They have the guts to talk about real issues
They are really good at interviewing and distilling the tangible information that a mom needs to raise children in today's complex culture
Almost 15 minutes of ads..
No thanks. What a waste to sit through 15 minutes of ads before the podcast begins..
Great convo
Really enjoyed today’s episode about “purity culture.” I appreciate the hard questions Tessi & Leslie are willing to tackle. I just love hearing these ladies conversation! I laugh along with them! Feel like they’re friends 😉
Know Better, Do Better
This is my absolute favorite podcast! It took me a minute to get into it (because as my sisters says - “They talk really fast!” 😉) but I’m so glad I kept listening because I can’t get enough! There is something to be said for women and mothers keeping it real while exploring and sharing so many wonderful ways to do GOOD in this world. Tesi and Leslie are funny, intelligent, and seem like totally genuine women just trying to make a positive difference in the world. Their insight has encouraged me to make positive changes in my own life and beyond and I’m so grateful that they are sharing their wisdom with the world.
This podcast is my favorite part of Monday. Each week puts a little spark in my soul to be a little something “more” for those around me; more present, more environmentally friendly, more get the idea :) I hope they keep cranking out episodes for a long, long time XOXO
So good
This is the podcast I listen to as soon as a new one comes out.
I want to be their sister too!
These ladies are so fun and I adore their laughter and banter! They are the real deal and want to bring real change to the world!!
Favorite podcast - Monday morning inspiration!!
Christine E M
Listening to each week’s dare is such a good starting point for my Monday. I can start the week with a new thought or challenge in my heart!!
Cultural appropriation
Thank you for shedding light on this topic. Being native American we have a handful of artists that make clothes and jewelry and sell them. Many do not mind if other people use those who are not native using those types of accessories. But what really gets us mad about cultural appropriation is when sacred accessories such as headdresses and making native women costumes that overly sexualize us is not appreciated. For one headdresses are used for men of high honor. The only time nowadays that a woman can use a headdress is if they are being honored in some form for accomplishments or also being a veteran. And woman being sexualized is something we do not do. Woman do not show a lot of skin and plus there are so many Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) that go unsolved that's why so many native Americans get angry around Halloween so thank you for shedding light to people that may not completely understand.
What a relief!
I can’t express how amazing this podcast is to me. I became a mother to a wonderful little boy about a year ago. Being a mother has been a wonderful journey for me despite the struggles, yet everything has been extremely joyful! Thank you for this amazing podcast. I’ve been listening for about a month and it’s definitely been such a great help in the current moment in my life.
Amazing Message
First of all I’ve been trying to get into podcasts since....idk forever?! Also this is perfect! I started listening when you were talking about making America kind again and this couldn’t have been a better time to pop on. It is such a struggle although I feel deep down myself and kids are so compassionate and kind but sometimes it’s hard to let that out and let that be known. Also I am always struggling with ways to bring that out in the kiddos. You two are amazing and this podcast is such a great listen for ANYONE.
Not what I thought it may be
my thoughths
I was really interested in this podcast after reading the blurb. Well, here I am, +7 minutes into it and it’s still all adds and giggling about being vegan. Nope.
Intersectional, relevant, refreshing, & fun!
sara bex
These two offer such important perspectives on current events and conversations on kindness and overall humanness. I find myself audibly laughing or saying “amen to that” constantly. I just love listening!
Most inspiring podcast around!
Tesi and Leslie set a goal to move the dial toward more love and compassion for people at a larger scale than just those you come in contact with daily. Their wisdom, words, and incredible guests make listeners want to change the world! This incredible pod is the ONLY thing I listen to in the car. It’s better than a Netflix binge!
Best. Mommas. Ever.
Best. Mommas. Ever.
You need to listen now
I stumbled across this podcast by accident and I’m so glad I did. These are great conversations that help me through my morning commute to work.
So So Good
Zoie H.
This podcast is always giving me something to think about. I love hearing the perspectives of Tesi and Leslie as well as the stories of the great guests they bring on the show. I definitely recommend that you listen!
Good Insite
Love that they share and talk on subjects that are big issues. That need to be talked about. I want to be better as a mom and person, and I find much encouragement and truth in these ladies. Thank you for sharing and bringing light to issues that need to be talked about! 🙌🏽
My favorite podcast
Not just for mamas, this pod is my favorite and the only one I listen to regularly. It gets me through when the world feels crazy. It inspires me to keep on keeping on, and keeps me in-the-know. It also keeps me company while I work out. What more could we want? Listen! You’ll soon fall in love, too!
life links
This podcast has given me a wealth of "links" since I discovered it--links to other podcasts I also love, links to useful life info, links to helpful knowledge, and links to things-to-love in the world. I appreciate how internationally-minded it is, as well, since I live in Western Africa, and have spent much of my life abroad . . . Mama Bear Dares is applicable no matter where one resides :-) Follow up: I'm still loving my subscription to the show, listening each week and continuing to find it applicable and relevant!
Ky Gent15
I love this show so much. And everything they stand for !! So raw and real. Definitely made me think about donating feminine products to my shelter! Thank you ladies for helping me thru everything in the mom life ❤️
Love, Love, Love
These ladies are fearless!! Feel like my besties and always giving me what I need. Honest convos and interviews for those of us struggling to try and be our best in all things mama bear.
oijoy photo
Thanks Mama Bears! I’m off to the library to check out finance books. Really enjoyed the podcast addressing women and their finances.
Love from the PNW!
PNW Love
I listen to you guys weekly and immensely enjoy the humor, grace, and love you give all us mother figures in the world. My hubby and I moved from Davenport to outside of Seattle a little over 4 years ago and I happened to hear of your podcast through friends! Keep doing what your doing ladies, it’s inspiring!
Love, Love, Love!
I found this podcast through an article in a local newspaper. I will admit, I was leery because I’m not “religious” and I was worried there would be a lot of religion talk. I gave it a chance and I am so glad that I did! Yes, they speak of God and their faith, but it is in no way pushed onto the listener. Their focus on social justice is inspiring and their sense of humor is amazing! I work at home and listening to Tesi & Leslie while working is the absolute best! I laugh, I cry and most importantly, I learn. Thank you for this podcast and keep up the good work!
Awesome advice for families
Love love love the topics discussed! I’m not yet a mom, but as a wife now thinking about starting our family, I’ve been looking for great advice that resonates - so you guys totally nailed it! 💃🏻🕺🏻
Best podcast ever!
I love this show! The go over so many different topics, and honesty it feels like I’m listening to my best friends chat. They are so hilarious and also informative. Somedays when I feel alone as a stay at home Mom I know I can’t find a show to lift me up or just something I can relate to at them moment.
I always look forward to the next episode!
The world needs more conversations like this... learning, listening, and laughing... and inspiring folks to make the world a better place everyday in big and small ways.
Spot on
These ladies discuss current issues in a timely and approachable way. Mostly they say what I am thinking and feeling way better than I could! Everything from family dynamics to women’s issues through a lens of love, hope, and tolerance.
Awesome show, highly recommend!
J. Barshop
Leslie, Tesi and their guests share actionable and inspiring lessons on how to approach the many challenges that come with motherhood. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Mama Bear Dares if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to grow into the amazing mom you know you’re capable of becoming (and live your best life as a result)!
First Time but not the last time!
I listened to the podacts with guest Shannan Martin and instantly subscribed. These podcasts are relevent, authentic, and encouraging to all mommas, no matter what season you are in. I will definetly be listineg to more!
This is my go-to podcast while painting in my studio. I take away something inspiring, poignant and Mama Bear-roar worthy every single episode. Keep up the great work Leslie and Tesi!
Love this!
These ladies tell it like it is and encourage us to be the best mama bears we can be. I listen eagerly each week.
totally relatable and fresh
Tesi and Lesli clearly have something to say about life and motherhood and raising good humans in a difficult world. The episodes are all so varied that everyone can find something they relate to. I love the honestly and laughter, like your sitting with your best friends at a coffee house. It's a lot of good advice and empowerment for women. If you are interested in new school parenting, where we try to nourish our "mother selves and other selves" and strive to be engaged, thoughtful and connected parents, this podcast is for you!
Like hanging out with girlfriends
I really enjoy the interviews with some incredible women and the banter between the hosts. They're authentic and lots of fun! Being a FTM without a lot of mom friends, it's great to listen to these ladies and feeling like I'm connecting with them over a cup of coffee.
Community of moms at its best
I really enjoy this podcast! I have come to look for the next episode with great anticipation. The podcast includes great messages for moms who want to open their minds to the world and be challenged by different topics (from the news to fashion, depression and relationships). The women they interview are always interesting and insightful. They are creating a community of caring and smart women. I love their honesty and sense of humor. All around one of the best podcasts around!
Annoying banter
When did being a mother require so much coaching and self promotion and need for recognition? So many nauseating cliches about modern motherhood flood social media. No need to tune-in to a podcast that does the same. Remember when moms didn't spend their time talking about being moms but just doing the work necessary? Maybe we--especially the kids of those old school moms--were all better off.
I love this podcast! Leslie and Tesi do an amazing job of displaying strong mama bears that haven't gotten the credit they deserve! Being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet, and I am so glad we are able to hear about all the differnet mama bears out there. Thank you Leslie and Tesi! Always look forward to new episodes!
A great companion!
Lili Chica
I love listening to Tesi and Leslie's entertaining, educational and empowering podcast as I go about my day. I am uplifted by their entertaining banter, the stories of average yet extraordinary women, and their encouragement towards self care and acceptance of one's own journey. Highly recommended!
Love y'all!
Absolutely love listening to y'all. It's one of the podcasts that I wish posted more just to keep listening. Keep it up ladies, doing a great job!
Inspiration with a side of grit
Barbara WI
Relatable and inspiring. Great discussion on some hard subjects without magnifying the impossible. Instead, these women encourage the engagement of the possible. Authentic women bringing the spotlight to other authentic and amazing women. Cheering you on from Madison, WI!
My tribe!
Each time I tune in to the Mama Bear Dares podcast I feel "these ladies are my tribe". Not only do I learn something new, I also feel a renewed sense of who I am in all the many roles in which I live. I feel by simply tuning in I am in touch with how I choose to walk in the world! Thank you Leslie & Tesi...
So good!
So honest, real and inspiring! So good!
Y’all rock
It is basically my life mission to nurture both my mother self and other self…and this is an amazing place for me to come and be inspired!!! <3 Thank you ladies for all your hard work to inspire your “tribe!”
Fun and encouraging
Callie O
Just listened to my second podcast. It was fun and encouraging! I'm definitely subscribing and excited to hear more!
One of my faves
Tesi and Leslie are a great duo. So fun to listen to.
Totally inspired!
This podcast is exactly why I have encouraged so many fellow "Mama Bear's" to listen to shows while in the trenches of motherhood! The escape of hearing inspiring stories just feeds the soul! So authentic and inspiring! Keep it up Leslie & Tesi!
Insightful and funny
Great podcast, leaves me encouraged and challenged to better myself.
great podcast
i value this podcast as these two express thoughts and feelings in a pretty fair way - not overly biased and not condescending. they bring current events and some 'not-so-new' 'but-still-relevant' topics into their conversation with respect. I love the verbiage! nothing turns me away faster than off topic rants and bad grammar - something not found here!!!! keep up the wonderful work you're doing!
So many inspiring people!
One mama bear
So many awesome people interviewed on this podcast. It’s very inspiring to see how fellow moms and women are daring to change the world.
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