Episode 25: Understanding the Business and Managing Without Being a Developer
Published September 5, 2016
38 min
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    Show notes

    In episode 25, Jamison and Dave answer these question:

    How do I understand the business side better?

    • Analysis of tabs vs spaces
    • How does your business make money?
    • Just ask your CEO/manager
    • Kill the myth of the pointy-haired boss
    • Smaller companies expose you to this more
    • Just ask questions:
      • What was our revenue last month?
      • How much did we spend last month?
      • Who are our biggest customers?
      • How does the sales process work?
    • The Dave Smith Method® for learning business jargon.
    • Be kind and have empathy when you learn.

    Can I be a good technical manager without a technical background?

    • Technical leadership vs management.
    • Management means empathy and understanding. Can you get that without “coming up through the ranks”?
    • What are the skills of a good manager?
    • Does being a developer give you those skills?
    • Dave is a Night Elf Code Mage.
    • How do you handle technical concerns as a non-technical person?
    • Don’t fake technical knowledge.
    • Leading a team when you don’t directly see the effect of your actions.
    • Managing Nerds by Rands.
    • Jamison’s former boss’s technical expertise
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