you. It is okay that your body takes time to heal and build strength back. There are smart ways to develop strength and function, such as learning how posture and breathing can help you in everyday activities. When your body is ready, and that could be months or years after giving birth, you can develop a fitness strategy that is appropriate for yourself.
January 18, 2017
Learn how to fortify your relationship before baby arrives. We speak with Marisa Belger who is the co-author of The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother about important topics soon-to-be parents can discuss together.
January 12, 2017
The episode all about Dads. We talk with a stay-at-home Dad, Andrew Gentry-Law, who shares his personal experiences with newborn twins, and about his work in helping other new dads in their roles as fathers. He is also a licensed marriage and family therapist.
December 5, 2016
Authors of The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother. We discuss how to prepare your home, your kitchen, your mind and your supporters ahead of baby’s arrival.
November 20, 2016
Chinese culture practices postnatal "confinement" also known as "sitting the month" where women adhere (as much or as little as they want) to a set of guidelines designed to help them relax and regain strength after giving birth. Lisa Chin shares her story, and talks about her efforts to transform the postpartum experience for others through the Fourth Trimester Summit
October 25, 2016
Julia Aziz captured 20+ years of working with parents in an incredibly readable memoir called Lessons of Labor wherein she documented learnings parents can apply in their own lives. Julia shares insights on living in the present, accepting help from others and creating joy and self-love throughout parenting.
October 8, 2016
Sandra Lloyd is a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner. Learn about how becoming a parent brings up emotional issues from our own experience as children. We share thoughts on how to take what you want from your own childhood experiences and how to make conscious decisions about the kind of parent you want to be.
September 4, 2016
We take you step-by-step through a birth plan document (and there's even a template on our site! We define and talk through the pros and cons of each item. Enjoy! Sarah & Esther xo
August 6, 2016
Guest Reise Tanner applies her decades of mentoring experience to share guidance on creating an atmosphere of confidence and acceptance for new parents. She helps parents articulate new visions of themselves amid their most challenging and inspiring periods of change. Her website is
July 2, 2016
Guest Beth Berry, writer, life coach, mother of four daughters explains how In the Absence of the Village, parents Struggle Most. Beth’s coaching work focuses on empowering women and families. When we take care of ourselves, we are better able to care for others. Her site is called Revolution from Home
June 25, 2016
Sleep Part 2. Dr. Angelique Millette is a nationally-recognized pediatric sleep consultant. We discuss realistic expectations for sleep during the first weeks and months with a newborn, strategies for parents with newborns to maximize sleep for everyone, and napping. Enjoy! Sarah and Esther xo
May 30, 2016
Meet a mama who created a successful tech startup after having her first baby. We discuss the balance of baby life and social life, as well as how to prepare for baby number two. Enjoy!
May 23, 2016
Dr. Angelique Millette is a nationally-recognized pediatric sleep consultant. We discuss a modern, compassionate take on “sleep training” that provides baby with love and comfort, and importantly, meets physical and developmental needs. We also talk about co-sleeping (both bed sharing and room sharing), and how partners benefit from aligning their visions for family sleep. Enjoy! Sarah and Esther xo
May 14, 2016
Learn strategies for feeding the new parent in your life and yourself as you make your way through the first weeks and months with your newborn at home. Esther is your digital postpartum doula. Eat well! Sarah and Esther xo
April 30, 2016
Allyson Downey is CEO and co-founder of weeSpring, a start-up that helps new and expecting parents collect advice from their friends about what they need for their family. "Yelp for baby products," She's also the author of HERE'S THE PLAN, a career guide for pregnancy and parenthood, published in 2016 by Seal Press.
April 23, 2016
Even Kourtney Kardashian ate her own placenta. Some women eat their placenta because they believe the organ contains the nutrients being transferred from mother to child while the baby is in the womb. Some benefits could include increased breast milk production and a decrease in post-natal depression. Spring Childers is a certified doula, massage therapist, placenta encapsulation specialist. Visit her site
April 5, 2016
What is a midwife? How to decide on a midwife vs an OB? The Midwife perspective on the Fourth Trimester
February 28, 2016
What does every new parent need to know for their first few weeks with a new baby? Crucial know-how tips are the focus of this episode. Thanks for listening! Sarah & Esther xo
February 28, 2016
There is a lot to think about when you’re expecting a new little one, especially for the first time. This episode helps answer the following question: What advice do we have for new parents-to-be to think about before they give birth, so that they can make the most of their 4th trimester? Thanks for listening! Sarah & Esther xo
February 28, 2016
The introductory episode of Fourth Trimester answers questions around doula care, postpartum care, and helps provide parents with an overview of some care options. For example, what are the strategies for taking care of the partner and the rest of the family while looking after your newborn? Thanks for listening! Sarah & Esther xo
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