Kelli Cribbs Abad
Ashley N. B.
I want to thank you for covering the story of Kelli’s disappearance while in Okinawa. Though I never got to meet Kelli, I too am an Air Force spouse who was also stationed in Okinawa. It hurts that our Air Force community didn’t do more for her. I hope that more attention will be brought to Kelli’s case, but more than that, I wish for peace for Kelli’s entire family.
True Life
I had no idea how many people go missing until I came across this podcast last year. Some people seem to vanish under weird circumstances. I’ve listened to all episodes and, I’ve never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait for Mondays! I also realized that after the cameras are gone and the missing posters are down, the loved ones continue with their search as if the person went missing yesterday. Disturbing but excellent podcast!
I like this podcast marissa(spellcheck) if I spelled her name wrong, busy she’s very compassionate and try to get as much information as possible, my only critique is I understand the family is hurt, sad but I wish we can stick to the case some times I be confused on the details of when the person went missing.
I am asking in advance (no I do not feel threatened) if one of my family members or myself ever go missing I want YOU to tell their story. Your voice inflection absolutely oozes compassion and I have to say thank you for bringing much needed awareness for all these missing people.
I love the narrator and her voice!
This is my favorite crime podcast. The narrator has a soothing and calm voice. I appreciate learning about the missing through the memories and stories of the people who loved them. Thank you for all you do the missing! ❤️👍🏼
Isabel Celis
I like this podcast but why did you delete the episodes of Isabel Celis??? The only pod I found to cover that case and before it was resolved. You didn’t do a follow up when she was found and when someone was convicted, and then you delete the episode where you covered when she was just a missing person.
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love her VOICE! I wait for every Sunday night for this podcast to be released! It is one of the best around! The narrator is clear, thoughtful, empathetic and has the most soothing voice. She is consistent, covers many mysterious disappearances and is such a wonderful story teller! I highly recommend the podcast, one of the best around!
Pretty good
I like it, once I got past the fact that the narrator sounds like a computerized robot, it’s good.
I’ve tried to listen to this, but the episodes are long, unedited segments of family members rambling with the host’s comments randomly interspersed in a voice she’s trying way too hard to keep flat and emotionless. I can’t follow along. Sad because the concept is good and important, but what a horribly produced podcast.
Narrator’s voice and delivery intolerable
I listened to one and a half episodes. The stories were very intriguing, but the narrator’s delivery was terrible. Very monotone and the drama was scripted and fake. I am bummed because there seems to be a lot of interesting episodes to listen to, but not for me.
I’m a huge fan of true crime podcasts and this is one of my favorites. I find the hosts tone to be respectful and appropriate given the material she is shedding light on. Having the family members or friends of the missing tell their stories gives a different and thoughtful perspective of cases I have heard before. Keep it up!
Let’s not lose sight of what this show is about...shedding light on missing persons and cold cases in hopes to solve them. This podcast entails audio from families involved, exposing media outlets, and analyzing investigation details. It is a reality check into how serious missing persons cases are taken with local law enforcement and the struggle for families to find closure. Narrator has a soft female voice—some ads in the beginning and middle.
Awful narration
The narrator ruins it - sounds like she’s in high school speech class reading off her notecards. Doesn’t captivate an audience
The hosts voice is so “I don’t care” and boring. It makes me zone out and stop listening.
Laura Dee Beockel
I wanted to listen to the Savannah Spurlock episode but good grief....commercial after commercial. I won’t be spending my time listening to the rest of the Vanished series. Sad because I’m sure they are pretty good stories and stories that the family’s of the victims would like to be out there.
Sad and exploitative.
With an awful host to boot. Awful.
Interesting stories...and sponsors?
I like the podcast but it’s a little weird because the narrator uses the same urgent, dramatic tone and pacing to read the ads for sponsors as she does for the story itself. Like Zazzle dot com is a mysterious situation too.
Too much audio.
I appreciate Marissa’s passion. My issue is the audio. SO MUCH AUDIO. It’s what I call lazy podcasting. I understand the friends & family members of the victims found them amazing, kind, smart, sweet, & my all-time favorite, “they lit up the room.” I’m not trying to be insensitive but it’s too much. Stick to the facts, cut all the rigmarole.
Change narrator please!
Her voice is so annoying. It sounds like she’s just reading off a paper. There is no life to her voice. Podcast seems to be a good one, but the woman who is hosting is just awful.
Casting Light in the Shadows
Krissie Scribbles
This is by far one of my favorite podcasts because it illuminates the lives of lost loved ones. It’s respectful to the lost and disappeared and provides valuable information regarding missing people.
Her Voice Kills It
I kept trying to get passed her voice, but it’s intolerable. Too bad because it would be interesting otherwise.
John Brewer
I usually like these stories but this episode has too much narration from John’s sister. It’s practically most of the show. A summary of what she had to say would be much better
Brilliant work by Marisa and Wondery!
Each episode is carefully thought out, well-researched, and respectfully presented. It is clear that Marisa sees a human in her stories not just flashy headlines.
I love listening to Marissa tell the story, her tone is soothing. She is very respectful of the families and the victims. This is true regardless if they are from a well to do family or your average middle class family, if they are addicts, prostitutes or lawyers! She is bringing awareness to just how many people go missing or drop off the face of the earth. Give her a listen you won’t be disappointed! Deanna D Saint Louis, Missouri
Emily Hieber Episode is the best so far
This case is mystifying. She was so beautiful. After reading her facebook and listening to her episode, i feel like i know her. Would love additional episodes on her case. There is so much to this case.
Great show!
Especially for an essentially one- woman show! The extra resources and interviews Marissa puts in the mix are awesome. It’s great when there’s a resolution (which happens occasionally) even finding a body can be a relief to many families. I thought I had to click up to five stars, so sorry I hit 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars! Hopefully it only recorded the last one!
Love it!!
Fascinating coverage of true crime. Well done!
The OG
My first podcast! I love it. I check for episodes every night!
I really like the content, selected cases, variety of participants/interviews, etc. However, the narrator sounds like a robot. Very unnatural. Not sure I can continue.
Good stories, could be more concise
Some of the episodes could definitely be shorter - it often seems that toward the end it’s just family members kind of repeating the same things over and over again without offering any new information. I also wish Marissa would do more narrating instead of relying so much on (sometimes poor quality, difficult to hear) recordings of others speaking.
One of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Doesn’t sound like you’re reading off paper. Great details. Thank you!!
Best Missing Persons Podcast
This is my favorite podcast about stories of people that go missing. Each episode is concise and very interesting. They also try to include friends/ family members and experts.
Excellent show...
I enjoy this podcast very much. I think the narrator‘s voice is perfectly suited to the subject matter. While I find the mysterious disappearances very interesting, my main interest is looking into the lives of every day people, including the people who vanished and the relatives, friends and police who are interviewed. Unlike some of the reviewers here, I think the interviews with the people looking for their loved ones are compelling and fascinating. Many of them are quite eloquent and all are heartfelt. The two threads running through so many of these stories are addiction and police indifference/incompetence. Keep it up! The narration is unobtrusive and helps set the scene and drive the story. It is amazing how good it is for a weekly podcast! Now...about those Madison Reed commercials....
After listening to Marissa for a few years other podcasts pale in comparison to her. She’s through and has experts that provide additional information. I also like the fact of she gets additional information later about the status of a case she will update you. The only complaint I have is I wish that she would post stories more often but given the complexities of each case I understand it makes time and research!
Editing/name error
In episode 109 the narrator refers to the suspect as Robert but all of the witness keep calling him Richard. This seems like a major mistake that’s the narrator should have corrected.
I just can’t get into it
JJ Fents
I listened to a few episodes but I can’t get beyond the narrator’s forced script reading. I’m sorry to leave such a bad review but I just can’t listen anymore.
Love it but please edit
I absolutely love everything about this podcast except the sound quality. The phone interviews are SO long, terrible quality, and extremely hard to listen to. It will go from barely understandable so I have to turn up the volume and when the host comes back on it blows my ear drums out. Please please please do what most other podcasts do and play a clip of the phone conversations and then just tell us what was said!
The Carwash Boy
It’s well-researched but dang, the narrator’s voice is unbearable. Super monotone and boring to listen to. Like... it’s not AJ essay or a book; it’s a podcast. Let her do the research and put someone who can emote on the podcast.
Good podcast
I’m glad these stories are being told and that the families have the opportunity to find closure. Overall well done though lacking some of the production quality of other podcasts — the writing can be sloppy with frequent grammatical errors and often the host repeats word-for-word what someone else just said which I find odd. It’s nevertheless a reliable option for me on my lengthy commute.
Marissa Is The BEST!
This is my most favorite true crime podcast hands down. Marissa works hard to do her research (unlike some other podcast who plagiarizes...*cough cough* crimejunkie *cough cough*) and always brings fresh and new stories to light. I look forward to every week just so I can hear a new episode.
One of my favorites
Crimes and History Podcast
Well researched and with great interviews.
So much potential
I love what Marissa is doing. But I would love if she did an episode with just her narrating the story. Or interviewing the family member with clips here and there. It’s hard to listen to the podcast when the family members just go on and say the same things over and over again. Would love this podcast more if the family members didn’t tell the whole story.
Important reporting
Heartbreaking stories that often feel neglected by the authorities—thanks for getting the stories out there. FYI, in episode 190, you frequently mistakenly call the suspicious husband “Robert” instead of “Richard.”
Absolute Favorite!!
Marlene MaMa
I look forward to this podcast every week.
Great podcast
One of my weekly favorites, look forward to this one weekly
Great podcast
I like the attention to these not so well known cases. Very well told and investigated. Easy to follow along and well put together. Organized detailed and facts presented for you to come up with your own theories.
Great info
Marissa does a fabulous job telling people’s stories and giving us all of the info we need to try and help the families out. I love that she gives a voice to those who need it and haven’t been given the chance.
Great podcast!
It’s great how you keep these stories alive. I enjoy the host’s voice. However, It is hard to understand some of the guests on the phone calls. And sometimes the back stories need to get edited down. Other than that this is a great podcast!
Love the format with interviews
I follow most of the true crime podcasts and this one really stands out due to all the interviews the host does. This inside look into the cases really engages the listener in a way I’ve never experienced before. My top listen now!
New fav
New fav podcast. I’ve been binge listening for the last couple of days. Usually don’t enjoy hearing interviews with others on episodes but she works them in perfectly.
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