Does Posture Really Influence Pain?
Published March 29, 2018
15 min
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    On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about one big question – Does Posture Really Influence Pain? To view more episodes, subscribe, and ask your questions, go to
    #AskMikeReinold Episode 108: Does Posture Really Influence Pain?

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    This question is from Ian from North Carolina. I was reading through a recent discussion on one of your posts in Instagram in the influence of posture on pain. There seems to be a lot of theories. What do you guys think?
    – What is the influence of posture on pain? We talk about this a lot on Facebook and Instagram the last few weeks ’cause I put a post showing the prevalence of rotary cuff tears are higher in people with poor posture. And there’s definitely not the best methodology in that subject. But it created a bit of a buzz. So I don’t know. Does posture influence pain? Who wants to start? This is a big one, but there’s tons of info. You got it Mike?
    – I can start. I’ll let you guys follow up, but I know when I sit at my computer for a long time with bad posture, I don’t feel better. So I feel pretty bad actually after sitting for like four or five hours working on the computer with bad posture. I just don’t feel,
    – You feel worse.
    – I feel worse. So I don’t know if that means anything.
    – So let’s roll off that. What do you guys think? Why does Mike feel worse after sitting at his computer all day? That’s an interesting question. So his poor posture did increase his symptoms, but why?
    – I think honestly it depends. I think sitting for a prolonged period of time and not moving probably has a lot of things going on physiologically than just make you feel poor. I know that if I sit and I work in front of a computer for a long period of time, as opposed to standing and engaging with people, I feel better standing and engaging, being more social, moving my body. I bet physiologically there’s a lot of good stuff that goes on with movement. I think the big question is whether or not having a prolonged posture is gonna lead to pain. But I think the thing that we can probably all agree on is that when someone has a pain problem, certain postures will definitely exacerbate that.
    – That’s a good point.
    – Without a doubt.
    – That’s a good point.
    – I can say right now, sitting here for awhile, my hip is starting to hurt. It doesn’t feel phenomenal. I wouldn’t say that sitting’s gonna make everyone’s hip hurt though. But it’s definitely related to that individual.
    – I think that’s well done. An interesting quote that came up, so Greg Lemond actually had a great quote. I think it’s safe to say Greg doesn’t listen to this podcast so we’re probably safe to chat here, but maybe he will if he reads this title, so what’s up Greg? But Greg put a pretty cool comment. He just said, you know, “loading is life” or something like that. I actually replied. I was like, “yeah, that’s pretty good.” Loading is life, ’cause somebody said it like, “poor posture increases load. It increases load on the tissue.” And he’s like, “well, tissue needs to be loaded.” And I thought that was actually a smart comment, Greg, sorry. But I also thought it was quite short sighted too because that’s him just implying all load...
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