If you listen to 1 filmmaking podcast make it NFS!
JV editor
I have subscribed to six filmmaking and camera equipment podcasts over the past 3 years and especially enjoy the recent new format hosted by Charles Haines. Found with nofilmschool, I can now listen to a single program and get the latest gear news, learn about what's trending in the industry, and be entertained. I relied on NFS for insight on purchases of cameras, lenses, audio gear and lights. And Charles actually convinced me to NOT spend money now on gear that is not essential. Hosts are talented and include a USC Film School MFA grad who is a film school professor in New York. SUBSCRIBE!
Weird echo
Love the show! Sometimes when Im listening theres a weird echo like a bleed or delay where I can hear the start of a sentence twice? Might wanna look at your effects chain or track alignment
Stop the jimjohnjim joke please
Good podcast but hearing that joke for the 1000th time is making me want to unsubscribe
Entertaining and informative every week!
Getting in the habit of listening to the NFS podcast on my way to work has easily made Mondays and Thursdays my favorite days of the week. I love the whole ensemble -- great information and really charming banter. Indie Film Weekly episodes are always my favorite, but I'm really digging Jon's first short series! I'd be happy to see it get bumped up to a 5-parter.
Shows are Too Long
Good info, but the shows are waaaay too long. Make your podcast in bite size chunks. Keep the show to 20 minutes.
Great For Any Filmmaker Big or Small
Karston fox
I listened to the first podcast that came up and I learned more from that 30min than I’ve learned in whole years or at least it was more valuable than a lot of things I’ve already learned. I’m no big filmmaker, in fact I’m pretty young, but I’ve been at it for a while and this will for sure help me. I can’t wait to listen more!!
Love it
Keep your politics out of it!
James Kriha
Just lost a subscriber. Don’t assume everyone agrees with your politics.
filmmaker and long-time listener
The NFS podcast is the best, most relevant podcast for filmmakers making work at any budget. The show listens to its audience and the hosts hit a pitch perfect tone and keep things real without jargain. Weekly segments that focus on the various aspects of production and industry tend to be helpful.
Phenom Resource ✨
With my background in studio side of filmmaking , I’ve learned a whole new world as I navigate through the indie space from this very intelligent podcast!
Look forward to each week
jess jack @studiofest
These guys are each a wealth of knowledge. Great new addition Erik! Liz I always appreciate your sense of humor and fresh perspective. John your vulnerability as a new filmmaker is refreshing and allows for questions others are thinking. Charles you are a wiz. Thanks for all your stellar work and thorough reporting.
Thank God for this Podcast
I look forward to listening to this Podcast because it encourages me to believe that it is possible to make films that I am passionate about. So grateful for this Podcast.
must-listen for filmmakers
The interview podcasts are amazing and every regular episode brings such informative new information and thoughts about filmmaking
Trust me, it’s not basic
Weston Downing
This is not a basic “no film school” genre for quick tips and tricks. It helps grow you as a filmmaker and a business professional. Love it!
My constant in all things filmmaking
This podcast is absolutely amazing. So much info packed into each episode. Thank you for this resource!
Disappointed it's not professionally produced
I like the content... once the show finally gets to it. The "nofilmschool" producers should find a "noradioschool" guide to writing for and producing an audio interview show.
Very helpful interviews
This podcast really helps me to figure out what indies are worth seeing and which new directors to be on the lookout for. The interviews are very helpful and interesting. It doesn't blow my mind like some other podcasts do, but it's always worth a listen.
A Sea of Insight
First let me say the quality is refreshing. And you would expect as much from people who work in the film industry. At times much of their pieces are scripted but that is very nice to have in a time where people tend to ramble off topic rather frequently. But when they do go off script they are entertaining and enjoyable with their banter. Quality aside, I have to say that I have never left any of their podcasts without learning something of value. Whether you are a DP, Director, Gaffer, Actor, or what have you, listening to this podcast will deepen your understanding of the industry and open your eyes to new approaches to your own projects.
Diverse Content
Great podcasts for filmmakers (in school or not). Strong interviews with all types of industry professionals, coverage of film festivals, film news about the changing industry, gear releases, and helpful tips from the hosts about making stronger films.
Jumped the shark
These guys just used the phrase "check your privilege" un-ironically. Holy crap. The girl (although very well-spoken) has WAY too much lip-smacking mouth noise. Apparently they just decided to slam the right side of the EQ to the sky. It's past syllabance at this point... nails on a chalkboard. The interviews are generally great. The content and flow is great. Just make sure you set a custom EQ with the high-end nuked.
Awesome show; awesome theme song!
Love the news and the interviews... but I want to know what the themesong is! :D It is great! Super hard to get questions answered though. :(
Evan Approves
One of my favorite podcasts!
Film news during traffic
I usually don't have time to read stories online, so for me this podcast is ideal. Also, it gives me something to do while sitting in the lovely LA daily commute.
Great interviews, practical advice
Great interviews, content and articles on website are filled with tried and tested advice. !
Highly recommended for all filmmakers
Excellent source of inspiration, advice, and industry news
Great Podcast
One of my go-to podcasts. A refreshing blend of artistic, practical, and technical discussion about the art and craft of filmmaking. I work in the industry and can vouch that these folks know what they are talking about. I like the casual tone of the conversations and the humor they insert into each show. Everything a podcast should be. If you care about films or want to make films listen to this.
Can't get over the politics
Chance McClain
Great production quality. Great gear reviews. Good source of indy film industry news and info. 3 instead of 5 because their politics influence their content too much.
Most Comprehensive and Legit Film Podcast/ Film Reporting Out There
Hyten D
The hosts and contributors are extremely professional with both a deep love and knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking. Great variety of film news, gear talk, interviews, and listener-submitted questions. Finding this podcast turned out to be a great treasure, and I've never missed an episode since.
Thank Goodness for No Film School
Leo DeLaney
The No Film School Podcast gives you all the news you need like gear news, releases, festival updates, laws pertaining to filmmaking, upcoming grants and deadlines, and so much more. Their Sundance coverage gave me everything I needed to know.
Best Podcast
So well produced! Great information, interesting interviews, all around inspiring content.
Binge Listening to catch up!
I look forward to every weekly Thursday episode and e/o Monday interview. Information about the latest information and stories from the trenches of the independent industry. Living in Manhattan, it's feels great to know they're in Brooklyn and that the film community is alive. I had been reading NFS for a few years, but I didn't know there was a podcast. So I've been binge listening for days. Keeping up with the relevent festivals and Ask No Film School. Thank you for everything you guys do for the show and the comminuty.
Best podcast for filmmakers and film enthusiasts
This podcast is essential listening for anyone involved in the entertainment industry. The host, Liz, is great and provides exclusive insight to all aspects of production like film financing, gear, and distribution. She also has great interviews with industry insiders and some super talented director. Definitely check it out!
I am immersed in a world of pre-service teachers and other kinds of educators and think the NFS podcast could be an excellent tool to complement their work with high schoolers in the area of media literacy. Fantastic and easy to enjoy.
The best podcast for indie filmmakers
You make indie films? You should listen to this. It's great.
Film School Worthy
If I taught a class about making indie films this podcast would be a requirement. They cover so much information that is truly invaluable to young filmmakers while showing you how attainable the next level is.
awesome show
Tom Morkes
really great resource for film lovers and makers. love tuning in and learning something new
I like no film school but...
I could only make it through 1.5 episodes, but it's like all the bad parts of nofilmschool put to annoying voices... I really wanted to like it, but it's basically what's wrong with Indy film
Great for gear buffs, not for students of film
It's a shame that a great website like Nofilmschool has a podcast that doesn't share the same quality of film education content like their website does. I'd definitely give this 5 stars if they focused more on the craft of filmmaking and less on the latest and greatest filmmaking gear and technology. That stuff may be exciting to talk about but it's not what makes a film great.
great film news podcast
Youth Filmmaker
Thanks for all the work that goes into making these podcasts. This is great resource for keeping me up with the news within the film industry as well as a keeping me inspired to create, through the interviews of amazing filmmakers. This really makes my commute a lot shorter! Also, as a female and a minority I appreciate how you shed light on the diversity issues within the filmmaking world.
Favorite filmmaker podcast
I learn so much from every episode as well as gain such inspiration from the hosts and their guests. It makes my long distance drives fly by! Keep it up NoFilmSchool!
Really informative
I’m super stoked on this podcast. It’s a great resource for news, tools, and everything for the working filmmaker. Plus, sometimes they do interviews with cool people!!!
Dope interviews. Keep up the good work.
Sam Lassiter
Very informative resource. I didn’t know diddily-squat, and now I can say, “hey I know everything"
Proud Poppa and Producer
Jim Gusco
So informative for me as a filmmaker. So good.
Inspiring and Empowering
I love that there is a audio resource to accompany the site. If only there was a Apple News channel for iOS. Also, got me really excited to get back into production this summer.
Herzog Kaufman
What a great resources for aspiring filmmakers! Sounds great too.
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