Shart week
Marshall Bill
I think you could sell a series for “Shart Week “!!!!
Girl 1950
Love, love, love this podcast !! I listened to 166 episodes in 2 days! Thank you Mike and company for the great stories and information ! I can’t wait for the next one !
Excellent Podcast!
This is one of the best podcasts! Intriguing stories that cause me to sit down and reflect on things.
Repelling !!!
Great story! Keep it up.
Love your show Mike
Wonderful podcast I really enjoy The stories !
It’s the Best!
Jeff Pass
Love your show Mike. Actually love every one of your undertakings since Dirty Jobs. It’s great to have a knowledgeable person pulling for trades and Trade Scholols. I myself went through a few apprenticeships becoming a journeyman electrician first, a EPA 608 Universal Refrigerant Tech and HVAC Tech. I now mange these trades and many more as a Senior Facility Manager. Keep up the awesome work!
My favorite podcast
I look forward to this podcast every week. I frequently share them with friends and family. I particularly enjoy the special segments where Mike reads Poe or some other piece of poetry or speech. I appreciate that Mike supports trade labor and is vocal about that support on the podcast. Thank you Mike. This podcast always makes my week
Short and sweet!!
Great short stories!!
Love it
I love your program, and I learn a lot with your stories, I bought your moms books you should make an audio book with laughing and everything, I love how you read your moms email.
This is a little bit of heaven in a world gone MAD! I stumbled upon Row’d Trip, then Dirty Jobs then the Podcast. Love your attitudes!
Love Mike Rowe and The Way I Heard It
Reminds me of Paul Harvey and the rest of the story. Always educational and entertaining ❤️ 2 thumbs, 8 fingers and ten toes up😂
What a Program!!
Mike, I love your program, or podcast if preferred. You have a way of enticing us to stay engaged in the story that few people have. I would ask you never stop doing the podcast, but, that would be selfish. Have a good day Sir!!! Happy Listener, Frank J
Bye Mike
Podcast used to be very enjoyable, but the misogyny is disgusting.
I learn so much
Mike's stories provide great background on the people and history that make up our country.
Absolutely love this podcast!!
My time to listen to any podcasts limited usually my drive to work. With all the politics and shouting and hollering and name-calling I’ve just had it. Here is something you can listen to learn some thing from and have a little quiet enjoyment in the traffic and hub of your life.
So Fun!!!
I enjoy this podcast sooo much! Always try to figure it out, never do! 🤣
In Times Like These
Mike Rowe brings to life Patrick Henry’s famous oratory from our country’s earliest days. It is good to be reminded that opposing points of view should not be silenced no matter which way the popular wind is blowing, rather positions and ideals are to be discussed and debated openly and with great zeal. It is only when we know what we believe in and why, that we can move to action to achieve our goals. Now as then, we as a country can not and will not have freedom if we as individuals are not willing to stand and be counted as willing to stand up to tyranny in any and every form. Henry reminds us that tyranny will sweep down upon us and enslave all of us if we do nothing. We are all flawed human beings, and Henry was as flawed as the next but he aspired to live free or die. His passion for his vision for our freedoms and his example of how to respectfully and passionately articulate his views should be remembered and honored by us today, not discarded because he was human. Thank you Mike Rowe for a meaningful, thought provoking moment in times like these.
Perfect for a long drive
Audie Bennett
Former construction worker turned USAF pilot here.. listening to this on my way back east from Oklahoma. Always been a huge fan of Mike Rowe and dirty jobs! Mike is an excellent writer, storyteller and a great role model!
Stick to Storytelling, Leave Political Views Aside
The fact that you laughed about Donald Trump calling Elizabeth Warren “Pochantas” while acting like his bullying is justified is juvenile. I used to enjoy your short stories, but as you add more personal content and views, I have to walk away.
Patrick Henry
Spud McCabe
I think your reading was brought the war to life. Thanks.
Truly the best
I love my sometimes weekly dose of Mike Rowe! The stories are amazing and the delivery, incomparable. Thank you Mike for sharing your wonderful storytelling gifts with us all.
The absence of High school industrial arts classes
69 Commando
Metal shop, Electronics and Auto Shop classes gave me the knowledge to land a apprenticeship with a major heavy equipment diesel service company. A high school diploma with shop classes gave me the ability to make $190k annually with an all expense paid company truck. I am retired now and enjoying my grandkids. No student loans or stacks of books required.
Awesome capture of English language more Shakespeare please
In less than 12 minutes mikes voice will grab and keep you. His poetic intonations of Poe are Shakespearean. So enveloping I had to listen twice. Thank you
Mary Nagelvoort
So good
Occasionally Independence Day
Mike, thank you for bringing this speech out of the dusty history books. It is an amazing speech, given in troubled times. Your performance was wonderful! Again, thank you!
Give me liberty or give me death!!
The iron mike
The most stirring, emotion filled reading I have heard in my 75 years !!!bravo , Bravo 😊😁👌👏👏👏
I look forward to every new episode!
This is the perfect blend of light commentary and a great historical narrative. This is a great homage to Paul Harvey. Keep up the great work Mike Rowe!
This is one of the only podcasts where I LOVE EVERY EPISODE the only other one is an automotive history one named Past Gas by Donut Media (give it a listen no matter what you like). That is a hard thing to do and you have done it. Well done 👍
Good for the first 100 episodes, but...
Tylor Durden seems that once Mike Rowe felt he had a "hit podcast" on his hands, he decided to play with the format a bit. I liked the original setup, essentially telling the popular narrative of a famous or should-be-famous person but adding surprising details that the public has forgotten or should know. You may know who it is early on or only found out at the end. However, the format has changed to become more about Rowe's opinion of a person, couched as a narrative. Regardless of if you're coming from the political Right, as he often seems to be, the podcast episodes are increasingly not what this started as. They're not "The Way I Heard It", they're "What I Think About It". I'd keep tuning in for a podcast that sticks more to the facts and is less of a political platform. Your move, Mr. Rowe.
Just the stories please!
I would really like this podcast if Mike would stick to the way he heard it and leave how he feels about everything. He has a nice voice but seems to need to hear it an extra 8-11 minutes more than is needed.
Modern Paul Harvey!
Listening to Mike Rowe makes me think of summers with my grandparents listening to Paul Harvey. Nostalgic as well as smart!!!
Very enjoyable
Thanks for everything you do. You are a great man.
Great podcast!
Thanks Mike, always enjoy your work
Great podcast!
I always enjoy the way Mike tells a story! Thanks for the details you now share at the of the episode!
USN, retired
Serendipitous …. That’s an apt word for this show. It’s a superb balance to all my other listen & learn choices in podcasts (of politic, culture, news, info, science) … ‘Heard It’ – is engaging, brief, informative, highs, lows, history, hard work, luck, lots of moral and motivational lessons woven cleverly, delivered with Hall of Fame level skill. Sometimes the subject/mystery is obvious (to me) at the go; others I have to listen 2x to get it– a challenge in each episode. “Laika” the dog was one; knew the story because my big sis named her first dog for that canine hero. But I never really knew the full rest of the story…listened 3x straight. Lots of feel-good tales, but life lessons also come in shades of melancholy. Chanced into this while searching something else on my smartyphone. A cpl days prior, had discussion with a neighbor about how radio and media has gone into such a sorry state since Paul Harvey left us. Typing this as I listen to the “Code Breaker” episode!!! Holy cow ! What a twist!! Legendary story…one I won’t forget. That’s serendipity. …wondering if there’s a “Big Bad John” story to be found in the queue; always loved that song when it came on the radio …
Great but...
This is amazing but... Nothing this is easily one of my favorite podcasts.👍🤜
The rest of the story
no see u🧐
Thanks Mike this is a refreshing story time! Paul Harvey is smiling ear to ear!😊
Thank you Mike 😀
Naomi .G
I love the podcast ,you make to learn the forgotten story’s in history me and my 7 year old brother love to figure out what the story is and who the person is . My dad got the your book and I want to read is so much I bet it is as good a the podcast P.S I am 11
Typhoid Mary
The Fourth Bear
Dear Mike, I really enjoy your podcast and the extra tag at the end. Have you considered in these interesting time in doing one on Typhoid Mary? According to Bill Bryson’s latest book, The Body: a User’s Guide, starting on page 126, he describes Mary’s history with the tag, doctors now think most of the disease she caused could have been eliminated by washing her hands. You might consider it worthy of a segment. Your fellow Eagle Scout, Bob Zeroun
All current Pod Casts- SLOW DOWN!
Within the past couple days it seems the audio speed of all these - once relaxing- Pod Casts have been sped up . What the point? To save a few seconds so you can cram in an other ad? Please make the adjustment- SLOW THEM BACK DOWN TO NORMAL SPEED. I hate Mike Rowe sounding like a chipmunk. Thanks
This is the way I hear it...
MelisSa SueB
The calming and soothing tone of your voice, the play on words and innuendos, the topics and subject matters, the story and how it unfolds...just like Paul Harvey, they have me thinking, guessing and smiling...ending with an "aaaaaaaaa, that's who it is!". Thank you from one curious mind who retains a wealth of information that can be useless to some and fascinating others but always curious to me.
Love it
I grew up listening to Paul Harvey. Mike definitely fills that void. I just wish it came out more often.
Terrific concept and execution
gary cort
The nod to Paul Harvey is a nice starting point for a very good podcast. They are quick hits, well constructed and entertaining. The voice work is peerless.
Stories great, voice better
Unknown parts of familiar stories or celebrated people. It’s obvious that Mike loves music, as many of the stories relate to famous songs or musical acts. In addition to the stories, I find it very pleasant to listen to Mike’s voice, even on the ad.
A novel hero
Excellent, smart, and witty. Thank you.
I REALLY like this podcast. Most podcasts I listen to is for entertainment purposes, to pass the time on a long commute. I enjoy them for what they are and move on. This podcast is great. The stories are short and concise so they’re great during workouts. I find myself trying to guess who the featured biography is about before it’s revealed so it makes the workout go MUCH quicker. But the biggest benefit I’ve received from listening to this podcast is the knowledge I’ve gained learning about these amazing people I never knew existed. They’ve piqued my interest to do more research on them. Thanks to Mike Rowe, I’ve become a history geek!
Keeping me on the positive
Thank you for keeping me looking for the good in this chaotic world.
God bless mike
mikl too
Thanks for what you do. You are what’s right about America and we need you. Keep up the “good job”.
flying squirel 05
When will your next episode be.
Tired of hearing about Trump!
So, Mike, sorry to hear you are using your pod cast to shore up Trump and his “fake news”! Won’t be listening to you any more as I am pretty sure this is just another forum to support a despicable liar. Shame on you!
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