So good!
I travel a lot, so I love a good podcast to keep me engaged and awake. This one did not disappoint.
Can’t forget
manitoba is dangerous
I loved every thing about this - the tone, the pace, the authentic feel. It keeps popping into my mind. The story is horrific, of course, but the producer/interviewer is great.
Come back!!
crime 919
I miss this show!!
Love this podcast. The Kerrie Brown story is great. I cried listening to the episode where her brother Trevor sings - beautiful voice and who knows how his life may have turned out differently if he wasn’t broken by his sisters murder. So sad all around.
I can’t believe I stopped listening to this podcast at one point. I forgot how much I enjoyed listening to David’s voice. I love hearing the outdoor sounds like in the raven sounds, the accent of the indigenous Cree ladies, and it made me miss my own indigenous Chippewa people in northern Wisconsin. Thank you for this wonderful podcast done on very tough subjects.
Terrible closing song
Show is very well done. Dave has solid steel clackers to charge people up they way he does. However, I hope next season is everyone looking for the people who sing the song. It is HORRENDOUS and I hope they disappear without a trace....
David is one of the best out there. He’s telling important stories and trying to get answers. I commend him!
Exceptional work and podcast
I think this is one of the best investigative podcasts out there! The work is so above and beyond. I love Dave’s belief system in the truth.
Um. Yes. Please.
Season 3 was the most heartbreaking and simultaneously heartwarming. The update episode had me in literal tears. Like Kim Kardashian Ugly crying with tears of joy. Being an American the accents and vernacular can sometimes be hard to grasp but it’s worth sticking with it. I binge each season because I don’t want to be left hanging. I listen to this at work and it doesn’t distract me but keeps me involved. A must for true crime anthology lovers.
Good can always comes out of evil
Even though nothing rights the wrong of the murder there is something in every act of injustice that you can’t keep down. Good can always be found. Look at the good you were able to do.
Wow powerful!
His heart just spoke so much to me through his words at the grave. Very powerful true story and I’m glad y’all are telling it. We must learn from our past mistakes and grow together which I think this podcast shows so wonderfully. Can’t wait to hear more.
David Ridgen
Best podcaster ever!
Great podcast!
I have been such a fan of this podcast from day one! The host David is such an amazing person. I can’t wait for the next season!
vicki heino
Season 3 broke my heart! I enjoyed all of the seasons, please keep them up! To the person that posted nothing ever gets solved, you never know what will come from these investigations!
Great podcast
Wish there wasn’t a long wait in between seasons, but I get it. Keep up the great work
These 5 Stars Are Solely For Season 3
Because to be frank? ‘Someone Knows Something’ should actually be called “No One Knows Anything. Ever.” Nothing ever pans out, get solved, or had even a slightly satisfying ending. EXCEPT. FOR SEASON 3. It is worth giving every other mess of a season these 5 stars. It is worth every minute you’ll spend listening and if there’s one podcast out there you’ll actually listen to TWICE? This is it. It is absolutely incredible, soul stirring, just the very very best of what this medium has to offer.
Addie Wilson
Compelling and very well done.
Well done but.
Very intriguing, very well done, good imagery. I wish there was some resolution but there isn’t anything they could do about that. Biggest problem with this podcast, THE THEME MUSIC. 🤢
We should ALL BE HELPING!!!
I just finished all 5 seasons and I cannot believe the cold case units or Law Enforcement divisions all around the world wouldn't wrap their arms around these awesome people who provide Podcast on Cold cases!! What is wrong with these idiots??? This is how new evidence, DNA and all sorts of new leads can be uncovered. I listened to these individuals and I was shocked at their unwillingness to release ANY HELP after 30 -40 YEARS OF NOTHING!!! Get with the times people! Anything is better than nothing! We have every opportunity with technology and we should ALL BE HELPING!
Love the podcaster
Your articulation is lovely ~ I love how you muse .. listened to all your podcasts just because you draw me in with your comforting style and story telling .. thanks for telling the stories of these cold cases . I really felt so sad about the cat lady . Hope the guy gets his karma . Also wish you could comment on each episode .
I love how David tells his stories. I also enjoy that he investigates in “real time” so people can listening can participate, react, or gain new information. Really well done!
The verbal imagery, the research, the story telling and the work of a real journalist (something rare in this day and age) makes this one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to (and I listen to many).
David, you are a true hero. Love your passion and the way you care for people!
Absolutely hooked on this podcast.... The way David tells the story and let’s the family tell their story is amazing.
CBC is Canada’s best kept secret
A meathead
Just discovered CBC. I love everything they make — if you haven’t listened to UNCOVER, do! Fantastic!
So captivating
The way the David tells a story and loves and understands the people he interviews reels me in and I can’t stop listening. Brilliant.
Vegan jmp
Amazingly well researched - both logical and empathetic - truly so impressed
Tried watching season 1 last year about the missing boy and wasn’t a huge fan. I felt like the podcastor tried really hard with the story, but it just wasn’t going anywhere to me. I now skipped all the way to season 5 and I really like it so far; very sad but very well told.
The best
I can’t believe how excited I was to see there was an update today!! I’ve been thinking about Kerri and Trevor for months. Thanks for all you do & for telling these stories in the best most graceful way possible. You’re a hero for getting people talking , for the family . Amazing , thank you .
The family
The files keep stopping in the middle of it. Anyone else have this issue. I've restarted several times. I want to listen! Each episode does this
Hope to see more episodes!
Is he still making this podcast? I love it! He dose an amazing job! Keeps you interested!
Where are the rest of the episodes regarding the bonus for example: The Cat Lady or Escaping NXIVM? I only find the bonus, but I can’t find the rest of the episodes? I’m confused!
Seriously such great writing. Keeps me wanting more! Wonderful!
One of my all-time favorites!
David Ridgen does an amazing job of investigating and detailing the crimes he’s focusing on each season while also humanizing the victims and their loved ones. Very well done and, most importantly, in a way that’s respectful to those he’s interacting with.
love it!
amazingly written, captivating and real. love the diversity and thoroughness in the investigations throughout the seasons. also love the score, EXCEPT for the theme song... well done!
Can’t get enough!
Love this podcast! It is probably my favorite true crime podcast out there. My only problem is that I listen to on the episodes!
Love these podcasts!
You can tell that the host David has a passion for what he is doing. I've enjoyed this podcast and the others by David!
Love it
I’ve listened to all 5 seasons so far and love it
Great work
This podcast is interesting. It’s an easy listen. The investigation is thorough. Give it a try because it’s a must listen.
It’s good, a little too slow. If he talked in his normal voice as he does when he’s interviewing, then it would be engaging. It has potential with some minor tweaks and consolidation. Overall too slow.
ZG from MN
The narration is awful. This dude is trying way to hard.
I just can't
I cannot handle any more of the conspiratorial whispering. Use a normal voice!
Great narrator
Season 1 is really good. You feel as though you’re right there with David as he travels around the various locations, very descriptive. You can tell he cared about the family. A little too long. Season 2 another good story, well written and narrated, but the ending was a bit disappointing. Season 5-Too much foul language for my taste. I wanted to keep listening but couldn’t get through 2 episodes.
One of the best true crime podcasts out there.
Honestly David Ridgen is so great, and the content is really well researched and presented. One of my favorite podcasts!
Superb storytelling
Of all CBC’s outstanding podcasts, SKS really stands out. David Ridgen is just a gem. The heart and sensitivity he brings to these stories really comes through. And I have a total voice crush on him ;)
Still waiting to hear more from season 4
Elena gilbert1863
Is season 4 over? Keep waiting for new episodes on that story, where did you go? More please.
Amazing storyteller
David is an amazing storyteller. It is apparent he really cares about all of these cases and that he wants to find a solution for these families. I listened to all of the seasons within a few days.
mad for this podcast! cant stop listening.
David has a way of speaking and asking questions that is phenomenal for this listener. its like i go with him. stunning.
Season 1- incredible
Chris from staten island
This was so well done. I love this family and wish only peace for the rest of their days. They are so strong and brave. Dave... I’m a little in love with you.( a lot).. your compassion is humbling and makes us all want to be better people. Keep up the good work..God Bless you all
ayy meee
Honestly such a good and catchy podcast. I’m obsessed. Idk what anyone complains about, I actually dig the song at the end. Reminds me of the cold cases I would watch as a child.
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