This podcast has helped me a lot with fish keeping I love all of the help thanks!!
Love it
Love being able to listen when I can’t watch on YouTube. Cory gives the best and most honest fish keeping info out there. Thanks for all you do.
Thank you very much for podcast. I’m the over the road trucker. And I enjoy listen to your team and guests when I’m out here driving. I love the fact there is podcasts of hobby I enjoy. Keep up the great work.
Wealth of knowledge!
Cory and the co-op are the first place any aquarist should turn to for the most reliable information to keep tanks running happy and healthy. Thank you for all you do!
A must listen!!!
Honestly a extremely helpful podcast. I listen to it every day!!
Great to listen to at work
Glad I found out aquariumCoOp has podcast. I watch there videos on YouTube and now I can listen to them while I’m at work or stuck in traffic. Very informative but not boring they have a good sense a humor and I could listen to them for hours!
Glad it’s still going
New to the hobby, started on aquarium coop using YouTube. Got a couple tanks now I’m on podcasts by aquarium coop thinking about bigger tanks 😂
Aquarium Co-Op brings the content!
Great conversations
After watching all the available episodes, I have greatly improved my limited knowledge of fish!
There is tons of good info and it’s fun to listen to
Nuclear waste head
There is tons of good info and it’s fun to listen to. Some people complained about the rambling but I like it. In fact the “dreaded “ 8 houer live streams are my favorite because I don’t have to bring out my IPad in class. Because of this podcast and the YouTube channel. I when from 1 10 gal to 3 10 gal and 1 29 gal. My parents won’t let me get more. I do realy like this podcast and realy do recommend it to any levels of fish keeper because even tho lots of the info is beginner it’s still fun to listen to. One more thing Cory can come up with analogy’s super fast.
Great show
Great information
Great job, lots of information
Zippy McKing
Just found this podcast a few days ago, so much information, it has taken my aquarium game to the next level.
So much wisdom!
Evan Pfretzschner
I just want to say that if you’re into the hobby then this channel is a must. Cory and the gang really tank every single question and or concern that someone would ever have in the fish keeping hobby. Thank you for the hours upon hours of knowledge.
Pod cast about fish?
Grrr makin me mad
It’s good, when they talk about fish. Just listened to an episode where they argued about which lane to drive in for an hour after talking about fish for maybe fifteen minutes. Kind of annoying.
Way Too Much Irrelevant Commentary
The shorter 23-30 minute episodes were direct and informative. The longer 1hr+ episodes are 1. Way too long. 2. Filled with annoying, irrelevant commentary. 3. Numbered poorly, if at all. I had high hopes for this podcast but will no longer follow because it is more a waste of time listening to the hosts talk about themselves instead of the real topic or purpose which is aquarium education.
Informative and Enjoyable
The Podcast (and YouTube videos) are enjoyable, informative and entertaining. Cory, Joel, Jimmy and the guests they occasionally have all put out great info that is well researched and sound, but not so technical as to chase off newcomers. Great work!
Mac Dadyy 2.0
Been a long time fan of the YouTube channel of Cobe, Josh, and Noodle Legs. Listening to the podcast really helps get through the work day and drives back and forth. Love all that these guys do even though Josh couldn’t breed those gumpys 😂
Listen while cleaning Octo tanks
Thank you so much for what you guys do. I listen to your talks when I volunteer at an aquarium cleaning and feeding cephalopods. I am a new to the hobby(a little over a year) and I am loving learning a lot from your videos and podcast. I can’t really watch your videos all the time but I can listen to the podcast when I am volunteering. One day, I’ll catch a live video and do a superchat. Thanks for all the knowledge!
Buckets of Fun
This is an amazing podcast (the livestreams on YouTube are great as well). Often watch the live streams and re-listen to the podcasts. They talk about fish but the banter is what makes it fun every week. Keep it up!
Best traffic killer ever
Dynastes tityus
Sometimes I wish there was more traffic to sit in!
For any aquarist
If you are an aquarium hobbyest or you're interested in starting an aquarium this podcast is for you. I've been a fan of Cory and Corvus on YouTube for ages and I recently added the podcast to my queue and it's incredibly enjoyable. I highly recommend the real fish talk!
All stars
Cory has put a lot of time and money into this. I have been listening for over 6 months now, and I have learned a lot. Episodes aren’t always purely dedicated to talking about fish, but they are always educational and entertaining. Keep up the good work!
Educational and Entertaining
Great podcast to educate anyone on being a fish keeper and also bring new ideas to the table. The guests they have had so far have been very good and I look forward to the content every week!
I am a recent follower to Cory from Aquarium Co-Op on YouTube. But, I have managed to watch almost all of his videos and am absolutely addicted! I started to listen to this podcast, and love the information provided. The topics are relevant and interesting and I can’t wait to hear more!
Episode 20: Disappointing
Really disappointed with this episode. You mentioned a few fish but didn’t provide any details such as: What to feed them? How big do they get? What size tank? How many should/could be kept together? Are they good tank mates? This was nothing more than a BS session. No offense to Corvus, but your podcasts are better without him.
Derrick Yapp
Definitely worth the listen if you have a fishtank, plan to get one, or had one as a kid and want to hear how much things have improved. Cory has a refreshing way of sharing his knowledge, and his efforts in the hobby teach a great lesson about how we can all be better humans. Way to go Cory!
RFT is Back!
Soggy user
I became a fan of Real Fish Talk over a year ago watching Aquarium Co-Op's archives on YouTube. I really enjoyed the long format of the Real Fish Talk videos with Cory and Lamont. Well it's back--and Joel aka Corvus Oscen brings a great energy and knowledgebase to the RFT mix. A great mix of topics for any fish keeper, but especially pertinent to the freshwater, planted aquarists.
Great aquarium podcast
Love it, found these guys while researching setting up a planted tank. They have a LOT of content on YouTube. Corey (cory?) is very knowledgeable, great information!
Ideal for Both Beginners and Expert Fishkeepers
This podcast covers everything from setting up new tanks, to plants, to wild caught fish, and everything in the world of aquariums! Based in Washington state and run by a very successful fish store owner, RFT is the best aquarium podcast I have ever found! Great for getting HONEST opinions and advice on proper care of fish, good equipment, and anything else. Cory always cares about growing the love of fishkeeping rather than giving safe advice or just selling products. Me personally I love interacting with the listeners on Youtube, but to get the audio only version is great to listen to while driving.
Top shelf!
Great info! Great banter! Great dudes!
Great information and very entertaining
I've been in the hobby for about 5 years and I have over 20 tanks. These 2 are always teaching me new information or new tricks to try out in my aquarium. Fun to listen to and always learning
the best
love this channel so much good info!
Love the planted tank info!
Fantastic podcast filled with useful information for aquarium hobbyists. Well produced and easy to listen to, quickly replacing NPR as my go-to for the morning commute.
Jimmy, Cory and Joel have a great Podcast
These guys put on an entertaining podcast, I listen to their podcast almost everyday because there is so much content and so much to learn! These guys are all fountains of knowledge. If you haven’t checked out their YouTube channels you definitely should.(aquarium co-op & Corvus Oscen)
Great Knowledge! Good listen!
T.Frakes Tanks
This show consist of great knowledge of fish keeping and all things in the aquarium hobby. From filtration, to fish foods, to even different types of FRESHWATER Puffer fish! I've been listening to these podcasts sense the beginning and you can definitely tell these guys are serious about producing better and better content as the show goes on. Also the Aquarium CoOp has a website to buy products to better your hobby. If you questions his YouTube channel is amazing!
Amazing Titan
I listen to this podcast on my way to swim practice and I’ve learned so much about this hobby and I am maximizing efficiency in my aquariums every day! I love this podcast and you all should give it a listen!
Great resource and fun
little idea
I discovered the YouTube channel about a year ago and was hooked (haha fish pun). I was so hooked that I went back and watched all of the livestreams and almost all his videos, my partner was no longer a fan of Cory’s voice in the end. Lately I haven’t had the time to watch videos so I switched to the podcast and it’s great. I love learning and if you enjoy the fish keeping hobby then you will love this podcast.
Great app!
Jay's Aquatics
Really like the fact you can listen any time any where , the app also includes a bunch of interesting features. Keep up the good work Cory & jimmy
Thank you! I found u on YouTube and love the podcast! U have rekindled my love for keeping a aquarium!
Fantastic aquarium podcast
Both informative and entertaining!
Real fish talk
Great content
Super entertaining fish keeping information!
Love this podcast!
Corvus has an amazing radio voice, and Corey amazing at comedic relief. Both of them are some of the best in the aquarium hobby (they are really knowledgeable). You guys will learn at least one thing with every podcast! Ps: Hey Corey check out the "The double fish room tour" by Joe (DIY king). Ricks fish room is honestly goals, and the best fish room I've ever seen, definitely worth a look, and if possible when you come to Chicago, ask if you can go in for a tour of his room and record for YouTube Psss Jimmy, your video editing skills are amazing! Don't let haters comments get to ya on your video edits
Great show!
5 stars for some great guys!
Helping the hobby grow by educating hobbyists
Cory does a great job communicating his knowledge to listeners and lately it’s became even more interesting with the additions of Corvus and Jimmy. I’ve been watching his YouTube videos for a while and it’s exciting to see the evolution of his content. One of the things I appreciate about Cory is that he doesn’t offer advice lightly, he researches and tests throughly before even thinking about making a recommendation or suggesting that someone do something a certain way.
Best Fish and Aquarium Advice bar none
Have learned pretty much all that I know about aquariums and fish care from watching Cory’s YouTube channel(if you don’t subscribe to that check it out). I really love this new format since most times I just walk around with headphones listening to the YouTube clips. If you enjoy freshwater aquariums or are thinking of getting one this is the place to learn all you need to know.
Been listening to this podcast for quite a while. Love the info but the best part for me is it keeps me motivated and intrigued in the hobby. Thanks for all you do Cory and company!!!!!
Great podcast
Great podcast talking about plants, filtration and fish. Keeping it light hearted and fun.
Corey is awesome!
I’ve followed Aquarium coop from 10,000 subscribers on youtube. This is a great way to listen to the lengthy live streams when you can’t in front of your tablet/computer. Corey always gives informative helpful, and practical info! The addition of Joel is interesting, and I understand that Corey needs a co-host of sorts. I wish that Corey would take more of the lead though, because Joel tends to talk too much about unnecessary aspects of the topic. They are working it out though! Great content guys!
Great info
Debbie Clayton
Listening to Cory and Joel makes water changes so much more enjoyable! These guys really know their stuff when it comes to fish keeping. I am so grateful to these guys for sharing their knowledge with the rest of us.
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