What producer
Allowed that nauseating woman to tell the story of the bear attack? I know there’s a term for it, but the way she dips down in tone and stetches out the last word of EVERY sentence is so annoying. It makes it sound like she a dipshit broad,which I know she isnt. It ain’t cool, it ain’t hip, it’s annoying. LOSE IT!
Hmm very overrated, sounds to force, all the extra stuff sounds to staged for me
I listed to 3 episodes and I cannot understand why they when with the stage scenarios back ground, noise, music is okay just to be yourself and tell the story’s on a lay back mode, Barton line the way you guys narrated is a bit to much for what it is just my .02 I rather have the unabridged version, Raw if you will
Awesome podcast and magazine, but please avoid becoming too politically oriented, there’s enough of that out there already.
Love podcast and magazine - writing
Love this podcast and the magazine. I am also a paying subscriber to the magazine. The writing is very good and the outdoor experience education and survival stories are the best, educating on the environment conservation is great too. Please don’t get too carried away with the political agenda stuff, more outdoors - again the writing is the best out there I think.
Unbalanced Sound
Mom of napping toddler
My husband and I enjoy this podcast, but we often don’t listen because we’ve found that the sound is super unbalanced. Most of the time, the volume of the main storyteller/host is far louder than the volume of those offering commentary or being interviewed. Really wish this wasn’t the case. Doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal, but it tends to be a major problem when our toddler is asleep in the back seat. The volume is either way too loud or way too quiet. Would love for you all to master the sound more equally.
Absolutely amazing podcast
This podcast is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. The way that they are able to evoke emotion, while also communicating important detail and fact, is second to none. I typically listen to their podcast while I’m onlong runs, and there have been numerous times where the emotion of the podcast has caused my eyes to well up a little bit. Specifically the episodes on snakebite venom and wildfires are very powerful. I recommend giving this podcast to try 100 times over if you have not yet listened.
Sometimes good.
Some of the podcasts are good, giving you a topic or something new to learn or explore. Some episodes are not the case, including the recent with Doug Peacock. No actual science, or actual facts to back up his views left me wondering where the credibility is?
Good but not very scientific
That episode about water and hydration (drinking a gallon of water) was mostly anecdotal. Very disappointing. Her only problem was that she was drinking too much sugar. And as for that “hydration scientist” - his research is funded by the bottled water industry. So disappointed
Close, but no cigar
Your podcasts are intermittently fabulous, but somehow frequently lacking. Listen to Nat Geo’s podcasts, which are consistently perfect.
Thinking Podcast
Brods the Squid
This podcast is amazing for deep thinkers and those who strive to learn.
How is this possible??
I began listening to The Outside Podcast in the first season when every episode was Science of Survival. That series was engaging and interesting. When they began branching out into other content I was skeptical. How could anything be as riveting as the original SOS series? I was delightfully surprised. All of their series are produced at the highest level with content unrivaled by the majority of shows in the podcast realm. It’s beyond me why these guys are not mentioned at the top of “best of podcast lists”. My only qualm is the episode length. At 30-45mins and released every other week. I burn through these episodes like no ones business. I’ll let the release schedule fly since the quality superb. Thanks so much for the commitment and expertise required to produce this great show. 5 star show for sure.
You guys
Tosh Bosh
If you have any hesitation giving this podcast a try start by listening to the Science of Survival episodes. Seriously, one of the best things I've found in the podcast world.
Always look forward to the next episode. Informative & entertaining at the same time.
It’s everything you’d expect from Outside Magazine.
Best Outdoor Podcast!
Please create more ‘Science of Survival’ episodes! This is the best podcast i’ve ever listened to; the stories are rich and detailed, and have a real purpose.
More survival stories!
Love this podcast!! My only request is that they need more science of survival episodes which describe the science behind the survival stories. Those are the best episodes and they haven’t had a new one in awhile! But overall love it!
I am obsessed with this podcast. The format is fascinating, the story telling fantastic and the editing premium. I have been binge listening ever since I found it!
Start with the older podcasts!
Outside magazine was the first podcast that I became completely wrapped up in. I worked through their catalog of back episodes while waiting anxiously for new ones. It’s not just the wide variety of adventures and outdoor related content, it’s the top notch production, and hosts consistently putting out engaging shows that make it so good. That being said, they seem to be looking for a new direction. Sustaining top notch content for years is tough. The shows now are all over the place, the hosts sometimes even sound discouraged. I will always love Outside Magazines podcast, but I would recommend new listeners go back a few years and look for shows that interest you. Don’t start with the news stuff!
j footprint
Just started listinging to the podcast (long ago used to be a mag subscriber - until mag started to get more hypeish - to coin a word). Listened to the "Frozen Alive" episode, as I still remember reading the original in print, and wsa just as captivated. Listened to a couple other survival episodes with interest. but... I was dubiious of the "Burnout" episode when they talked of dynamiting houses. (did I miss the disclaimer?) - Strike 1 Then, the latest episode, "Wild Things" they went all mea culpa and metaphorical 'bout the dynamiting - Strike 2 - no justification for poetic license after they (rightly) discussed the greivance brought up by a professional. Then, let's talk about the "Wild Things" episode. Sasquatch? Really? That's 30 minutes (15 @2x speed) that I'll never get back. - Strike 3. And, as it's associated, I recently saw a video of climbing and circumnavigating Mt Hood, where they claimed typically 12 hours to climb from Timberline (nobody's that slow, praticularly with skis and/or even with the Mazamas), and 4 days circumnavigation (if you're on a very casual backpack), for what purpose, to show how burley the two particpants were compared to your average couch potato? - Big Strike 4 And- the host bringing up over again that he's a Portlander (or Oregonian) - eh, strike 5... Think it's time to unsubscribe.
Less white men!
Thank goodness for the XX Factor series. I want more!!!
Sci of Survival
I love love love these!! I want only these!
Riveting and magnificent
This podcast has a recurring series called “science of survival.” Absolutely magnificent!
The Science of Survival
This is a review of the episodes on the Outside Podcast titled The Science of Survival. These epsisodes are fantastic without fail. I hoped all of the forms of the Outside Podcast would be as good as these, though they are not.
Great! Need to lose politics.
Sometimes I find that they get a little too political. I don’t listen to podcasts like this for politics such as in Bundyville.
Science of Survival
I absolutely adore the Science of Survival episodes!!! Very entertaining and educational- they are the best part of the podcast by far!
Science of Survival is awesome!
I’m a nurse and an outdoor enthusiast. I love the Science of Survival series. It is so moving it makes me a little nauseous at times (totally in a good way - all my ER/first responder peeps know what I’m talking about).
I miss the survival stories
In the tall weeds
It’s a shame that this podcast has devolved from fascinating survival stories into nothing but cultural commentaries with an agenda. Oh well, plenty of other options out there.
James Edward Mills should not be making podcasts.
It’s a shame that one of the best podcasts out there added such a terrible series by James Mills to their otherwise incredible content.
Ryan Nasser
nice job
Surviving the boredom
The science of survival episodes are an adrenaline inducing way to help pass the monotony of my desk job. Engaging, enjoyable, and informative! Keep them coming!
Please change your narrator
Stephanie Joyce needs to work on the last word of her sentences. There is nothing sharp about it. Although Joyce’s stories may be interesting, I can’t listen to her narrate stories.
Science of survival is great!!
I absolutely love the science of survival episodes!! Every single one is riveting. I also love the creative spin of tying an endangered species story into that series. Thanks for the great podcast, and please keep creating new science of survival episodes!
Almost great
I’d give this podcast a 5 star rating if it removed Chris Keyes from being the interviewer. While his questions aren’t bad, his monotone delivery, seemingly thinking about the next question while the guest is answering the current one and constant background noises during the conversation are enough to drive me mad. I listen to tons of podcasts and almost never encounter these issues. All other aspects of the podcast are great, though. I know he’s the editor of the magazine, but a little coaching by the producers would go a long way. Or possibly a better interviewer?
Just good stories
It's a breathe of fresh air. Nothing that will get you into an awkward political conversation. All while inspiring you to do great things and be active.
Great stories
Chips At Random
I really enjoy the variation in topics: Detailed survival stories in crazy situations, and personal stories of experiences outside. I love the range and personal touch. It's also nice hearing from different reporters who find stories they connect with.
My favorite podcast
I can’t believe I didn’t know about this podcast, I’ve been binge listening ever since I discovered it. My favorite episodes are the science of survival and dispatches. I’ve got my brother hooked now as well. Great job guys!
Science of Survival
More of the second person narrated Science of Survival episodes! Adrift an Be Still My Heart were especially good.
Love, love this podcast except for the mushrooms
I love this podcast. Usually great stories, awesome storytelling. Especially loved the xx series on women. You really missed the mark on the dramatized sensationlist mushroom story where a fictional woman gets a liver transplant from eating a poison mushroom and almost kills her friends. Weird. It was like you were trying to scare people from eating mushrooms. This could have been a cool story about real foragers and the dangers that have. Maybe have a real scientist or botanist talk instead of some pseudo dateline episode.
Some incredible stories
The stories of survival are epic! The others are okay.
One of the best
Thoughtful storytelling and interviews on adventure, nature, danger, and the human drive to excel.
Thoughtful & Really Well-Produced
I discovered this podcast through a mention in the New York Times about its first episode of Science of Survival, and those episodes are truly gripping. When other episodes with interviews and dispatches from reporters got mixed in, I was at first confused but the passion behind the project, and the fascinating stories they told, kept me listening. It is always thoughtful about nature and our place in it, and instilling a humble appreciation of the power of nature seems to be part of its mission that goes through all of its episodes. The host perfectly embodies this ethos: intelligent, inquisitive but laid-back at the same time. Special kudos to the sound design of this show, which is probably the best I've heard in a podcast and is smartly geared toward the vast majority of people that listen to the show on headphone, providing a tapestry of nature that is layered and intricate. ADDENDUM: I think of this show as pretty high-minded in the best possible way, so it was fun to see them wallow in the gutter for Dispatch 19 on compost toilets. Good sh*t!
I absolutely love the science of survival episodes. I get sucked in to those. I also LOVE the XX episodes highlighting remarkable women in the outdoor world. We need more of these. Keep doing what you’re doing!
Love Science of Survival!
Just finished listening to the incredible story of a fall in a canyon and truly can't recommend this podcast enough. Can't wait for next season!
Inspirational and empowering
Stories From The Eastern West
Listening to those stories makes me want to climb one more step and run one more mile. In the world today it’s the dose of positive news and energy I really need. Inspires and empowers much better than all the actual ‘inspirational/empowering’ podcast out there :)
Panic is seeping in, but I love it!
I’ll often throw on to a podcast to help me drift off to sleep at night. For this purpose, Outside is terrible. It’s far too intriguing and terrifying as visions of plummeting from cliffs, being struck by lightening or swarmed by killer bees fills listeners’ heads...
Love Science of Survival!
Can't I be outdoorsy and a hypchondriac too? Scared of mushrooms now!
Fun Podcast
A great way to explore while driving to work!
Used to love it, now just like it.
I started listening sometime in 2017. At that point I loved every new episode, but my favorites were “The Science of Survival.” I found the stories fascinating, and the science informative. Recently “The Science of Survival” has changed format- or I guess returned to its roots, as apparently this is how it started out, but- the stories have changed so they now describe whatever the threat is as though it’s happening to you, the listener. I’m sure some people love it but I think it’s awful. They’re based on true stories, so for me it’s taking someone’s real life trauma, and turning into a cheap thrill-something akin to a haunted house at halloween, instead of something just meant to inform. So I skim the other Outside podcasts for interesting titles, but SOS episodes get deleted right away. I’m sure a lot of Outside readers are adrenaline junkies so it makes a certain amount of sense, but it’s not for me anymore.
True to life
Just listened up to episode 24...keep it up!!! Captivating, capturing true life stories...perfect for the adventurous. Living in the NW most my life, I can’t tell you how much these stories ring true.
Outside Podcast!
One of my favorite podcasts available. Wonderfully constructed and produced. Please keep the survival stories coming! These are some of my favorite - riveting, informative, and very unique.
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