Love Lindsey and Bobby so much!!
I can’t express enough how much I love this podcast. I tune in to every new episode and literally LOL in my car. “Women don’t belong in balloons.” Crunch crunch. You guys are the best!
Thank you mom and dad
I LOVE who dat and I loved Karina Longworth’s ep. I hope both become regulars.
how do ya like them apple
These angels!!! I would die 4 u. Also I called them to see if their Away code would still work and they literally got back to me. 10 stars for the best customer service of my life.
Truly no better podcast
I’m finally writing a review after my inaugural call into the show earlier in the week. At this point of peak content 2019, this is the only podcast I feel compelled to listen to every time it comes out. Thank you Lindsay and Bobby for being a bright spot in my weeks! Crunch crunch.
Flame Fridays Forever
Taylor Dome
I could have learned so much world history, but instead I learned about Sistine Stallone. I regret nothing. 5 stars!
Crunch crunch
This pod DOESN'T need guests, just stop it. Please stick to your funny commentary on topics , the guests put us all to sleep. ME IN GREECE ,........ without a random guest
Scintillating, brilliant, peerless, java
I recently heard this word in a Bravo commercial and I’ve never felt more understanding of a concept in my life. crunch crunch
Happy Wholigan
Thank you for the brain breaks and making me laugh so hard I sometimes pee my pants.
Meghan Markle is a Wholigan
Last night I dreamed that Megan Markle was wearing a Who? Weekly sweater. The show has infiltrated my dreams and I couldn’t be happier. I love this place!
Bicoastal podcast
What: Accents, When: every episode
Bobby! Please more accents. We love
A Titanic Fan Podcast
Rose Dawson II
Not enough Titanic content available in 2019 so I come here to get Bobby's bad accent. Crunch crunch Good form Bella form Scar jo yummy pop Women do belong in balloons Me in... the middle of the Atlantic ocean
I hardly ever give 5-star ratings, because excellent is not average. However, there is literally nothing wrong with this podcast. It’s funny and interesting, and neither host is unlikable or has an annoying voice. I like them both, but I’m partial to Bobby as a fellow Texan, and also he’s just super funny. Their pop culture references are brilliant, and the “inside jokes” are easy enough to figure out and/or ignore. My only “complaint” is that they don’t have an episode every day. This is one of two Patreons I subscribe to because I can’t get enough!
Them in Greece!
This show is beauty AND brains.
Truth-tellers. Spirit guides. Eternally wise.
Demi Lovato IS dumb.
Good Form
Who: me What: giggling on the elliptical Where: the gym, fully in public When: twice a week Why: this podcast Crunch Crunch!
Stop saying “poopie”
I’m obsessed but omg stop saying “poopie” I’m going to puke. Crunch crunch
Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner
I almost deducted a star because Bobby blasphemed Dirty Dancing. Edited to add: Women DO belong in balloons!
First time first time
I’m a new listener but in some ways I’ve always been able to HEAR this podcast in my heart
Addison Timlin
They let me talk about Trading Spaces
They crunch and the crunch some more. I love this little gem and the community that follows it. When you think youre alone in pop culture interests... just keep listening. Love W?W, love Lindsay and Bobby, love the Whooligans! Good form Bella Thorne; RIP ScarJo Yummy Pop
I call into this podcast more than I call my family!!!!
Grlll next door
Perfect podcast. Perfect hosts. I can’t get enough. Women do belong in balloons!!
Perfect. A+, smashing.
The only podcast that could make me laugh at dead dogs.
and i’m so HAPPY to BE with you
keepin’ me from my shadow whoAAA Remember Vox Lux?
Bobby and Lindsay bring the PAIN
Bobby feels like a Victorian lady who traveled through time, so that she could live in the Age of Sugarpova. While Lindsay is the perfect umami of Christina Applegate in American sweethearts mixed with Richard Branson’s sense of adventure.
I love this place!
<3 ♥
crunch crunch
Crunch crunch.
I called into another Podcast’s phone line and ended my message with crunch crunch.
Gemma Collins
When I see the word “podcast,” I say it in my head like Gemma Collins says it: “Paw Caw” Lindsey and Bobby are definitely THEMS Crunch crunch
“Calista, I lost my earring”
“Wear shoes on the carpet, Calista” - when, after 2 years of listening every week, my brain officially broke. I love this show and all it has bestowed on me.
Live Laugh Love Chocolate is Salad
I don't know Who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let Fan Bingbing go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.
Lucy in the sky with diamondz
My life will never be the same Women do belong in balloons!
Who is this woman???
This is the best podcast ever made. It cured my depression.
crunch crunch
i literally cannot end any phone call without saying this now. i am broken. i confuse everyone i know. i am single-handedly responsible for making my coworkers aware of bebe rexha’s existence. i am now resigned to my fate as a fountain of useless celebrity trivia knowledge. i can’t unlearn it. anyways, lindsey and bobby are really fun to listen to and this podcast is very informative. best part of my week. 10/10 highly recommend.
I’d give it tens of stars if I could
Laura Alene
Lindsey and Bobby’s podcast purse has it all: -Beauty -Brains -Java -Cats breaking snow globes -ScarJo Yummy Pop -Sugarpova -Good form
I love this place
The most perfectly weird and wonderful podcast. Listen now because they will be the only podcast left after the apocalypse and you’ll want to be caught up.
Guggi? Gaga?
Lindsey and Bobby make me snort laugh. It’s gross but worth it. Crunch crunch!
Good Form
Who? Weekly is the mother I never had. She is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don’t know a better podcast.
we stan
a talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference podcast
Tens of people listen
Including me. Best podcast in the world. Crunch crunch.
No One Belongs In Balloons!
The only thing worth listening to in this terrible world.
Good form
Women don’t belong in balloons, but Lindsey-Bobby belong... wherever they go to make this podcast. I guess usually their apartments. Also I was scrolling through reviews farther down and someone just three stars and the only comment was “sing the Rita song,” so I felt the need to not only rate but also review based on that!
Must listen
I am currently making my way through the archives of this podcast so sometimes I burst out in laughter at my desk at work.
A serious podcast about silly stuff
Lindsay and Bobby fulfill the adage “no such thing as bad press.” They good-naturedly destroy press-thirsty “celebs” by cutting through the veneer of gossip culture, and trying to make each other laugh. When they laugh, we laugh. Call-ins range from professional experts on complicated subjects, to silly stoners yelling the names of B list actresses into their phones. Good form, Bella Thorne!
Sebestian Merryweather
This show has broken my brain. I love it but don’t try to listen to the entire back catalogue in 1 month. That would be reason for admittance to the nearest psych ward. Yet still, I continue to listen. I am a shell. Love it. Love Lindsey and Bobby.
A must listen.
Absolutely hilarious, insightful and joyful. The only podcast I regularly listen to.
I’m so glad someone turned me onto this pod. Lindsay and Bobby are so funny. I am making my way through the catalog and have these episodes in the background all day. It’s one of those rare podcasts that actually makes me laugh out loud in while listening. Women don’t belong in balloons!!!
great sound
o fun? dead silent at full volume
The girl on the show
Is so friggin annoying.
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