Love these two!
This is a great, somewhat more grown up and serious beauty podcast. Jess and Jen are both super well informed, well spoken, and pick a diverse range of subjects under the beauty umbrella.
Love everything about this
Fat Mascara is a fantastic podcast. Jen and Jessica are engaging, charming and authentic hosts and interviewers. I appreciate that they cover all areas of beauty and recognize the diversity of their listeners.
Highlight of my week!
I look forward to every new Fat Mascara episode! Jess and Jenn are incredible hosts and I love the variety of guests and topics covered. Perfect blend of informational and just so much fun!
So informative
Aidan McClendon
I love this podcast - I always learn something. They have a wonderful interview style and are very knowledgeable about all areas of beauty. They are willing to talk about the uglier side of the business and will review products at all price points. They will get into the science not just talk about the trends. I especially love when they get into the history of how beauty insiders or brands get their start.
Stop Interrupting Your Guests!
I have a love/hate with this podcast. I enjoy hearing about brands and the people behind them. My two gripes: 1. Stop interrupting your guests! The hosts ask a long winded question to a guest, and then will interrupt with a follow up question before they've answered. Some guests you can actually hear do a quick little sigh as they try to get back on track. Seems more prevalent with male guests? 2. Annoying when the hosts ask for 5 star reviews. Your listeners are capable of deciding how worthy of stars the podcast is. It's like adding an automatic 18% gratuity to a restaraunt check.
Jen loves to discuss her butt acne
This podcast USED to be good. Now Jen updates us on her disgusting butt acne. In the most recent episode she decided to talk about her farting in lieu of her butt acne. PLEASE STOP
I don't need you to be woke but I need you to be aware
It took me a while to figure out why I stopped loving this podcast and it is because the hosts are so unaware of anything not in a beauty closet or on a runway. I don't need podcasts to be woke (I actually prefer them not to be) but I need the hosts to be aware of things outside of their silo interest. One of the hosts is now pregnant and she seemed unaware that pregnant women might have different beauty issues before it happened to her as if women in the world didn't get pregnant every day. They asked a BW makeup chemist why we needed so many shades of foundation. They declare K-Beauty over when an entire continent still follows it. They promote products from MLMs and say they just promote the best product and are totally unaware of the swirling concerns about them. And they are journalists. That's being uninformed. They don't take a stand on anything. One worked at teen vogue during the height of their activism and she was uncomfortable discussing politics at work. That's fine in most offices but not for journalists. One is vegetarian and anti-animal cruelty but will discuss and promote products tested on animals. This last one isn't a hot button issue for me but I would respect them more if they took a stand on ANYTHING. This podcast is shallow and beauty culture doesn't have to be. But they're #bossbabes and #badassbitches. Eyeroll. I just can't anymore.
Never calling out problems in the beauty industry
Of which there are many...and on top of it you decide to interview Jerrod Blandino, who is known to be extremely problematic. Disappointed that neither of you seemed to bat an eye during his rant about cheap people.
Finally unsubscribed
I was a listener for a long time and really liked their original content. Lately it seems like the audio quality has gone down and they’re more interested in promoting MLM brands without discussing how harmful these “businesses” are. One other thing, half the time it seems like Jess is annoyed with Jenn, she always has such an attitude.
Best Beauty Podcast
This is by far the best beauty podcast. I feel like Jen and Jess are my friend and they aren’t afraid to discuss tough topics.
The best!
Such a amazing podcast! Listened to one episode and was hooked! I’ve also totally revamped my makeup and skin care drawer thanks to all the great guests and suggestions!
Love the guests and info
I gave four stars because Jenn always asks guest what they have in their purses. When the Chanel executive told her she had Sisley, she said “I see somebody’s got expensive tastes” which WE have ALL heard before. As a consumer, I buy drugstore to online high-end treats, so I know people in this industry usually have the brand they represent OR something similiar. I do not like the way Jenn says that and speaking on the cost of another’s purchase is JUST PLAIN RUDE. I have to correct people in my life when they spot name brand shoes on my feet or a nice bag I have had for 23 years. If you continue to ask the question, which is cool to me, please do not comment on how much they spend. We are adult women and men and are allowed to spend as we so choose. Great job ladies!!!! Keep it up..
Love it!
Look forward to listening every week!
Fun and informative
Loved the interview with Kristofer Buckle. It was fun, funny, and informative!
Easily the best beauty podcast out there!
Great podcast for beauty entrepreneurs!!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for months now and I am so excited every time I get the opportunity to listen to them. I have a small business in beauty and skincare. I’m very busy to stay on the loop of things through the Internet so this keeps me informed and entertained and put onto a lot of great products as well
Insightful and fun
Deeeeee W.
Love the show
My favorite podcast 💕
Love this podcast and the girls are so fun and keep the discussion engaging. Very informative as well! Win win
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Jennifer & Jessica, hosts of the Fat Mascara podcast, highlights all aspects of beauty and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
So Far So Good
I’m just getting into podcasts. I knew I needed to find a good fashion/beauty one. Out of all the ones I’ve listened to so far, this is definitely the best one! (:
Love this show!
Love listening to these ladies, I share their love of makeup!
What happened?
Cardinal East
I have been listening to the podcast for 2 years now and have fan-girled to ladies at work every episode. I am not a POC, but I am very uncomfortable hearing the girls talk about POC topics (I say it like this because the discussions typically seem separated vs a part of the general topics). Last week's episode pushed me a bit over the line, and then the first 5 mins hearing how they tried to speak about Emily R.. come on. This is a podcast for women, don't make jokes about feeling bad having a photo taken with her bc personal insecurities come up when you see her. Yes she has a lustworthy body, but shouldn't you want a photo w her bc instead of solely selling herself on that, she is "trying" to be more focused on feminist issues to support other women? And you should support her back? I feel like the girls have forgotten women are listening to everything they are saying, vs wanting to flaunt their own knowledge of things. I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. I really do love the guests and how this podcast gives them a voice.
Love Jenn and Jess!!
I don’t know how I didn’t discover this sooner! I’ve been listening to this on my hour commute and I’m obsessed! I love all of their topics! They are extremely knowledge, funny, and it feels like I am listening to friends (who are super fabulous btw!!) They have created an amazing community with their listeners and I love how it is so easy to connect with them through social media! I only wish I lived closer since they have awesome listener parties! Sending love from NC! Keep up the awesome podcast!
Fun Podcast
Love the show but sometimes the chewy snappy mouth noises make it unlistenable. Please don’t snack while recording.
R nottingham
I love this podcast! These ladies are so informative and personable .
Great info - strange host chemistry?
Megan Makeup
I’ve been listening to FM for 2 years now and really enjoy the content- super informative and covers a wide range of beauty topics. However sometimes I detect an odd vibe from the two hosts chemistry (more coming from Jess towards Jenn) and it turns me off. I think Jess can sound a bit uppity at times and sometimes it feels like she snaps at/ corrects/ discredits Jenn’s thoughts and comments. Observed this from years of listening- not just a single episode. Also- I don’t think the whole bit on Virgin Airlines and the lipstick sounded good on her part. Felt a bit tone deaf and yucky.
I generally like this podcast, have been listening for years. The guests are great and the info the hosts share is usually great. My issue is that they both, especially Jessica, come across as really rude and short with each other (or guests) sometimes. The hosts have *frequent* awkward bickering towards each other that honestly is not appealing. They also (again mostly Jessica) do not know how to refer to or include people or women of color in conversation. I’m a black WOC—they noticeably pause before they say “black” or “African American” out loud, as if they don’t know which identifier to use or feel uncomfortable saying them. Other than that? Sure, give it a listen.
Fan until today
I really like this podcast but today solidified my growing annoyance. Dr Doris Day was trying to explain real ways to grow hair naturally, but kept getting interrupted rudely (with attitude) asking about VITAMINS and things from Sephora to buy. They say they’re not sponsored but why did y’all keep harping on this?
Beauty for your ears!
Love listening to these smart, funny women talk all things beauty. They combine a professional “insiders” take on the industry, while always keeping the listeners pocketbook in mind. It took me a few episodes to get Jess and Jenn’s voices straight, but now it’s always my first listen when it drops. If your bathroom cabinet is bursting with products, you’ll love this podcast!
Can’t get enough
I LOVE this podcast! I’ve been looking for a good beauty podcast for a while and finally stumbled on Fat Mascara. I can’t get enough of the episodes. Not only are Jess and Jenn are funny and relatable, but they have amazing content and are super smart! I appreciate how much research goes into their reporting. Love love love
Just one thing...
I love this podcast. Jen and Jess are so knowledgeable and witty! However...please work on not using the word “like” over & over. Jess has a tendency to do this, some episodes are worse than others. I had to stop within the first 10 minutes of the latest one and just not listen anymore because it was working my nerves so bad. Besides this, this is a top-notch podcast. Keep up the good content!!
My all-time favorite podcast
This is my absolute all-time favorite podcast. Listening to these two discuss beauty, products, gossip, trends, and interview some really interesting industry people is amazing every single week. As a product junkie it satisfies all my beauty cravings! My only complaint is that the sound equalization isn't great. It's often hard to hear and then becomes very loud. Would be awesome if they could meet up with some of the producers at NPR or Gimlet Media for some sound quality tips! Update: new production agency, who dis?? The sound EQ problem is all fixed and this podcast is officially perfect. Five stars- I would give more if possible!
Love this thank you!!
The music on this show makes me smile SO much as well as the relationship between the hosts!! Love this podcast. Have definitely made at least 3 impulse buys while listening now, so that’s dangerous. But I love it. Please keep going forever. Some of the best interviews I’ve ever heard. They’re so well researched and prepared!
I’ve listened to a few other beauty podcasts and none compare to this one! The hosts are hilarious and super relatable, and of course they put out great content. I have so many new products I want to try because of this podcast! It would be great if there was a way to look up products mentioned on the show by category on the blog (foundation, eye cream, etc), not by the guest, so that listeners could find new recommendations easier. Guess everyone just has to listen!
Wickham Girls
I got into this and i’m 30 mins in and i love it so educational and informative
Favorite Beauty Podcast
I look forward to a new episode every week. I see some people say they interrupt their guests and each other but I don’t have a problem if they do that. It just seems like a real, casual conversation and they are always excited! Love them and the content.
Highly recommend
I’m into a number of beauty podcasts and this one is top-notch. It’s my new favorite - the hosts are entertaining but also knowledgeable and typically they keep the podcast moving at a good pace, and they ask the questions you’d want to ask in their interviews. Great interviews and all around reviews. Thank you, Jen and Jess!
I’m so happy to have this podcast!! Jess & Jenn do a wonderful job breaking down beauty and exploring things I never would have thought about. Thank you for wonderful interviews and so much information!
5 please!
Great pod. Love the content and guests!!
Amazing, Girly, Intelligent, Funny!
Fat Mascara is the best beauty podcast out there. Jenn & Jess are two incredibly insightful, intelligent, and witty women who make talking about beauty so much fun. I love that they allow themselves to joke around and be silly, but they also get deeper and serious when they need to be. Plus, the podcast definitely has feminist undertones! The guests they get are also incredible, serious top-dogs in the industry.
Love it! Just one criticism
I LOVE this podcast and look forward to it every week. As a lover of all things beauty it’s really cool to get the perspective of beauty editors. I’ve discovered some really cool people in the industry that they have as guests on the show. I only have ONE thing I’d wish was different. I thought I was the only one that felt this way but I saw a few other comments so thought I’d share mine as well. Please stop interrupting your guests when they’re trying to speak or tell a story. Talking over them or each other can be really frustrating from a listener perspective. Thanks so much for your content!
Best makeup podcast on the air!
I’m a huge fan of Jess and Jenn, and the quality of the guests, interviews, the topics covered, and fun vibe of the podcast. A must-listen if you have any interest in makeup, hair, or anything adjacent.
Best beauty podcast!
Jess and Jen and funny, smart, and so knowledgeable. There is no pretentious beauty editor vibe here. I love the topics, interviews, information, and entertainment. Don’t change a thing, ladies!!
Love this podcast
Great info and fun podcast. I enjoy all aspects of this program - good info and guests.
Great podcast! Thanks
Love listening to your podcast.
A recommendation I never thought I would LOVE
I’m not into beauty, products, or make up by any means, but this kept popping up as a recommendation on Acast. I took a listen and these are just two friends talking about life and happen to touch upon beauty products that they truly believe in. Incredible guests, great dialogue, they make you feel like you’re just sitting in on a conversation with interesting people. Keep going ladies, love you and Jawara did have a buttery, silky voice!
Commute bffs
Great/fun/light/interesting interviews to great guests and great conversation about all things beauty. Found my tribe. Good job, girls.
The Don
I listened to the episode featuring John Demsey because I think he's a fascinating person. He delivered. I wish he could have spoken for longer. I have to say that Jess & Jen should be aware of their crosstalk and interrupting. It's very annoying, and you miss what people are saying. They've got a good thing going, but this is bringing them down.
I was sent this podcast to hear the Pink Bubble theory and I have been hooked ever since. I went back and started listening to everything. SO informational. SO real. SO helpful. Listen to this podcast.
Cosmetics junkie!
Hi! Love your podcast and listen to it all the time. Just wanted you to know that I had mysterious breakouts on my temples that would NOT go away no matter what I did. My dermatologist decided to see if I had a fluoride allergy. I stopped all fluoride that I could and the breakout has been gone ever since! Bring on more fluoride free for me! Hope you can help someone else with that information!
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