This podcast has been life changing for me. I love how you present such varied and meaningful scientific research, identify relationships and commonalities in the research, present real life examples, and finally give ups practical applications. You are a gift to this world, Dr. Marijo! Thank you, thank you! I am only in the middle of season one, but already feel that I have a much better understanding of some of the changes I have been experiencing and my part in this larger matrix of life. I am forever grateful!
Thank you for all the effort you put into the show.
Spiritual coach!
Marijo helps me reflect on what matters in life and that working on the inside will change my outside landscape! I can create the life I want it just takes a little mindfulness. I 💕this!
Must listen too podcast
Indigo Vibes
Love the insight and perspectives. Best podcast I’ve found to discuss topics with a great persuasive approach. Allowing space for us to decide with the info in each podcast. Loved conscious entrepreneur episode, twin flames and Kundalini awakening episode.
Just in time
I typed in the name of a teacher on my Pandora and while that person didn’t come up, this one did. One of the titles caught my attention and I listened and fell right in accordance with what she was saying. Other things have been happening as part of my soul growth, and she came just in time. A clear guide and helper- I feel so grateful for her generous sharing of wisdom and information. Thank you so much.
Favorite podcast ever
This is for sure my favorite podcast ever.
Just what I needed!
I had been looking for something, and was not sure what. This was it! I have already seen changes in myself as have others. It has ONLY been a matter of weeks. It is nice to know that myself and my daughter are not alone. There are others, many others out there. It is a fantastic and hopeful feeling like I have not experienced previously. Thank you.
I’m thrilled to have found this podcast! I love Ms. Puleo’s well-prepared ands thoughtful episodes that sprinkle the science in with the spiritual.
Synchronicity on a daily basis
I love this podcast! Ms. Puleo takes a scholarly approach to her research with each topic, provides sources, and curates the material so that each minute is compelling, thought provoking, and most of all relatable. Some of the content I had never even heard of before—shamanism, ascension, Akashic records—but it’s all interesting. And best of all Ms. Puleo reminds us to ask not “Is this true, but is it helpful?”
Maria ☮️
I’m really hooked on this show. Insightful, authentic and so easy to listen to while simultaneously deep and thought provoking. I’m often driving and wish I could stop to take notes while listening. I am a spiritual teacher and love love love Dr Puleo’s breadth of content and passion for sharing. Let’s help raise the vibration!!! I look forward to hearing more! ☮️
I am amazed with the intelligence and prospectives Marijo Puleo brings. I have not know so many important things that we need to grow and understand life itself. I am so inspired by her. She has helped me and is currently helping me get up from a bad state of mind and depression through her podcasts. ❤️
We are all a work in progress
dyllen wayne
Amazing podcast! I am not new to the thinking of oneness or “the secret” but through listening to this podcast and then applying the lessons to my life. Long story short i am still a work in progress as we all are, but i now have clarity and direction, which has brought many benefits to my once bumpy life. Thank you!
I love this podcast!
Enzo Farias
This type of podcast was exactly what I was looking for! I love the topics and her works!
Podcast idea
What are chakras?
Very helpful
I have talked about developing my spiritual side for ever. Recent back surgery had me laid up and created the opportunity to Meditate and work On mindfulness and spiritual awakening. I sorted through a lot of online materials and found Marijo. It has helped send me on a wonderful adventure.
Just found this podcast and really like it. I just listened to “the power of eight”. Curious how the guest who wrote the book said she never charges for these intention groups, but the price on her website is $499?
Such a unique and amazing podcast
Allyson Roe
I love listening to Marijo! She has interesting, insightful topics and has done her research to back it up. She has seriously opened my mind to a whole new way of life.
So beautiful to listen to
I’m a college student who just wants to learn and grow. I’ve been listening to random podcasts for four days now. While walking to class, riding my bike, and working out. I love listening to these eye opening, positive filled casts. I find that I resonate with each podcast I listen to. I’m on this wonderful journey and I’m so glad I’ve included this podcast in it!
My favorite podcast
This podcast has helped me answer so many questions and has given me great understanding. This has been huge in my evolutionary process and I know that it can do the same for anybody. Peace and blessings to all. I LOVE YOU MARIJEO💕💕
Life changing
I have learned so much about myself through this podcast.. amazing ❤️
I like your show. Would you be interested in reading my healing journey? "Light me up!" by Sis Elliott. I'm self published so this is the process of sharing with other aware beings who understand the imporance of healing. This is why I'm sharing. Thank you! Sis
Perception shifting
Thank you Marijo for sharing these ideas and explaining them in clear and reasonable ways. I’m just beginning to see things differently and am glad I followed my intuition to find this podcast! I can’t stop listening - getting ready in the morning, driving to work, on breaks, going to bed! I highly recommend listening to the podcasts in order. I made the mistake of listening to various episodes and then re-listening once I realized how many episodes build on information from the ones before. Thank you, Marijo, for sharing your insight and wisdom so freely with all of us!
You do amazing work!
Marijo, Thank you. I have studied these topics for years and your podcasts are warm, thorough, and accurate as far as I can tell. This has been a lovely review of my own world. I forgot about inner child work, for example. Thank you for taking your precious time and mind to provide this for us. Liz L’Eclair
I love this podcast! Thank you for sharing your wisdom for FREE!
NEW iPhone
Love the podcast! Please add more deep, guided meditations.
Jessica Moncrief
I enjoy this podcast very much! Great job!
Very helpful!
I recently came across this podcast and I'm so grateful for all the information I'm learning. Highly recommend!
Alyona SF
Really love this podcast. Thanks!
Very Soothing Voice
As I browse through podcasts, my objective is to find a soothing voice relating information that inspires me and informs me. This podcast does that, I love her voice, could listen for hours.
Thank you Dr. Puelo
Thank you for the work you do to make these podcasts. This felt like exactly what I needed in this moment.
Came at the perfect time
This is a wonderful resource. Marijo provides a wealth of information and inspiration. Her voice is also pleasing to listen to. I always look forward to listening
Next level
Thank you so much for everything and connecting and helping me in my journey as I know I will help others... through the inspiration and creativity. You are very informative and very enlightening with the information you have with always a positive outlook that makes everything peaceful, calm and flow. Thank you! Tranquillo!
Obsessed with this podcast!
I love Marijo and her words of wisdom! This has really helped me learn the fundamentals of meditation and inner peace! Highly recommended!
Thanks you these amazing podcasts
Recently I decided to expand my spirituality knowledge and stumbled across your well-written and informative podcasts. The first one I heard was on goal setting. I was inspired to create my own goal sheet. One of my goals is to listen to all of your podcasts. I love your voice. It feels like we’re having a conversation and I am loved. I particularly liked your guided meditations. I would love more of them. Love, Kay
Outer resources for inner exploration
There’s a lot of information given. Scripts are available and recommended for listeners. It’s a happy, hopeful, healthy, calming listening space - well held. My interest in the podcast grew stronger and I hope there will be more in time. I think I got started with the podcast that references some aspect of IFS therapy, which I’m currently obsessed with learning more about. But there’s more enthralling episodes here. Information is carefully scaffolded for the listener to help us keep up but I recommend finding the useful scripts.
Rating her Akashi reading
I thought Marijos podcasts were well researched and so believed her skills as an Akashic record reader and signed up for a reading. She did a 100% cold reading on me. No doubt about it. I am a pretty smart person and can spot a scammer a mile away but I fell for this one. Shame on me I guess.
K. Melissa Escobar
The first episode I have heard is about goals. Although it took me a while to listen to the entire episode. I enjoy your voice and music (it is soothing). I feel inspired and great new ideas for my career path. I feel like I am starting to find my purpose and my potential to help other. Thank you!
Life Between Lives Part 1 & 2
I found these two episodes very interesting and what I needed to hear on this particular day. I happened to find this podcast and I had to listen to these two interesting episodes to the end. Very fascinating.
Very helpful
Love it❤️
Universal connections
LisaJae S.
This podcast is truly incredible. Every time I listen I feel the seeds being planted in me and always take away great insights. The information is presented, analyzed and discussed thoroughly. No concept is forced upon the listener, and instead asks you to look inside oneself and contemplate these topics deeper. I am grateful for this podcast and all that it has led me to. Namaste.
Skype is garbage
Do not fall for this new age garbage.
Great Find
Dr. Puleo is a Saint for doing this podcast. She has helped me tremendously in my quest to become the best version of myself that I can be. It’s a long and difficult journey but, Dr. Puleo gives you just the right tools to help you along. I also love how she comes from a background of being a detailed, precise, and methodical thinker. As a Virgo and someone whose job is in the security tech field, logic and practicality are everything. Her manner of speaking is very matter-of-fact and I can relate easier. Thank you Dr. Puleo for sharing your gifts with us. I, for one, am extremely grateful.
Love this podcast.
Great podcast
brands (brandy)
I really enjoy this podcast. I just recently listened to an episode and found the content very relaxing and awakening. I used to be very in touch with myself and the earth but as life went on and threw me its difficulties I no longer practiced this and lost myself. I will continue listening to your podcasts in hopes of awakening my spirituality again and getting in tune with my soul.
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Thorough and Inspirational
I came here with spiritual curiosity, joining Marijo about 1 year and 6 months into her 2 year (50) episode personal commitment. (In stride with the content theme and Synchronicity: I actually caught up and finished on the exact release day of the last episode 😯) I started from the beginning, and I immediately recognized and applauded her academic and scientific approach to metaphysics and the paranormal. There really is a broad and objective reach in this content-a worthy & true inventory of practices, studies, philosophy and stories.
I love this podcast and am grateful for you.
So much useful information
Not all the episodes intrigue me but this podcast series has helped change my life for the better, is very powerful, and NECESSARY!
Amazing Stuff!
I found this podcast at exactly the right time for me. I absolutely love it. It's like sitting with a friend and having a beautiful conversation. Thank you, Marijo.
Love it
I love this before bed very relaxing
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