Jumped the shark
Now that you both are making a lot of $$ from the show, can afford a staff, have a podcast network etc there’s no excuse for half-assed research, regurgitating forensic file episodes and other people’s work!! Show some respect for your audience and the victims you are covering and try to be professional. You are both grown women, do some research and put together a decent recap. It was understandable the first 25 episodes, but now it’s just sloppy, lazy and greedy - considering all the ads, tours, fan cult $ etc. Completely over this podcast.
Best podcast
Victoria Huffman
Seriously LOVE this podcast!!!
A perfect mix of crime and comedy!
I’ll die if they ever leave me! SSandDGM!
Favorite podcast ever
Such podcast much funnies
Best podcast
Exactly right
I listened to seven minutes and 29 seconds of this podcast and it was all I could take. 🤦🏼‍♀️ No...just no.
Love these girls, love the podcast, love the content & how they randomly discribe it to you! Best way to pass time at work!!!
Holy Murder Batman!
I love this podcast!!! Georgia and Karen are hilarious and I adore them. I’m obsessed yo. BYEEEE! 👻❤️
I’m a lover of all things true crime, and not one to be easily offended, but I found this podcast to be truly cringeworthy to the point of having to turn it off. Strike one for me was a remark from one of the hosts about “finding it weird a female victim was killed but not raped”... are you kidding me?? Then after the host suggested you always have multiple children, in case one is murdered, then you have a “backup kid,” I called it quits and unsubscribed. Save yourself the time and check out Crime Junkie or one of the dozens of other phenomenal shows out there!
I want to be your real life friend so bad!
In a healthy, not stalkery, way. Stay sexy pretend besties, Im talking back and laughing to all your podcasts by myself like a weirdo, greetings from Los Feliz!
F**king brilliant!
I was introduced to this podcast during a road trip to Kentucky and I fell in love! Love the chemistry and compassion that springs to life each episode. I came late to the game, so binged from the beginning, and now wish I had relaxed and taken a bit more time so I would have more to listen to. Hoping against hope that you’ll make the trip to New Jersey, or even Philadelphia (again!)! SSDGM like the badasses you are!
My Favorite Podcast
And by favorite, I mean only. I was never one that was interested in listening to podcasts. My husband bugged me for months to check out this podcast. Finally one day I gave it a listen while I was a work(I work at a very small daycare so yes, I am listening to a murder podcast in my headphones while watching your children)& I’ve been hooked ever since. I listen to it at work, at the gym, at home and in the car. I recommend it to literally everyone. Love you guys so much! Stay sexy and don’t get murdered.
Do you know about buzzfeed?
Have you heard of Buzzfeed? If yes, what about the underground site Ranker? Do you even Deep Web? If so have heard of the cryptic tv show Forensic File? If yes, run away. If no, go take in those sources. If instead you’re desperate for poorly executed, generally not-understood, and error-riddled, pathetically researched versions of those same stories, you found the place. Wish I had more hands, so I could give an extra 👎🏼
I love this pod cast I’m hooked after just one 😍😍😍😍
Too Good to Pass Up
I guarantee... listen to two episodes and you’ll be hooked. When I first heard about the show, I was intrigued— who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?! Listened to my first episode and loved the stories, but thought Georgia & Karen talked too much about non-murder things. However, listened to my second and realized the genius of this show is the banter. They’ve got great comments and hilarious anecdotes to accompany often very grim material. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this!!!!
My Favorite Podcast
I dig into this podcast like Typhoid Mary dug her entire arm into anything she cooked.
I ❤️this podcast
This is so interesting I love hearing about all different murders
Disappointed with Quality
More Countries
The stories they’ve been doing lately aren’t murders or even crimes. Also, you take this loooong vacation and already you’re posting live episodes again? Just a little disappointed with the quality recently. Been listening to crime junkie a lot more.
Stay sexy and keep getting lash extensions!
Filmer intro
Hi Georgia and Karen! I am an absolute die hard fan and so are all my lash clients! Every day I pick one episode to listen to with one amazing client! We laugh (Ofcourse while she is trying to my absolutely still!!!) and cannot get over the almost ridiculous tangents you both go into cus we are EXACTLY alike! I have listened to your book 2 times. LOVE IT! I play some chapters for my clients... the one where Karen comes home alone from school and the one Georgia almost got raped on a freekin hill are on top of the list my clients request to hear!!! Oh who can forget why therapists are so awesome! Hey my Zoloft keeps me sane!! If you guys EVER come to Chicago- both your lashes are on the house!! Check me out on @thelashshrink on Instagram and Facebook!!
Come for the murder, stay for the friendship
Honestly, I just love this podcast SO much. Thank you, Karen and Georgia, for turning this from a weird interest into a place to belong.
Get to the point
TALK WAAAY WAAAY TOO MUCH no offense like I wanna listen to a murder not y’all ramble on ! and it’s okay to have small talk but y’all really go on & on & onnnnnnn
I cannot get enough of these two and what this podcast does for me!! I’m a college student and was always nervous about the things I’d hear that happens to college girls but after listening to these women I feel SO prepared in case some weirdo approaches me. Also their content is 10/10 every week and they’re great story tellers and are FREAKING FUNNY! If you love true crime and enjoy humor (so if you’re a basic human) you’ll love this podcast
Amazing Podcast! Best ever !
Yoga man 28
Karen and Georgia make me laugh, feel, and giggle. They shock me to my core then two seconds later I am crying laughing. Love how obsessive and passionate they are about true crime.
Stay Sexy and Keep Freaking Swearing
Raykel S.
Can I swear on a iTunes review? I’m generally a fan of true crime, like not that I live and breathe it like you MVPs, but I’m more of a fan of all the swearing and general loose filter that you two have. You swear just as much as me. And sometimes, Georgia, you take the F bomb right out of my mouth. ;) All jokes aside love this podcast. I’m late to the game on this, just started listening when I quit my office job and work from home and get lonely so I like to listen to podcasts while I work. Stay Sexy and don’t change for no one.
The cheap F-bombing ruins most of it
The girls are funny and have a great chemistry but the incessant F-bombs when referring to anything it seems, make the show sound classless and desperate. I’m not suggesting no cussing but it’s like non-stop with Georgia. I don’t see the point and it’s annoying Mainly why I hardly tune in anymore.
Best Podcast Ever
Karen and Georgia make you feel like you are right there in the room with them, having an in-depth and introspective conversation with your closest friends. Plus, it’s about murder, and everyone loves a good ole murder tale. I can’t love everyone part of MFM enough!
Constant disappointment now
murderino for life
So many ads in every episode. And seriously, a live already? After what 3 actual recordings?! Such a shame what this has turned into. Definitely NOT renewing my fan cult membership
I just realized ,I’ve never left a review.
I love this podcast, I’ve been hooked since Dave Anthony said “check out my favorite murder”. I notice below some butthurtedness over profanity. I feel like that criticism is coming from the “let me speak to the manager” people. If you don’t like something, it’s not for you. You don’t have to leave a bad review. Send a constructive email. If there are too many F words, too much banter and derailments ... go listen to a less personable podcast. Maybe one just as bland as your petty little complaints. If you like sassy broads who tell it like it is, ramble and care about people. Tune in. Also. As a podcaster. The one star reviews are utter BS. Especially if there isn’t anything written. Apple should tighten that up a bit. No bad reviews without constructive criticism or at least smack your face off the keyboard and mash some letters out. 🖤
My first and only lasting podcast
My coworker suggested this to me, even had to show me how to download podcasts on my phone. A year later it is the only podcast I don’t get annoyed with and ultimately delete. It’s there for me when work gets too much (work for the state in child welfare) and I need an escape. It’s there when I have long drives that I used to hate and now can’t wait to do so I can listen. Funny and interesting. You feel like Karen and Georgia are your best friends- but then of course realize they don’t know you. Saw them live too and it was EPIC. Same coworker mentioned above got too hammered and ended up yelling MURDER on the streets of Portland but luckily for me she was passed out during the show and didn’t distract anyone. This podcast has added amusement to my life, awakened a passion for true crime, inspired confidence in myself, leaves me comfortable advocating for mental health and general badassery to the world. Just download it. Now.
It’s like listening to my best friends talk about my favorite things
I can’t get enough of Karen and Georgia! I love the banter and swearing and the murder. It’s a perfect combo
commercials, commercials, commercials
how greedy can these two be?
Ow my ears
earth vs. soup
I can’t get over all the five year olds on here complaining about hearing “the F word”. This is a murder & comedy podcast- grow up, people. I guess beheadings and rapes are okey dokey, but god forbid somebody SAYS A SWEAR!! Also, I would listen to an entire show of just the banter. They are hilarious and the back and forth is what I look forward to the most! I guess I don’t understand the concept of leaving a one star review for a podcast I didn’t care for. Instead of screwing up the rating of someone trying to do something, I’d just not listen.
So good
These are my people. I think they’re so funny and relatable! You’ll be able to tell whether you like it or not within the first episode and for me, I love it!
Look, Listen, I don’t know how I have never left a review ! These chicks are the 💣💣💣 ! Karen & Georgia were my very first introduction to the podcast world. That was nearly a year ago and I have not listened to the radio ever since. They’re funny, and down to earth while surprisingly verbose at times which I appreciate immensely. Intelligent women that can lift up your spirits any day, any time, even while talking about murderers and the like. This podcast really is addicting. Their vacation was devastating 😂 which forced me to branch out and find other pods in the genre and WOW is it amazing. Thanks Karen & Georgia for being the calm in my storm. SSDGM
Sold out. Recycled content. Self absorbed.
This podcast has done a complete 180. They just play live episodes or old episodes. Glad I didn’t buy the book because they are not as great as we all thought they would be. I was hoping that their vacation meant they would be back to regular recordings, and 3 weeks in they are already recycling live shows. Disappointed.
One of my favorites
I ABSOLUTELY love this podcast! I enjoy every single thing about it! Karen & Georgia make my days at work a breeze with their storytelling and HILARIOUS banter. I feel like I’m sitting with them talking. Highly recommended for all true crime lovers!
Great Content
Up to date on all episodes. Love going back listening to older shows to keep me busy until the new ones air. Can’t get enough!
👍🏻 💙👍🏻💜👍🏻💛👍🏻💚👍🏻🧡
Love it all. Love everything about it. Such an awesome, and entertaining podcast! Definitely one of my favorite true crime casts 💗 you two funny as hell. You literally make me burst out in laughter 🤣! I love it all. Cheers 🍻
I love these ladies!!! I have grown as an individual just from listening to them. 10/10 recommend.
Stay Out of the Forest & Off of This Podcast if You’re a Hater!
I just recently started listening a little over a month ago. I started from the very beginning and was immediately hooked. I laugh out loud while in my car (in hopes that know one sees me and thinks I’m losing it), and my jaw hits the floor at least once every episode due to the murders being discussed. These ladies are HILARIOUS! There is a reason this is a comedy podcast. Haters, *inserts saying beginning with Go and ending with Ya’self*. Karen and Georgia are the bees knees. Look. And Listen.
All over the place
Jackalsnwlsncks c
I know it’s some people’s schtick but sooooo much rambling about every random thing in the world. Hard to follow and hard to stay interested. And when they do get around to the actual murder I feel it’s hit or loss if you actually get much info. Just not my cup of tea.
The Best.
listening in Germany
One the best podcast you’ll ever listen too, even if you are not into true crime!
So over it
I’m so over the comedy/true crime movement. Also the incessant chatter, makes it hard to follow. I’m looking for facts about cases, well thought out dialogue, and good updates with further episodes. Was really excited to give this a try, but the humor with true crime is just not cool. Pretty disrespectful.
Not well researched, not politically correct, very white feminist, and it takes them 4 million years to talk about the point of the episode. Plus they’re just kind of rude.
This podcast saves lives
Karen and Georgia help me remember that even though this world is full of chaos and evil and murder, it’s also full of wonderful people who are waiting to laugh/cry through it all with you. I love this podcast and these amazing women so much
Love these girls. They’re like my family and have changed my life!!!
Love MFM
Georgia and Karen are HILARIOUS. I love their lighthearted take on true crime, it feels like talking to my friends about true crime. Yes there are more informative podcasts but who cares? Listen to them then? I love many podcasts but this is my go to for driving. I started listening from the beginning a week ago and I’m already on episode 32. Love you guys. SSDGM
Please just get to the story already
I agree with all the reviews complaining about the chatter. The stories they tell are usually very good and remind me of my favorite true crime TV shows in podcast form. But the first 15-20 minutes or so is the stuff that makes me hate podcasts - gratuitous, self-involved chatter that no one could care less about. If it weren’t for the fast forward button, I would give up on this podcast because the dumb chatter is almost too painful to bare. Just cut it out, get to the story and quit wasting our time.
Great listen; never gets old
I don’t even care about murders. I mean I care that people get murdered I just don’t have the burning interest in it that is routinely described by other listeners. I mostly enjoy listening to the conversations between Georgia and Karen. They are so cool and I feel like I’m at the cool kid table and no one left when I sat down.
My favorite podcast!!!
This is the only podcast I can listen to on repeat without getting bored!! I’ve been listening for about a year now and I love the community that this podcast has created.
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