The story only gets worse
I guess my issues with Alice Isn’t Dead stem from the story’s resolution with the reintroduction of Alice as a character. I enjoyed the tension between the two leads more than I enjoyed the resolution of their stories. Without spoiling anything, it felt too convenient, unearned, and more fan service than tonally or narratively appropriate.
Its literally just listening to one girl talk to herself. Its so freaking boring. I mean if you like to hear one person jabber nonsense to her self with zero excitement and totally monotoned. Ive tried to give this one a chance since there seems to be so many ppl that rated this show high. BUT MAN...BORED TO ALL HELL.
Okay, sometimes hard to follow
Random episodes throw in unnecessary confusion. Enjoyed the end.
Listen. Like, immediately.
SO here for the casual lesbian representation!! For the record, I think the jokes at the ends are clever and amusing. The story is a bit of a slow start, but stick with it as it sets the scene and characters; the action is worth it. Great writing in a creative format. Lose ends tied and left hanging just right.
Great story
the best granddater
Loved it was sad almost made me cry
Holy Crap
I had no idea I could be scared at work through a podcast. This, this is masterful storytelling.
Great Show
This is the first time a podcast has actually scared me. I can no longer listen to it at night. Jasika’s voice is also so pretty. And I’m so here for the casual lesbian representation!
Beyond amazing
Pokemon Fantic
This podcast was incredible in every sense of the word. The story, the acting, the music. Every aspect was just wonderful. It was terrifying and beautiful and terrifyingly beautiful. The ending was wonderful and perfect and horrifying and so, so good, the perfect end to a perfect story. I can’t recommend listening to this podcast enough.
Alice Isn't Dead
Jack fish 1
I am finally getting around to writing a review with being down with all of the seasons for almost a year now. Season 1 was amazing, by far the best season of this show. Season 2 was good, but didn't meet my expectations that I was holding after listening to Season 1. Season 3 was also good, but again these last two seasons didn't blow me away. Overall I still loved the story and the characters, but something was missing from the last two that the first had. I do highly recommend it though!
This honestly creeped me out
rosa manzo
I’m not easily scared- at least, horror movies don’t usually scare me. This scared me and I like the narration. Though I am wondering why there was this whole conspiracy with these creatures. Oh well, it’s part of the scare.
Beautiful show
This podcast inspired my wedding gift to my wife, amazing story & kept me on the edge of my seat through it all. I need to get the audio book
Just picked this podcast up and fell in love with this story. This is one of my favorites now.
Could not get into it. 👎🏽
I have tried twice to listen to this and I really did want to like it but each and every time it is so low and the most ungraceful crafting of existential narcissism that has ever touched my ears
Poor writing
rainbow confetti
I just had to stop in the middle of Episode 3. I don’t understand all of the praise for the writing from the other reviews. The writing simply does not represent how anyone in the second half of the 20th or 21st would speak. When is the last time you heard someone in a normal speech pattern say “He indicated the word on his shirt” instead of saying “pointed”? The prose could work even in 1st person narrator if written but presenting it as spontaneous speech is highly disconcerting as it is so unrealistic.
Dive In
Stop reading this review and just listen to the first episode. Get in there, you’ll like it. Then buy his book because it’s good too.
“Alice Isn’t Dead” has tight writing and a compelling storyline that will leave you breathless. It’s a tale of love in the face of hate, and hope in a time of fear. With an eerie ambiance that will transport you back to your first nighttime drive, this podcast encapsulates the sheer scope of America’s roads. Also, lesbians.
Started off okay. Started to lose me as the story dragged on.
Ending is amazing
Without any spoilers, this podcast has probably the best ending episode of any podcast, movie, or tv show that I’ve ever seen or listened to.
wonderful podcast
i will miss it very very much
Super creepy during a road trip
I listened to season 1 as I was driving back from Atlanta during a rainstorm that basically lasted the whole 9 hours. This podcast had me looking over my shoulder at all the big rigs that were passing me. It made that drive so much better and fun. Highly suggest listening while you're driving.
Addictive slow moving story
Top Secret25
THis story is addictive, but moves slowly in a good way. Bought the book and excited to see what it has to offer!
I listened to all of these in a couple days
What a great story! I am hoping to buy the book.
Almost interesting
I listened to 4 episodes - the premise is interesting, and I don’t mind the non-linear narrative. Falls off for the overly dramatic performance, the embarrassing pseudo-philosophical musings of the character and especially the ridiculous chicken crossing riddle at the end of every episode. Y’all that is incredibly corny, not at all clever. I know I can just stop the episode there, but why even add this cheesy element?
Fun and intriguing
It’s like an audiobook but with no subscription necessary.
An all time favorite I’ll always come back to
I’ve been listening to Alice since it started, and I don’t know why I hadn’t written a review before. It’s a story I keep coming back to, and I find something new to love every time. It’s poetic, meaningful, funny and exciting. I’m not normally big on horror, but they really hit a sweet spot for me. I love everything about how the story unfolds, and no spoilers but the ending is absolutely perfect. It’s a speculative fiction story obviously, but it’s also deeply rooted in the real problems our world is facing. The ultimate message of the story hits home for me in so many ways. Jasika Nikoles performance is phenomenal, you often almost forget she’s pretty much the only voice you hear for much of the show. I could go on for paragraphs here, but suffice it to say this is a strong contender for my top favorite podcast.
Best podcast like, ever
i miss spotify
I’ll admit that when I listened to the first episode, I was a bit turned off of the show. It seemed....TOO weird. Out of my league. However I gave it another go and I’m so glad I did. I listened to this show last summer and the feeling of riding my bike with my headphones in being entirely in Keisha’s world was something no other podcast will ever replicate. This show is scary but also incredibly emotional and I’m not afraid to say I cried when it ended. If it’s not summer for you I recommend taking it slow so you can enjoy it the way I did. Also, bless Jasika Nicole for her performance here. I’ll listen to anything with her in it because of this show. Perfect show for the horror fan and for the lover of all things weird✨✨
Fun & interesting
Great for getting through a workday or road trip. Cool story line that kept me on the edge of my seat. 100% looking forward to more from this group and love their other content
Be prepared
Liberals are incapable of producing art without a political agenda.
Really Good
Nicole’s voice is phenomenal! The story telling flips back and forth between past and present; feeling so nonlinear. The story revisits episodes and ideas you may have looked over while listening to; which I think is fun. The plot faces some of the challenges and bigotry of our nation; ideas do manifest themselves in our world. I believe it is important to listen to the whole podcast to understand it; there may be some things you didn’t understand before. The music can be choppy or doesn’t completely fit the scene; the writing can also be a little bit overbearing with the philosophy. Overall, it was really good! And I will definitely listen to it again.
Love it
This is great because the main character acknowledges that her thoughts are unrealistically deep but also something people understand when they’re stuck with themselves and alone a lot and she is just voicing what goes through our heads. As for the plot, I love the action, slight horror, jumble, if you keep listening to each episode these random breaks in story between the past to the present all come together and give you important background and makes it unique and familiar.well researched including real events from the world in her travels. Of course it’s not all realistic, it’s not meant to be, of course it doesn’t make sense the character that we meet is so physically strong and mentally strong and all of that but not everyone is perfect and this acknowledges that. It’s a mix of reality and fantasy and bringing together the darkness of our current world with metaphorical people and events. Love it.
Favorite podcast
This is actually my favorite podcast of all time. I've listened to it several times already. It's so beautifully written and produced, and so well acted. It's creepy and unsettling, but also intriguing and deeply satisfying. Horror at its finest.
Creepy and masterfully told
The Bright Sessions
Jasika Nicole's performance as a woman investigating her dead wife's seemingly not being dead is outstanding. She goes from funny to horrified as she finds far more than she expected.
Better than welcome to nightvale
Cal Pla
I love this show in every single way. It has all of the unsettling and odd things that nightvale does all put into a solid plot line. It is easy to focus on and understand, and has little Easter eggs of real events. It is very accurate with locations, and no detail is missed. I will be looking forward to future episodes.
Love it
For nightvale fans, anyone else noticed that the narrator is mayor/intern Dana?
Love it
Such high quality fiction podcasting.
I personally enjoyed this more then WTNV, and I love WTNV a lot. This podcast has really stuck with me, it’s very dark and beautiful and sad.
Couldn’t make it through Omelette
I wanted to like this show, but the very first episode was full of so many sounds of open mouth chewing that I had to stop listening. Totally turned me off.
An Engaging Road Trip
Faerie Gothfather
A spooky and exciting road trip for the ages
This story is like finding a diary with pages missing. It’s all over the place and just random ramblings. Not good at all.
Lyrical, Ominous, and a Real Pleasure
Wonderfully acted and masterfully written, fans of dark thrillers (not just Night Vale) should enjoy this thoroughly. Skillfully mixes supernatural evil with rich charachters and a big, resonant American sense of place. After the first few chapters I elected not to stick around for each episode's metaphysical take on "why did the chicken cross the road" following the closing ad reads. They took me out of the story a bit; others may like them plenty. Either way, listen to Alice Isn't Dead!
Entertaining and creepy
I’m satisfied with this podcast!
Don’t bother
After four episodes, I decided I’d have much more listening pleasure by ramming a ballpoint pen into my ear drums. From the uneven storytelling to the want to be meta “why did the chicken cross the road” riddle at the end, it is unbearable to continue on with it. Save your time and listen to silence.
Really enjoyed this series. The story was clear and ended on a good note. The writer was very good with word choice and the voice actors did a wonderful job with the characters. Sometimes I would get a little lost in the story but I always found my way back. One of my fave podcasts!
Charming & Creepy
I just finished and I have to say - wow. I have a hard time listening to podcasts; NIGHT VALE itself has been the only previous one to keep my attention. I was drawn in by how the stories in each episode jumped around and I had to pay attention. The narrator’s young voice intrigued me; in the end, it really adds to the timeless quality, and Jasika and Joseph together can tell a darn good story. I also really liked the ambient music and the times where it would continue, giving me time to process what I just heard. Can’t wait to read the book!
Interesting premise
Interesting premise, but a lot of the dialogue feels like filler or just pseudo deep ramblings.
Poor writing and an unlikeable character
The story plodded along and used voice talent that couldn't carry the unrealistic character.
Really good
Max qwerty.
I totally enjoyed this series, although I thought it wrapped too quickly.
The best combination of Night-vale and Neil Gaiman’s American gods. The road trips brought me back to my childhood, the thistle-men and oracles gave me my fantasy fix and I connected with the characters on a new level. Wonderful, would recommend.
i just love it so much
Got hooked
Did not mean to listen to this - I prefer true crime - but I got sucked it. Good for what it is - performance art.
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