Much needed podcast in the software engineering industry
I absolutely love this podcast. There is already so much discussion around the technical aspects of software engineering, but discussion around the soft skills is refreshing. Jamison and Dave are hilarious and down to earth. Would definitely recommend this podcast!
Engaging Hosts & Invaluable Content 🙌
J. Barshop
Jamison, Dave & their amazing guests provide some extremely compelling & actionable content that’s a goldmine for any engineer looking to level up their skills & mindset. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Can’t recommend Soft Skills Engineering enough - keep up the great work fellas! 🙏🙌🙏
🎶 "Quit your job, quit your job, quit your job!" 🎶
A really enjoyable listen each week! There is always great advice and experience shared balanced with just the right amount of witty and funny developer humor. We're all just trying to figure out this crazy fast-paced field of software engineering that just continues to explode and innovate faster than any occupational field in history, and listening to Jamison and Dave is an entertaining way to navigate such tricky waters. The questions being asked and the comments by the community on the show's website are awesome. Go subscribe right now!
A Must Listen for Every Developer
This podcast is a great mix of sage advice and fun, nerdy joking around. Hearing perspective from other developers on soft skills and how they use them has been very valuable. Definitely has helped lower blood pressure when dealing with peers at work.
One of my favorites. You guys are hilarious
Entertaining and helpful
Love the podcast, dudes. I’m a long time listener and recent patreon supporter. I first heard Jamison and Dave on JavaScript Jabber, and followed them here. Lots of good wisdom and always fun to listen to. Keep up the good work!
One of the best
Update: this is the only podcast I listen to at normal speed. Facing a 9 hour drive I grabbed a bunch of podcasts to listen to. I don't even know what the other ones are. Seriously this podcast is full of massively helpful and relevant content from two guys who are experienced, funny, and insightful. +9000
Thank you for putting smile on my face
Harman Pannu
You guys are so funny and at the same time very helpful. I’m new developer learning web development you answers and tips are really helpful for me to prepare for my first interview.
So good
Good cast
Gosh...what to say. Jamison and Dave have a great balance of humor with actual good advice. I like how the show is free-associative. They have made me LOL for real a bunch of times. Love the cooky intros: "It takes more than 'x' to be a great..." Keep going!
Good advice
I was kicking around the idea to start a podcast like this. But glad to have found one without doing any work.
I was looking high and low for a podcast with some good marsupial references and now I've found it.
I enjoy this podcast
Luke Westby
I frequently listen to the episodes
So awesome
Paulinho Rocha
Dave and Jamison are great hosts and their discussions are very relevant to every developer out there!
Questions Are Read and Hilarity Ensues
Nikola Kantar
I love these guys. They're hilarious pretty much all the time, and occasionally helpful. OK, probably more often than occasionally, to be fair. You should definitely subscribe. True story, yo.
Useful opinions
Useful opinions
Surprisingly funny and surprisingly solid
Bob D. Girl
This is a sleeper fave of mine - one of those shows where I sometimes go a little ways in between listenings, just because I convince myself it's about work, and then when I finally get around to listening I can't believe I paused. It's genuinely funny and warm, but even more, it's genuinely USEFUL. The advice given is consistent and important and flat-out good, and as a young and semi-oblivious IT-ish person (shh, I'm not actually a dev and it's still great), they've truly helped me be less terrible at work.
Informative, Entertaining, and Insightful
I love this podcast. Jamison and Dave offer insightful advice on the ever-important "other side" of engineering. The discussions are thought-provoking, honest, and, often-times, humorous. A must for anyone who aims to be a well-rounded developer (which should be every developer).
Most enjoyable podcast
I rarely write reviews for anything, let alone podcasts, and here I am writing this. Dave and Jamison have a chemistry and humor that makes a difficult topic easy to listen to and easy to understand. I eagerly await every episode, and I highly recommend you try it out.
One of my favorite podcasts
This podcast has experienced a rapid rise in my priority super wonderful top must-hear-every-episode list.
Terrific! My new favorite podcast!
Great info from empathetic and experienced developers. Great job!
Desperately Needed For Our Industry
This podcast is fantastic. The audio quality is great, the hosts clearly have a good vibe going, and the content they discuss is stuff that _never_ gets talked about (but is critically important to a successful software engineering life). They tend to think about things like any good engineer would: from many different points of view. This is a refreshing change of pace from something like John Sonmez's podcast, which is dripping with egotism. Keep up the good work, gents!
Great advice, wonderful banter
I really enjoy listening the Dave and Jamison talk about their experiences and how they see the world. I don't always agree with them but I almost always benefit from their perspective.
Entertaining & Informative!
Great show, keep up the good work!
Wow! Perfect for a newbie developer.
This podcast is so fantastic! It's the perfect podcast for me as I graduate college and head out into the field of Software engineering. There were so many topics covered that I learned so much about. This is gonna be a huge help as I continue forward. Thanks guys!
Refreshing commentary....
I love the topics as I have been through some of them in the past and learning about how to do with situations that might happen in the future
Great switch up
Love this podcast. I'm used to mostly technical podcasts (Software Engineering Daily, Ray Wenderlich, etc) but this one focuses on some very underappreciated but, arguably, more important topics.
Valuable content, tips, and humor
Great content
trevor welch
This is a great podcast with great content. I drive a lot for work and this has become my new car companion. These guys give an honest opinion on everything and find a way to make everything interesting and throw in comedy here and there that has actually made me laugh out loud. I definitely recommend this podcast to anybody who is interested in this industry or interested in joining the industry
What I’ve been looking for
This is just what I have been looking for. What people sometime forget about software development is the people side of things. For a successful software project you need both the technical and the people skills (soft skills) in your team. Dave and Jamison are fun to listen to. They just share their sincere experience and practical advice. They don’t claim to know all the right answers (like there is just one right answer to every question), but that’s what I like about it. It’s not like other self help BS that claim they can improve your career by teaching you the soft skills. I sometimes wished I had a mentor during my career development, now that I’ve found this podcast, you guys will be my mentor :)
Great topic and valuable info
Dave J Smith
I’ll be honest, I'm one of the podcast hosts, so this review is totally biased. Just ignore it.
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