May 9, 2019
I got a text from my sister, who was in the hospital for induction, at 1:30am that rocked my world. She text me and told me that her nurse – the nurse who will be receiving my new nephew into … Continued
September 4, 2017
When a natural disaster strikes, patients don’t magically stop being sick.  I am honored to share the story of Erika RN BSN, who stayed in the hospital 108 hours during Hurricane Harvey providing care for her patients. I am honored … Continued
May 26, 2017
Can I be honest? I had an amazing experience last month.   It was one of those moments when you are filled with thousands of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness all at the same time.  Have you ever felt … Continued
August 22, 2016
So . . . I guess this episode is just about 8 minutes of a few thoughts on my mind.  Mostly though, I just want you all to know how much you really mean to us! isn’t mine . … Continued
April 21, 2016
What are the Bills? HR 1602 – view the bill HERE S. 864 – view the bill HERE How Can You Get “Involved”? Listen to this podcast episode here with Senator O’Donnell It’s really as simple as: Google “who is … Continued
March 14, 2016
Today’s Question: How can I make sure I never forget WHY I want to be a nurse?
March 7, 2016
Today’s Question: How do you tell friends and family you can’t hang out?
February 24, 2016
Today’s Question:  My two biggest struggles with nursing school are procrastination and not being assertive during clinicals. I have a B+ average a year into my part-time BSN program, but I’m sure I could’ve managed an A- average if I … Continued
February 22, 2016
Today’s Question: Getting nervous to push iv meds and start iv lines
February 17, 2016
Today’s Question: The ever changing clinic schedules for school! It makes it hard when you work
February 15, 2016
Today’s Question: “Teacher says we need to read entire book but there is absolutely no questions from the book. How do we suppose to study”
February 10, 2016
Today’s Question: I have passed every class. I’m a 2nd semester junior in med surg. Just having doubts. I feel like they haven’t taught me much and they expect us to know everything and be independent in clinical when we … Continued
February 4, 2016
Today’s Question: I’m either “ALL WORK NO PLAY” or “ALL PLAY NO WORK.” I have to find that perfect balance.
February 4, 2016
Today’s question: “My biggest issue right now is overcoming my crippling anxiety that I get before an exam or test. I wake up completely nauseous from it.”
February 3, 2016
Sorry to interrupt your regular programming ; ) But I just wanted to make you aware of our other Nursing School/Nursing Podcast Shows: NRSNG Show: Interviews, motivation, A&P MedMaster Show: Nursing Pharmacology NCLEX® Question of the Day: Show NCLEX Question … Continued
January 20, 2016
@mackenziekatherine_ I just started nursing school last week!! I’m extremely nervous for exams and validations! AND @loraynegon asks: I learn from powerpoints..professors stand there and read the damn powerpoints..i can read..teach me how to learn it..
January 17, 2016
@bx_chic_u8eno says: I’m taking my A&p 1 class and I’m 6 months pregnant, what kind of advice can someone give me that took this class? What are effective ways to pass this class? AND @futurecrna_ says: No social life. Gained … Continued
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