This man is a genius.
Kyelee Hart
Menuhin keeps it REAL with his hilarious and creative podcasts!!
Best podcast ever!!!!
Menuhin is absolutely hilarious. He talks about the movie, his viewpoint, fun facts, and related the points from the movie to his personal life. He’s also the most amazing music producer! So talented. Ten out of ten stars!!!!!!
Great podcast, great guests
Menuhin is so charismatic. He doesn’t let us sit in awkward silence, he involves music so my mind never gets bored listening. Also has really cool guests on, love the diversity of opinion about movies, will continue to listen
Menuhin is the next best thing!
His creative and humor is unique! He is always bring something new to the table! I can’t wait to see him on stage at Madison Square Garden killing it! Keep it up! You are on your way!
Finally a good honest podcast!!!
Old radio
First off thank you brother for the honest review for dave chappelle specials. Big fan of Dave C.. all these other podcast (white ) ruin the experience and kinda bad mouth the specials.
If you like a good laugh, give it a listen!
Agreed with most of your opinions about each show and movie. Nice to know I can trust your judgement on something new to watch instead of having to waste my time watching it. LOL !! Funny as well, definitely a plus! Keep it up guys!
Perfect combination of voices. I seriously love this podcast. Rosebud was on invasion of privacy and she mentioned she's featured on a podcast so I searched and wasn't disappointed 🤗
Clem Jordan
Buy some better mic's
Love this podcast!!!
You guys are great! Every episode is totally different and the comics & guests on it are hilarious. I've been looking for a podcast like this for awhile. Love the idea, you guys are dope keep 'em comin'.
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