Wonderful Sewing
The first thing that struck me about this podcast is the mother daughter relationship-it is really obvious they have a genuine bond. Next I was WOWED by the sheer amount of sewing knowledge these two gals possess. Since I started listening my sewing has become MUCH less frustrating, yay! I have taken on some brave new sewing challenges. Their easy t helped me produce my first wearable outer garment (that wasn’t a costume) and gave me more confidence in pattern drafting. Thank you for putting this podcast out there!
Amazing Knowledge - Poor Delivery
The experience and knowledge that these two women (or should I say "people"....I don't want to offend?) have is invaluable to sewers, however their condescending and snarky attitude makes it incredibly difficult to listen to. Some episodes are so overpowered with cackling and whining that you miss the sewing / construction information they are delivering. I have found other sewing podcasts with kind, inclusive, knowledgeable hosts (Love to Sew!) so much more easy on the ears and mind. The Sewing Out Loud duo preaches inclusivity and gender neutrality - but it's at nauseum. We get it....we live in the same world you do...but for the love of all things inclusive, just move on and talk about sewing and PRACTICE what you preach! People might have opinions different than you, but let's find common ground in sewing and making.
Hard on the ears
I tried to like this, but they talk over each other all the time and their voices are difficult to listen to. This makes it hard for me to follow along. The Love to Sew podcast is much more informative and easier on the ears.
Beat sewing podcast
This podcast is informative, funny and entertaining. The best sewing podcast out there.
Great info but....
These ladies are extremely knowledgeable about all types of garment sewing. I have gained quite a bit of info from them. However, they can be Extremely condescending. Especially to people that post things in their supposedly “inclusive “ FB group. They shout that they are so “welcoming “ of all people, but they continuously belittle people that comment that maybe are not as skilled as they are. People are at all levels and many do not make their living from sewing. I don’t know, but if you claim to be “inclusive “ then maybe it’s not best practice to laugh at, belittle or critique people that do not know as much as you. Be more helpful rather than rude. Don’t use the “inclusive” tag just because you are PC. Use it across the board; or you negate the word.
Stop Talking Over One Another!
Found the information to be great, but had to stop listening because they constantly interrupt each other. It became annoying to listen to. Please fix!
These ladies have it all
Smart, funny, and deeply passionate and versed in all things garment sewing. I haven’t had time to sew since I had my daughter but listening to them talk about sewing has made me feel like I’m moving forward with my craft while I do dishes or fold clothes. Honestly my favorite thing about them is that they seem to really know how to live - what an awesome life you guys have crafted for yourselves -#goalz!! Please don’t change a THING about this podcast it is perfection!
Sew Helpful
I listened to one episode and decided to go back and listen from the beginning and I have learned a lot. This podcast is great!
My go to Podcast!
Warm Southern Breeze
I have enjoyed every podcast I have heard from them. They have shared so much useful information and I have been sewing for 55 years and considered myself an advanced sewist.
Has potential...
This would be a great podcast if there was 80% less meaningless chatter and more actual information, instruction, education...
From bad to worse
michaels magic threadworks
If you don’t mind hearing the word like in every other sentence accompanied with irrelevant chatter this is for you.
Sew good.
This is a great gives you many ideas an explains in way you can understand.
Love it!
Elliot Anne
I love the podcast. I look forward to it every week. Lots of good information from seweists who are very knowledgeable about sewing machines. The costume shows are so interesting - you don't realize how much there is to putting on a show!
Fantastic podcast
Entertaining and informative. These podcasts help me avoid mistakes that I would otherwise undoubtedly make. They have helped me up my game immeasurably.
Informative & Entertaining
New discovery - and I’m in love!
Thanks for this podcast, ladies! I’m a newish sewer and pretty isolated. I feel like I’ve got friendly cool sewing friends now! Friends who can teach me a lot and make me smile, too!
Super informative and fun!
I love listening to Zede and Mallory banter with each other, and I can't get enough of Zede's knowledge. It feels like you're there with them, and Zede always has practical tips to offer. I'm so glad I found this podcast and the subscription service at sewhere.com as I've journeyed into sewing.
My go-to podcast
the beulah b
My daily routine encompasses listening to Zede and Mallory, while I sew, cook, or lay in bed! I listen over and over and keep learning tips after sewing for 50 years. This has changed my sewing game for garments. I’ve been in the quilt and bag world for the past 2 decades, and now I’m back sewing for myself. This mother-daughter duo has a special relationship you can feel. Reminds me of my mom and myself when she was alive. So much knowledge is being shared. I’ve read reviews where people get irritated at them talking over each other, etc. It just reminds me of how personal it is. Their real folks and fun to listen to- you never know what’s coming next! Certainly not a boring facts only podcast with boring monotone voices. Those put me to sleep! Love you gals! Thanks for sharing! Don’t ever quit!!
Sewing out loud
the plugger #2
Mother and daughter team a good format. One of the few podcasts that I have come across that actually teaches . However, sometimes they do talk over each other and interrupt the conversation and although the laughter is refreshing, it can be silly at times. Nevertheless, the content is wonderful and different than many podcasts that continue to have small business owners on telling their life stories. This might help a handful of people but the average sewist just wants to hear about what other people are sewing, and especially tips and techniques learned through years of experience. Sewing out loud accomplishes this task and frankly it has become the only show I listen to with enjoyment. Keep those interesting shows coming girls!
What a helpful podcast if you want to learn some practical sewing tips and tricks.
Not For Me
I listened for 10 minutes and found myself feeling irritated by them talking over each other and interrupting. I was very interested in their topics and would like to add another sewing podcast to my library. I tried again the next day to listen and felt the same way about their presentation. I do enjoy lighthearted humor in a podcast, they are very loved by their reviewers. This podcast was not a good fit for me, however.
Not what I expected from reading other reviews
Waste of time listening to two chatty women who only like to talk about themselves and poorly of others . They are not uplifting or encouraging and they don’t give advice or resources to those interested in sewing or learning about sewing. I only listened to the latest episodes. Maybe if I went back to the beginning I would find helpful and encouraging information.
Sew much information
As an accomplished seamstress I am always amazed at the things Zede and Mallory teach me. This podcast is great for experienced sewists as well as beginners. I love their personalities and playfulness as well as their deep well of knowledge. I’m so thankful to have stumbled on this podcast and subsequently Facebook and Instagram groups. They’ve challenged me to “up my sewing game.” I will happily recommend this podcast to every sewist I know.
Love this duo!
The podcast has not only upped my sewing game but it has ensured I am successful in my sewing endeavors.
Wonderful duo
I am a beginner sewing and these ladies are all I need to feel confident and join the community. Can’t wait to make more with my ‘online friends’. I have already told a few dozen people SOL but just can’t say enough because they are fun! Yes, there is loving banter, yes they give you their side of the story but with everyone I find this honesty refreshing. Yes I bought one of the surgers they recommended. Waiting for them to go prime time.
Live the advice but...
They talk over each other so much that’s it’s hard to follow the conversation. Please keep the dialog slow and on point and quit talking so much while the other is talking.
Two Negative Nancys!
These two are such negative people! I listened to the first episode and couldn’t stand how they spoke about their fellow sewists and customers. I am shocked that they would complain openly on their show.
Sewing out loud
I am so disappointed with the progressive down fall of this podcast. The mother and daughter initially would discuss, actually banter in a humorous way , about sewing challenges and had in the past offered some good advice. It seems as if they have become more and more challenged to stay on topic. Most recently was the topic of hobby shaming. I think their motive and intentions were sincere but they could not stay on topic and even admitted it through out the show. This has occurred on other shows as well. I hope they will try to improve their focus.
Great Podcast
I love listening to these two, they have so much experience and are silly. You’ll learn something each episode and laugh a lot too. I love the Facebook group they have too, very welcoming and super helpful! Keep up the great work.
Gone downhill
Early episodes were great, they had a lot of practical information. Now when I listen all I hear is pleas for support ($). That is fine as long as there is some content too!
Hilarious and so very enjoyable!
I love this mother and daughter sewing duo. They’re intelligent, frank, and funny, and I can’t wait to listen to all the episodes.
Outstanding Technical Detail!
Multi-section Select Tool
Zede and Mallory have been a life saver in my journey into the world of garment construction. They address all the information that seems to go without being addressed in patterns and machine manuals. Every episode conjures an "Ah ha!" moment of enlightenment.
Love them but the rants sometimes irk me
I love Zede and Mallory. There are a lot of podcast with 2 people talking to each other, but few mom and daughter duos that I know of, so it’s a cool plus. I hate when they rant too much, some episodes can be a bit too emotional or something, when discussing an issue when it’s supposed to be about rules or etiquette in a sewing studio. Everyone needs a release I guess.
Best Sewing Podcast
It's hard to have a good podcast about something so visual but they've done it! I love Zede's and Mallory's approach and hearing their opinions! Awesome listen :)
Garment Makers
I stumbled upon this podcast by accident. You can tell both of these ladies have lots of garment sewing experience. I love to listen to podcasts while sewing and I’ve learned a few great tips listening to Zede and Mallory. The podcasts seems more like a recording of two “sew loving” ladies banter. Y’all can get off the track sometimes. I do enjoy your podcast. My only suggestion would be to, have a bit more structure to the topic.
Inspirational and hilarious
Great rapport between mom/daughter Zede and Mallory, they're entertaining and educational. I've learned so much from these podcasts and look forward to them every week for a good laugh and sewing knowledge.
Great podcast
alt aristocrat
Such a great podcast. Learning so many small tips and tricks
Thank you for the wisdom
Thank you Zede and Mallory for taking the time to make such informative and fun podcasts. I love both of them. You are so great about listening to your audience and giving us information that we want about making our own clothes. I love it that you are inclusive, you know your stuff, you keep up on the sewing community and you share in few different platforms. Keep making it happen!
The Best Podcast ever!!
Elaine Healy
Seriously obsessed! Love love love this podcast! Can I give 100+ stars!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨🌟⭐️✨✨🌟⭐️🌟✨⭐️✨💫✨🌟⭐️🌟💫💫🌟⭐️⭐️✨✨💫🌟
What a great find!
I'm so glad to have found this resource--smart, sassy ladies with oodles of sewing knowledge! I think they are so fun to listen to and I have learned so much. Thanks for all your hard work!
A warlord and her teacher/mother
Thank you to Zede and Mallory for all your time and knowledge you have put into the podcast. I love to listen when I am sewing and I ALWAYS come away with information, deep thoughts, and laughs. Keep building the hive, sewing queens!
I love this podcast and have loved it since I started listening last year. Zede and Mallory have such great knowledge about sewing and their personalities shine through the podcast which makes this podcast informative and highly entertaining. If you haven't listened what are you waiting for. Download and subscribe! 😃
Luca migurune
Love this podcast, just got my first sewing machine a couple months ago and am still gathering as much knowledge as I can, I've already learned plenty of tips I couldn't find in any other sewing video/blog like how to identify unmarked thread for instance. Lol I'm seeing these reviews saying they're snobby or whatever but I don't really get that vibe
Love these women.
I never feel left out even though I am new at sewing. First, I typed that I am a "new sewer" but that sounded like I'm a stinky receptical. Mallory and Zede are fantastic teachers and very kind people.
Love it. Great way to learn about sewing and have fun doing it
My favorite sewing podcast!
I've learned so much listening to this podcast. It's great to listen to while sewing my own handmade wardrobe!
Excellent Info in Informal Style
If you are looking for a conversational window into professional sewists' day to day, this is the podcast for you. Mallory and Zede break down the essentials and bring years of industry experience to listeners in an accessible and chatty format. My goal was to find something I could listen to while doing other tasks, to absorb sewing terminology and perhaps pick up some new ideas for how I can improve my technique, and these women delivered. I find myself saving the episodes for times I can listen and jot notes down in my sewing journal. Not to mention the well curated tutorial videos available on their website, there is also a creative and entertaining facebook group to accompany the show, and other listeners often post their projects, questions and thoughts. It's brought me an entire new community of people that I look forward to checking in with. I now have several new goals for sewing projects and skills I didnt realize I would have as a result of listening to this podcast. Sewing Out Loud is a great resource to familiarize with basic terms, ideas, and approaches to sewing, pattern drafting, and the proper use of the sewing machine (get that presser foot UP!!) If youre interested in learning more, or even curious about what you might learn that you didn't know already, check this podcast and accompanying resources out, it's "sewtally" worth your time!
Endless fun learning
These ladies will teach you so much while you laugh endlessly. It's not a step by step teaching, more of an explanation of concepts. They explain sewing so well! It's really easy to understand what they mean. I've gone back to listen to every episode.
Great resource & entertaining
This is the first podcast I have EVER listened to, and now I am hooked. I didn't realize how much there is to discuss with respect to sewing, but I'd really like to hear even more. I enjoy the banter, but especially appreciate the expertise and helpful guidance about quilting. I have been sewing 40+ years, and I have learned so much even though I study and practice sewing all the time. If they ever want to branch out to another podcast -- I'd love to find something that addresses machine embroidery.
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