Patty Roof
My niece got me hooked. Binge listened on a road trip to at least 3 episodes. I love the premise and Chris’ voice - his openness about mental illness, his humor and really his outlook for us all to be a little more open and kind. Inspirational, funny, and also that “wow” factor ... good stuff!
Heart warming and inspiring
This podcast is a true gem. Every episode has an interesting and informative story and a beautiful message that needs to be heard. Chris creates a kind, open, and honest atmosphere over the phone, which allows for these wonderful stories to reach so many people.
Surprising comfort - NSFW
One can’t help but become lost during listening to this podcast. No matter what the goings on in your own life, the presenting conversations typically bring with them a welcome escape from ordinary. Callers are honest, essentially straightforward (with gentle chiding), and always - always - informative. Whether you’re living a life similarly to the caller, or the completely the opposite, drones of people are drawn to this show. There’s a reason why.
The best podcast on air
Truly my favorite—so glad a friend sent me down this rabbit hole. I’m still obsessed years later.
Wonderful show
This show has it all: humor, authentic conversations about tough experiences, and pure quirkiness. I love it and hope it never ends.
Love and Empathy on Beautiful Display
Have listened to this podcast since day one and have always loved it. Had the chance to go to a live taping and meet Geth and he was just as fun and kind as you’d expect. The Empathy in this podcast feels like medicine to me for the hardships of daily life. Love it.
Dark Sky not worth it
Was a good podcast when guests were varied and stories original. Now it’s all about girls lamenting over their eating disorders and how cruel their lives are. Too bad. So much potential wasted.
Start at the beginning
I have listened to this podcast since the first call when it was conceptualized as comedic. Chris’s personality began to shine through as he realized humans needed to make real connections. His compassion born from his own trials and his empathy for his fellow human have made this the best hour of conversation I generally get to be a part of during my week. So start with the first and enjoy getting to know some truly neat people.
Before you start...
Like so many people I found this - and Chris’ other work - when I was going through a hard time in my life. Still working through it, but this show has helped in ways I’m sure I don’t fully understand. Thank you, Chris. My one piece of advice - start with episode 1, and then work through them in order. The evolution of this podcast is just as beautiful as the stories. I’m in the mid-70s and it just keeps getting better and better.
So wonderful
Its such a wonderful podcast. I just wish i could get all the content from the very beginning and not just the recent posts for this year. Again its still great but i wish i couldve started this from the beginning
An Archive for the Human Experience
I’ve been following this podcast for years now, and it’s just the thing we need. It’s such a wonderful reminder of our inherent humanity, and is such a solemn presence of human culture conveniently encapsulated in this expansive world.
Healthy Voyeurism
Fans of PostSecret, Humans of NY, and This American Life will love the voyeuristic nature of this podcast. Chris is a great interviewer and although the calls sometimes start out rough, they almost always provide a window into the human experience.
Real talk, giggles, and faith in humanity restored
From episodes where the caller is just chatting about life to the deeper conversations, these calls are my cooking companion and I constantly find myself giggling along. Chris Gethard is a wonderful host being fantastically and fully himself, bringing humor and honesty to every episode. If you haven’t listened yet...what are you talking about?!? Go listen!
I have been enjoying the podcast for over a year now. So many inspiring stories from real people. What an amazing opportunity to grow. Just one thing...Chris...the proper pronunciation for daikon radish is die-kohn 😂 Keep up the amazing good work!
This podcast has made me a much more open minded and tolerant person. And I considered myself to be those things before. Now, I see that I have become more so, and will always have more to work on. Also, it’s a truly fascinating show. I’d like to add, Chris Gethard ought to be known as the internet’s uncle.
What a fantastic concept. My only regret is that I didn’t listen in sooner....
Seriously one of the best podcasts out there. Thanks Chris and co. for all the amazing work you guys are doing.
Just what I was looking for!!
Love this podcast. I like that you never know where each call will go, I love the raw, real conversations. This is such an amazing concept for a show!! Great job Chris!
Refreshingly truthful and honest
I’m addicted to this podcast. The host is so real. I am grateful for the authentic conversations. I have listed to just about every episide, sometime more than once. Thank you Gethard! I did not know about you before this podcast. I now am a fan.
Shared Humanity at Its Finest!
Kayter tot
I cannot say enough nice things about this show, it’s host and the callers. Chris does an amazing job of creating deep meaningful connection in each conversation he has with complete strangers. By the end they don’t seem like strangers at all! Well produced too!! ❤️
Literal Gem
I don't usually review podcasts, but this one is just so incredible, I feel like I owe it to Chris to leave a review. I stumbled across this a few weeks ago and in that time have managed to listen to nearly half of the episodes with no sign of slowing down. It's so inspiring to listen to people get vulnerable and share their stories and Chris does such a great job making people comfortable while getting super deep.
My favorite
My absolute favorite podcast! Chris Gerhard is an amazing conversationlist and is so humble and kind. Love the stories. Podcast is entertaining and an easy listen for when you're working or sitting in traffic.
Just WOW!
I stumbled across this podcast looking for something entertaining, inspirational, honest and raw. I definitely found it! In the last 24 hours I’ve binged 5 conversations and as someone who “doesn’t like” people it makes me want to learn more about each individual.
Good for your heart
What a beautiful show. Gethard will make you want to be a better person to those around you. His empathy and sensitivity make me realize how many opportunities there are to inspire and support other people. Sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking, but always full of love.
Megahead says so.
Megahead says I have to write this and that’s pretty pathetic but I absolutely love the show so BOOM 5 stars.
The best podcast out there
NYC insomniac
This is my favorite podcast of all time, bar none. I got into it right at the beginning when working a job that involved long hours crunching numbers with no human contact— I’d listen to it while I worked just to hear the sounds of conversation. Since then, I never miss an episode. Listening every Tuesday is the highlight of my week. Gethard is a great interviewer, and shows great empathy in listening. Hearing the way he encourages the storyteller with prompting questions has made me a better conversationalist. The stories are compelling and engaging, and I’ve learned so much since listening.
Two thumbs up
jo jo the fool
Chris gethard is the man this show is great
So delightful and funny
I just love this podcast, it’s engaging and funny and sweet and I just love it so much, very nice listen.
Learn about empathy
Coney ledge
I’m pretty sure that I have altered how I interact with people thanks to this show. Nothing I can put my finger on, but lately I’ve had colleagues approach me about stresses they are having and they are asking me what I think about what they’ve said. This has not happened before, and I’ve been at my career gig for almost 20 years. I’ve also been getting good feedback from my clients when they’ve been anonymously polled by my company about their interactions with me. Thank you for teaching me how to listen better.
my favorite podcast
This is the one podcast that I consistently listen to for almost a year now. I always look forward to it and it brightens my week. Thanks Chris!
Still my favorite podcast!
Chris Gethard is a saving grace in a world of chaos. He respectfully (and often hilariously) navigates conversations with anonymous people to share their stories of love, loss, pain, travel, spirituality, sexuality, growth, sexuality, and more. His humble podcast has changed the lives of so many, including those of us who need to hear that there is still compassion out there. Thank you Chris Gethard!
Love this show
I’ve been listening to this show for years and I love the empathy, the humor, and the compassion. Chris is so funny. Listen! You’ll love it!
Love Tuesday's
Marinda in Virginia
I started listening to Podcast (didn't even know what it was or that I had it on my iPhone)after the passing of my sister, it's the only way I can relax to fall asleep! This is my favorite show of them all! I must say I wish that you would do more than just one a week:-(! Love that people can vent or just tell their goofy or serious life stories! Keep up the good work and think about doing more than one a week, I don't get my fix but once a week.... not fair Chris:-)! Maybe some callers could ask if you could follow up, with the anonymous caller(s).. I can't stop thinking about the guy (couple) that is adopting the little boy from across seas .. I can't be the only person who wonders what happened or how things are going for the callers now... MORE SHOWS CHRIS and SOME FOLLOW-UPS??
Every single emotion
Seriously this roller coaster of a podcast reminds me that I’m not alone. Every single person that has called in and told their story, whether it’s just a chat, a heavy moment in their heart or just for laughs...I carry a piece of them with me every single day. They have become a friendship even if for a short time and I’ve learned so much from each person who has called—I truly feel connected to not only these people but the BA community! Chris Gethard—thank you for making this possible ☺️
Amazing podcast
I love this podcast! It makes me cry it makes me laugh and yes sometimes makes me a little angry. Just like life in general! Love you Chris! You inspire me with your openness and non judgemental heart!
Fresh to def
This show is refreshing in what it does. You take a great trip down the human experience from people of all walks of life. Gethard’s ability to take you along for the ride with appropriate humor and empathy is unparalleled. Great great podcast! Keep up the Good work, Geth!
A Beautiful Reminder
Beautiful Anonymous has become a unique platform for people the world over to share their stories. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your heart will soar with triumph and ache with empathy. In a world where people are constantly demonized and othered, this podcast is a refreshing and earnest reminder that all people are people, and the world is filled with good.
Amazing podcast
This podcast is truly human connection at its best. I look forward to it each week and I am so grateful for Chris and all of his work. It has truly helped me and so many others. Much love.
Slice of Life
Jo in SD
This podcast provides a window into people’s lives from all walks of life. It can be light hearted and funny to serious and even dark. The host, Chris Gethard, does a great job making the callers feel comfortable and the listeners feel like his friends. Give it a try!
Shifty Lynn
This podcast helps me through my day in so many ways. Hearing so many people’s stories about their lives is consistently reminding myself to always be kind to others. I never know what they have gone through or what they are currently going through. Thank you, Chris and BA Team, for continuing this amazing platform for people to share in a safe space and not have to worry about what others may think.
Love this podcast so much
Chris and his guests keep me company and entertained for hours as I save up episodes and binge listen while doing chores. I’ve been listening since the beginning always come back. Each call is completely different from the last and Chris is a master listener and conversationalist. I learn, I laugh, I cry, at the diversity of the human experience. You won’t be disappointed.
Very interesting different podcast
pink caution
Love the podcast. It’s very interesting to hear other people’s stories. Keep it up
a thank you
Heartfelt, heartwarming, heart wrenching. Overall, a beautiful show recorded with beautiful people. Thank you, Chris. This show will always have a special place in my life and in my heart.
How can you not love Geth and the community he's built? The world would be a more understanding place if we all listened to BA.
Curious about human beings? Seeking meaningful content?
I found this podcast several weeks ago, listened to a few episodes and then it fell off my radar for a bit. However, I then started feeling like I was missing something... and this was it! I started listening again, and began recognizing the beauty in the simplicity of the format. In every episode I find I learn something unique and new, and I continue to find great inspiration in the resilience of many of the callers. Chris is great at giving people the space to speak, and truly be heard. (And this is coming from a therapist!)
The Geth-master rules the podcast circuit
Claud on clouds
This podcast is simply the best thing you could possibly subscribe to! Every week the Geth-man opens the window to a new world as he hops on the phone with a total stranger and digs into their unique stories and finds the universal feelings that connect us all. In a world seemingly full of adversity, Gethard reminds us that the end of the day life is weird and awkward and devastating and downright beautiful!
Wonderful humanity
Gethard does a great job at bringing the truth and humanity out of every caller. He breaks the tense moments with cunning wit and has insightful questions in situations he may be unfamiliar with. You never know what kind of caller each episode will bring and that keeps the excitement going from week to week. Listening to this podcast is definitely a highlight of my week.
Interesting and Funny Show
I love how every call is different. I enjoy some episodes more than others but all are genuine and offer insight into people's lives like no other podcast I've heard. This podcast is the one I look forward to most as each new episode drops.
Fun, funny and wholesome
The only podcast I listen to!
More than Comedy
Heartfelt, funny, and charming. Real people just talking. And that’s so lovely and refreshing.
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