1.17: Peter Nureyev and the Angel of Brahma (Part 2)
Published October 25, 2016
30 min
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    Who is Peter Nureyev? The question has dogged Juno Steel, Private Eye for six months now, ever since he first met that master of disguises. It doesn’t help that he changes identities like most people change clothes: Rex Glass, Duke Rose, Miasma’s anonymous “the Thief…” How is Juno supposed to know who he is? How is Juno supposed to trust him? He needs to know he can, because the clock is ticking. Miasma’s experiments on Juno won’t last forever, and once his usefulness has passed she’ll kill the both of them. And once they’re gone, who will stop her from using the Egg of Purus, the Martian superweapon she now has under her control? Juno needs to trust Nureyev, but he hardly knows him. And so, that same old question remains: who is Peter Nureyev? Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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