Episode 28: How Long Should I Stay At My Job and How Do I Help Junior Developers Improve
Published September 26, 2016
34 min
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    In episode 28, Jamison and Dave answer these questions:

    How long should I stay before I quit my job?

    • Two to three years seems fairly normal.
    • Dave sees people with less than 12 months regularly.
    • Staying at a job means you experience things you wouldn’t if you hopped around a lot.
    • It is much easier to see the hype cycle play out if you stick around.
    • You get to see the outcome of your own decisions.
    • Quitting usually == raise.
    • Chronic job hopping might result in a reputation of not sticking with things.
    • Dave thinks you should quit your first job after 18 months because of the Monty Hall problem

    How do you encourage junior developers to improve?

    • We assume that these junior developers really want to improve.
    • Make it clear that people get stuck and struggle, and that is normal.
    • Make it clear that you don’t want them to get too stuck.
    • Make it OK to ask questions.
    • People generally live up or down to your expectations, so help them feel trusted and that you expect they will be great.
    • Make the outcome of their work clear.
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