Episode 154: Why am I terrible at picking candidates and how soon can I quit my job?
Published April 22, 2019
30 min
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    In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

    1. I keep getting asked to interview new candidates. But my interview feedback history is pretty bad. I’ve said yes to hiring:

      • Someone who’s super smart, but drives me absolutely crazy with constant argument and may cause me to take the time-honored Soft Skills advice and quit my job.
      • My boss at my former company, who DID drive me to quit my job.
      • My first (and only) hire back when I was a people manager, who turned out to be terrible, but I was told I had to keep him around because “it would look bad” to fire my first hire.

      What should I do? Is it acceptable to just keep turning down interview requests? I’ve wandered into a tech lead position, so I suspect I can’t dodge them forever. But I don’t want to keep suggesting bad hires just for the sake of getting more interview practice.

      Thanks for all the advice and the laughs! I’ve been a regular listener for a couple years.

    2. How long do I need to wait before bailing on a new job I don’t like? More than a month? It’s not totally miserable: the people are nice and the company has good prospects. But the technical decisions of the team lead to daily frustrations for me.

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