Amos Mortier: Exclusive Interview with Margie Milutinovich
Published October 27, 2016
13 min
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    Margie Milutinovich has searched for her son, Amos Mortier, since he went missing on Nov. 8, 2004. After questioning tracts of the investigation in the local press, Fitchburg, Wisconsin detective Shannan Sheil-Morgan all but cut Margie out of the loop. As state prosecutors launched a secret John Doe investigation into the circumstances around Amos's disappearance, Margie was left in the dark about whether anything was even being done to find her son. Her relationship with law enforcement only deteriorated over time as Margie learned important leads weren't being followed up, as people she suspected of being involved went unquestioned, and as detective Morgan herself made unprofessional comments, such as blaming the investigation for "ruining [her] marriage." A feature-length documentary film called "What Happened to Amos?" is currently in production. The documentary follows The Vanished producer Nathan Comp's decade-long effort to help Margie find the truth about her son's disappearance. Nathan has shared a lot from that effort over the last three episodes. In part four we will explore detective Morgan's theory and Nathan will unveil his findings for the first time ever. In this exclusive interview with Margie, Nathan asks Margie about her experience with law enforcement, what more could be done to find the vanished, and what her hopes are for finding her son. SIDENOTE Nathan is writing and co-producing the feature documentary, What Happened to Amos?. Directed by filmmaker Kristina Motwani, the documentary follows Nathan's quest to help Margie get the answers authorities refused to give her. The film is 40 percent complete, but it needs your help. Production costs are currently being raised via Kickstarter so the film can be finished and released next year. To date, just under $8,000 of the $30,000 goal has been raised. Please help bring this film to the big screen by contributing here at . Any amount helps and there are many cool prizes to choose from when you contribute. Contributions from listeners of The Vanished will be mentioned in the film credits, receive a personal thank-you from Nathan, as well as a framed page of his production notes from the Amos Mortier episodes.
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