Good for the first 100 episodes, but...
Tylor Durden seems that once Mike Rowe felt he had a "hit podcast" on his hands, he decided to play with the format a bit. I liked the original setup, essentially telling the popular narrative of a famous or should-be-famous person but adding surprising details that the public has forgotten or should know. You may know who it is early on or only found out at the end. However, the format has changed to become more about Rowe's opinion of a person, couched as a narrative. Regardless of if you're coming from the political Right, as he often seems to be, the podcast episodes are increasingly not what this started as. They're not "The Way I Heard It", they're "What I Think About It". I'd keep tuning in for a podcast that sticks more to the facts and is less of a political platform. Your move, Mr. Rowe.
Just the stories please!
I would really like this podcast if Mike would stick to the way he heard it and leave how he feels about everything. He has a nice voice but seems to need to hear it an extra 8-11 minutes more than is needed.
Modern Paul Harvey!
Listening to Mike Rowe makes me think of summers with my grandparents listening to Paul Harvey. Nostalgic as well as smart!!!
Very enjoyable
Thanks for everything you do. You are a great man.
Great podcast!
Thanks Mike, always enjoy your work
Great podcast!
I always enjoy the way Mike tells a story! Thanks for the details you now share at the of the episode!
USN, retired
Serendipitous …. That’s an apt word for this show. It’s a superb balance to all my other listen & learn choices in podcasts (of politic, culture, news, info, science) … ‘Heard It’ – is engaging, brief, informative, highs, lows, history, hard work, luck, lots of moral and motivational lessons woven cleverly, delivered with Hall of Fame level skill. Sometimes the subject/mystery is obvious (to me) at the go; others I have to listen 2x to get it– a challenge in each episode. “Laika” the dog was one; knew the story because my big sis named her first dog for that canine hero. But I never really knew the full rest of the story…listened 3x straight. Lots of feel-good tales, but life lessons also come in shades of melancholy. Chanced into this while searching something else on my smartyphone. A cpl days prior, had discussion with a neighbor about how radio and media has gone into such a sorry state since Paul Harvey left us. Typing this as I listen to the “Code Breaker” episode!!! Holy cow ! What a twist!! Legendary story…one I won’t forget. That’s serendipity. …wondering if there’s a “Big Bad John” story to be found in the queue; always loved that song when it came on the radio …
Great but...
This is amazing but... Nothing this is easily one of my favorite podcasts.👍🤜
The rest of the story
no see u🧐
Thanks Mike this is a refreshing story time! Paul Harvey is smiling ear to ear!😊
Thank you Mike 😀
Naomi .G
I love the podcast ,you make to learn the forgotten story’s in history me and my 7 year old brother love to figure out what the story is and who the person is . My dad got the your book and I want to read is so much I bet it is as good a the podcast P.S I am 11
Typhoid Mary
The Fourth Bear
Dear Mike, I really enjoy your podcast and the extra tag at the end. Have you considered in these interesting time in doing one on Typhoid Mary? According to Bill Bryson’s latest book, The Body: a User’s Guide, starting on page 126, he describes Mary’s history with the tag, doctors now think most of the disease she caused could have been eliminated by washing her hands. You might consider it worthy of a segment. Your fellow Eagle Scout, Bob Zeroun
All current Pod Casts- SLOW DOWN!
Within the past couple days it seems the audio speed of all these - once relaxing- Pod Casts have been sped up . What the point? To save a few seconds so you can cram in an other ad? Please make the adjustment- SLOW THEM BACK DOWN TO NORMAL SPEED. I hate Mike Rowe sounding like a chipmunk. Thanks
This is the way I hear it...
MelisSa SueB
The calming and soothing tone of your voice, the play on words and innuendos, the topics and subject matters, the story and how it unfolds...just like Paul Harvey, they have me thinking, guessing and smiling...ending with an "aaaaaaaaa, that's who it is!". Thank you from one curious mind who retains a wealth of information that can be useless to some and fascinating others but always curious to me.
Love it
I grew up listening to Paul Harvey. Mike definitely fills that void. I just wish it came out more often.
Terrific concept and execution
gary cort
The nod to Paul Harvey is a nice starting point for a very good podcast. They are quick hits, well constructed and entertaining. The voice work is peerless.
Stories great, voice better
Unknown parts of familiar stories or celebrated people. It’s obvious that Mike loves music, as many of the stories relate to famous songs or musical acts. In addition to the stories, I find it very pleasant to listen to Mike’s voice, even on the ad.
A novel hero
Excellent, smart, and witty. Thank you.
I REALLY like this podcast. Most podcasts I listen to is for entertainment purposes, to pass the time on a long commute. I enjoy them for what they are and move on. This podcast is great. The stories are short and concise so they’re great during workouts. I find myself trying to guess who the featured biography is about before it’s revealed so it makes the workout go MUCH quicker. But the biggest benefit I’ve received from listening to this podcast is the knowledge I’ve gained learning about these amazing people I never knew existed. They’ve piqued my interest to do more research on them. Thanks to Mike Rowe, I’ve become a history geek!
Keeping me on the positive
Thank you for keeping me looking for the good in this chaotic world.
God bless mike
mikl too
Thanks for what you do. You are what’s right about America and we need you. Keep up the “good job”.
flying squirel 05
When will your next episode be.
Tired of hearing about Trump!
So, Mike, sorry to hear you are using your pod cast to shore up Trump and his “fake news”! Won’t be listening to you any more as I am pretty sure this is just another forum to support a despicable liar. Shame on you!
tess's husband
Hey Mike are you alright. Got us worried. Where ya at?
Love this podcast
But where are some new ones please????
The new Paul Harvey
tim buchanan
I listened to Paul Harvey and loved the way stories were presented. It kept you engaged and trying to guess the end. Mike does a great job with that style. Best podcast ever.
Per Capita
The most entertaining thing out there
Down to earth.
Common sense,intelligent, and just a plain old good man.
Huge fan. Always. Started with Dirty Jobs. Mike’s an expert on ever elusive common sense and a master American story teller. Just a simple level headed approach to life in the US and abroad that is thought provoking and makes me smile. What a patriot! Sure doesn’t hurt that he’s hot as hades as well😉. These days call for more Mike Rowes. Keep up the good work, keep the stories coming and keep on wearing those jeans. 🔥 #mikeroweforpresident
Like a Favorite Song
Constanza from NY
Mike I listen to you everyday and replay episodes 3, 4 times while I work, like a favorite song. Beautifully written, beautifully told. Simply Fabulous. Thank you so very much.
Artful Storytelling
Mama maggio
Such an amazing, creative, artful and brief way to learn about so many interesting people. Mike Rowe is a national treasure!
Such a great way to learn about people & events
Love this podcast so much! Mike is the consummate story teller. I love the way he is able to keep the subject a secret until the end. I love history and Mike is able to deliver each time with a flare of surprise. Keep it up Mike!
Peace in troubled times
With all the news and shut downs because of the pandemic I was looking for something uplifting to listen too on my runs. I found this and have not been disappointed. It reminds me of Paul Harvey’s “Now you know the rest of the story” Thank you Mike Rowe and his crew for all the positivity you bring to the world, it’s much needed🙂
Thank you!
Mike: Love your podcasts. I’m def the guy with the curious mind and short attention span. I binge listen to your podcast every 21 days for 4 hours at a time at the University of Michigan’s Cancer Center during my Chemo Cocktail. So I thank you Mike Rowe for taking my mind for a mental adventure! Be good and BE safe!
Love your podcast love the stories!
Mike Rowe
If there was ever an American who deserves to be a hero, it’s Mike Rowe. He has shown us so much about Americans and their jobs, shown us so much we would have never seen without him. And now...for the rest of the story! Mike’s podcast are fascinating to listen too. Many of which will blow you away. I dig Mike, and I dig these podcasts!
Good Job ( not a dirty one)
Been a fan since Dirty Jobs and you still bring your best Everytime! Keep up the good Job and I applaud you Mike Rowe Works campaign, it is well overdue in this country.
Blast from the past!
Always loved “The Rest of the Story” and Mike’s new “The Way I Heard It” reminds me so much of it. Love it Mike and the amazing stories and voice as you tell them with.
Love the stories!
I enjoy the stories about interesting people. Mike can really make you visualize the people he is talking about. Well done😎👍
Enjoy the podcast
Just recently stumbled upon your podcast . I enjoy it very much.
Well Done!!
I enjoy your intellect, (I am sure your laughing) and your guest TV appearances. But, really your stories are well done. BTW is your really $73? Stay safe!
Best Podcast
Last year, my wife and I spent a lot of our time on the road for our jobs and we had a hard time finding out how to pass the time well. Music just wasn’t doing it, we were often too tired to come up with interesting conversation topics or driving games, and of course silence drives us crazy. We tried podcasts and this one was the best. We enjoy trying to guess the ending and love the quirky bits of history we wouldn’t otherwise hear about. I hope these stories keep coming for a long time to come! Best podcast in our opinions, by far!
Love the stories
I love hearing Mike’s take on the stories and how he explains why he wrote the current story. I think the overall length is perfect. Keep up the good work and keep the stories/back stories coming.
Missing the old premise
I used to really enjoy this as a ten min quick story, now it’s a twenty min podcast with five minutes of filler in either side. I don’t mind, actually enjoyed, when there was some discussion about the story before it started. But the last five or so, I find myself skipping the first five min and turning it off early. It’s gotten away from the “short attention span” premise I enjoyed it for.
Good Stories
Texas Clint
Mike’s stories are great. I enjoy my morning and noon walks listen and sometimes relisten to his stories. I enjoy them a lot. Thanks for sharing.
Mike is the modern day Paul Harvey
Bug Dave 1988
I used to listen to “The rest of the story” by Paul Harvey with my dad all the time. Mike has brought back some semblance of that radio show in this podcast. I love his dialogue and his subjects. I’ve been a big fan of Mike since the very first episode of Dirty Jobs. Keep up the good work Mike. If you ever want a guest...I’m up for it!!
The only podcast worth listening to.
Aside from the fact that Mike’s voice is a dream of velvety magic to listen to, his wit and intelligence make his stories shine. I love that he’s started to speak at the end on a more candid level about himself, where he gets the ideas for the stories and I value his opinion on current events. People have said he’s “too political”? I strongly disagree. There’s nothing political about him or anything he says. His agenda is plainly stated and his motives are pure. I wish more people thought like he. Can’t wait for the next episode!!!
Becoming Too Political
This podcast used to be a welcome respite from all that’s going on in the world right now. A break from opinion pieces and world events. But Mike has unfortunately started talking opinions and politics for as much time as he does the actual story. Thankfully, he does put this at the end of the show so I can skip it. But it would be nice to be able to listen to the whole show. It’s not a current events or political opinion show. If Mike wants to do that, I wish he’d do it in a separate show. I’m sure there’s an audience for it.
Spot on, Mr Rowe
Thanks Mike for the story and thoughts on “safety”. Really excellent commentary.
Well done...
Spot on Mr. Rowe! I love the reason part of the podcast as much as the story. Thanks for always being so level headed and standing up for those of us who do dirty jobs...
My first Podcast!
Well, I figured it out and found you! Still impressed and loved it! I do agree it is time to get back to life “safely “ whatever that is... I find your common sense and practicality refreshing! Keep it up! I look forward to your future podcasts. Thank you sincerely!
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