When will this week’s (Nov 13) podcast release?
I look forward to listening every week!
Entertaining With the Issues
A delightful yet serious treatment of the issues and stories of the week. Dana draws out the analytical Chris in way that represents us well. Love her giggle. The show is also a dog lover’s delight.
Was Chris in San Juan on Veteran’s Day?
Katie from WY
Hello! This is easily my favorite podcast. And I think I saw Chris in Puerto Rico (or a remarkable doppelgänger). I stared at him awkwardly and was too star struck to say hello.
Why can’t I find Super Mexican?
I love your podcast and listen every week. But why can’t I find The Super Mexican podcast you reference? All I find are Mexican soccer and dragon ball z 😩
Wyoming Kathy
wyoming kathy
You two rock - smart, clear commentary with a generous sprinkling of laughter Keep it up!
Keep telling us what
DANA and Chris maneuver through the political noise with such calming intellect You can’t help to feel better about the state of our Great Nation
all taken 35
I wait every week for this podcast, I get intelligent opinions and interesting tidbits that all makes me think. Thanks you two, excellent work!
The Quintessential *Civil* Political Mashup
Upstart fool
My 15-year-old son and I so enjoy Chris and Dana’s civil, conversational discourse. Their podcast is informative, educational, a perfect mix of political analysis and just life in general. My son loves their hilarious food discussions (seriously, he says...what DOES Dana eat?!?), Torah the Cat stories, and the way Chris provides such storied historical perspective on today’s political landscape. We anxiously look forward to this podcast every week, and I am beyond thankful to Chris and Dana for their dedication to providing a trusted platform for revealing our country’s rich history and dedicated forward path to continued greatness. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise!
sdiego native
Who knew you could scroll down😛. Love the chit chat about food ❤️❤️. Good camaraderie, you two!
Orange you glad
Chris food advice ALWAYS welcome Dana do you like The Crown with the new actors Keep up the marvelous work
My favorite podcast
I listen to several podcasts, and this is my favorite by far. Chris and Dana offer insightful comments with a fair degree of balance. Listening to this podcast feels like spending an hour discussing politics and current events with two friends.
One of the political shows out there (among The Five, Bongino, and Shapiro). Chris Stirewalt is one of the most politically smart people you will ever hear (literally) and Dana brings her unique humor and nice personality to the show. BTW, here’s another podcast suggestion: American Elections: Wicked Game. It chronicles each and every election leading up to 2020. Thanks you guys for all that you do. Keep up the amazing work!
Making politics fun again
Practical Kath
Full of common sense and a sprinkling in of food banter makes this an enjoyable way to listen to political discussions. Of course, as a dog lover, Jasper updates are an added bonus.
McGuire on politics
Dana and Chris give a friendly outlook on politics ,world events and history. I learn something every week. Thank you.
Dana needs to stop interrupting Chris.
Ronnie Meadows
I would rate podcast 5 stars if Dana would stop constantly interrupting Chris when he is in the middle of things he is speaking about.
Entertaining & informative
13 on my neck
A weekly joy. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The best political podcast out there
This is one of only two podcasts I keep up with (the other being the Sub-Beacon because I need bad opinions to weigh out the good ones here!) and I listen to it every week during my commute. As a As a millennial who grew up seeing Dana Perino represent the Bush White House press conferences, and a born-and-raised West Virginian and WVU alum, both Dana and Chris feel like neighbors just chatting about political wonkery on a porch. This makes it a lot more enjoyable to follow than 99% of TV news, so good job on that. Can’t wait to continue listening for years because they will never run out of material to discuss 8in typical, good-natured fashion.
Tone Matters
In a blunt world, the tone set by Dana and Chris is the model for all others. Not too serious and devoid of outrage and attack. Nicely done!
My Family’s Favorite Podcast!
My family, including the teenagers have listened to this podcast from it’s start. We anxiously wait for it to come out every week to here Chris and Dana’s level headed and hopeful take on weekly political happenings. We absolutely love this educational, entertaining and very witty discourse into civics, history, food and sometimes politics.
Best Podcast Ever 2.0
The second time around.... I start looking for this podcast before dinner time on Wednesday. I laugh out loud and learn so much. Chris is so full of history and obscure info; I can’t get enough. I want to know everything. What he’s eating. How is Tora (sp?). What Dana’s not eating. How they feel/think about everything. Their take on politics is helpful because there is objectivity, hard to find these days. People often talk of the chemistry; it’s obvious, as is the caring admiration for each other. I hope they do this FORVER! Sue. A big fan in Worthington (Columbus) Ohio
I’ll tell you what
Excellent! We enjoy every weekly episode!
I’ll tell you what with my daughter
Step up and be heard
Thank you for your weekly conversation that is both enlightening and delightful! My high school senior daughter (who has interests in a future in politics) and I enjoy discussing the podcast. It’s our chance to bond and talk about what’s happening in our world. Thanks also to Chris for expanding our vocabulary! Keep the puns and trivia coming!
Quality honest information.
Clear understandable without the false narrative. These two are great together. Entertaining as well. I learn so much from you. Thank you.
Chris and Dana make my week
CEO bob
I subscribe to numerous podcasts but I look forward to this one the most. The only thing that would make it better would be if it was daily.
Love them
Love these guys...They are both super super smart I listen faithfully. . I am an independent in a DEEP RED state. I always voted R because I like small government and less debt for future generations...but I am socially very liberal. I need to comment that I have read some reviews that don’t like Chris because he is “obviously a never Trumper” ..I suppose because he states the truth and is not a sycophant. I miss the days when the Republican party did not seem to have lost their minds. There are lots of people I know that will vote blue for the first time in their lives because of DJT. Anyway these two still seem sane in a world that has gone mad. Keep it up guys!!
I am a listener from Panama. I like your program very much. Do you know what is driving the cost of college and health care.
I thought I’d write a review.
Rigel Murphy
I am a 25 year old Police Officer living in the Omaha, NE. I have been listening to I’ll Tell You What for awhile now and I primarily listen to the podcast while I’m working overnights. I can’t say enough about these two and the work they do. Keep up the good work and God Bless America. MURPHY
I’m in Colorado and I listen. Very good analysis. Debra
I ‘ll tell you what
My favorite pod cast. Dana is a national treasure. I love her! Chris is ok for a member of the other side of the aisle.
Love it!
A perfect mix of current events, politics, random facts and humor. One comment about the Louisiana Race for governor- I am a registered Republican, however I think Edwards has done a good job for the most part and I am leaning toward voting for him. Supporting pro-life legislation will help him with republican voters.
Love it!
Favorite hour of my week
This is the best podcast out there. Chris and Dana are the perfect political pairing. I have a crush on Chris’ brain and Dana is my role model. Please bring back the TV show in 2020!
Charming & Informational!
Cooking supper is a delight each Wednesday evening after this podcast drops! Chris and Dana bring sanity to the world of political commentary & they really speak to my Midwestern sensibilities. I also LOVE their reading/listening suggestions!
Makes you smarter
Gives you great insight into the current political landscape while simultaneously raising your IQ, vocabulary, and knowledge of obscure foreign binge watching options.
A breath of fresh air
BDK 369
Working in politics myself, it’s wonderful to get current information with a fun take on it! Never dull with these two, keep it up! P.S. Say hi to Jasper for me 👋🏻
I am a shameless copycat!
Dear Perino and Stirewalt, Well, I have done it now. I shared “I’ll Tell You What” with my handsome and clever fiancé (just in case, he, by chance, reads this review). So dumb! I have been parroting your analyses as if they were my own. I ruined my own ruse.
I’ll tell you What!
Dana, I am 80yo and listen every week to you and Chris plus record the Five everyday. Love your programs. Good job today ! And I loved Offspring! Thanks for recommending.
Intelligent and artful. A great mix of reason, substance and frivolity. A much more enjoyable listen than Jonah G. Dana, three I watched Offspring
Favorite day of this Oregonian’s week.
Aric Florence, Oregon
I look forward all week to see my phone notification that there is a new “I’ll Tell You What”. Dana & Chris’s easy conversation style fills you with wisdom and brightens your day. Dana & Chris I send you a hearty thank you from the central Oregon Coast.
Really guys
You guys used to be good !!! Now you guys don’t say anything bad about the racist president
Made My Day
Perino and Stirewalt always have astute comments on timely topics but, as icing on the cake, you get little surprises as they free-associate during the first few minutes. Today I was fresh from reading a column about the utter lack of any solutions being offered by anyone to the problems in forgotten corners of the US. (If you live in or visit a small town in the interior of the country, far away from any urban centers or manufacturing hubs, you know what I mean. Basic services are in short supply and prosperity nearly nonexistent for the millions living in these communities.) Today (the October 22, 2019 show) it just happened that the discussion meandered over to Botswana, where, Stirewalt said, each civil servant is assigned work in a place far away from, and dissimilar to, the place where the civil servant grew up or lived. He posited that this, done on a sufficiently large scale would be a good way to address problems in the US arising from the growing urban/rural divide. Lots of fun and intelligence on this podcast!
Fair and balanced
I love this podcast! I get so annoyed with Stirewalt but love Dana. Keeps me balanced. My annoyance is that he’s clearly a never Trumper. He’s the only one I can tolerate at least. 😍
I really enjoy listening to Dana and Chris together. Their relationship is very genuine, and I am always interested in their political opinions. Most of all I enjoy Chris’ unabashed love of comfort foods. Keep it up! #HASHBROWNS!
From a Cardinal Fan
Hey Chris you are about the same age as our son who was given the run of Busch Stadium unsupervised from as young as 8. He is and will always be a Cardinal fan but when he moved to DC he bought season tickets for the Nats. He wore a Cardinal hat and Nats shirt to the games. Now after all these years he will get to go to the Series. Tell the man children it will be alright and our Cards will be back next year.
Typical partisan hacks
David in Omaha
Stirewalt tries to play like he’s down the middle but he’s a Trump sycophant like anyone else at Fox. Perino is just the average Fox clown with Ducey level talent.
Love these guys
They make what going on today real and crystal clear.
To broth or not to broth
You two crack me up! I love this podcast. Thanks so much for having fun with it, being present, and being real! Now I need to know your Instagram handles because I do not Twitter either.
Podcast is great
Chris has great whit, Dana is very practicable. I love your podcast, I can relate to your thoughts. Very educational
Love the podcast
Hoping Chris and the man children go into mourning for their beloved Cardinals
Love these guys
Dana and Chris are just great, likable people. They make politics easy to stomach! Keep it up you two!
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