I’m not a fan of most music critics, but Fantano is particularly pretentious... that’s pretty much a prerequisite trait for critics, but this guy reeeeeaaaally likes to buttress his “nerd” title with unnecessary words and opinions that lose relevance.
God bless the melon
Simon Page!
The best teeth in the game, Podthany Castano, coming through with more content. In all seriousness I love Fantano’s well-thought out and nuanced opinions when it comes to the quality of music. He takes music reviewing, something quite subjective, and provides reasons why something should be well reviewed rather than simply liking a song. Much love Melon.
Great composition and solid opinions
Johnathan Doeman
The Needle Drop and Anthony Fantano are a solid and credible source to site when looking for new music. His critical outlook on all things music provides insight and hot takes that many casual listeners may not even consider. While I may not always agree with Anthony, he can be slightly hard to please, I always find his reviews entertaining and thought provoking. My only complaint would be that in some the latest podcasts the audio is recycled from some of his YouTube videos. In his latest upload he talks about Logics latest flop of an album “Supermarket.” I watched the video on YouTube about a week or so ago and clicked on the latest podcast with anticipation to hear Fanthony tear into Logic a little bit more. Unfortunately just about everything he said was identical to the YouTube video.
Make more episodes plz
Melon is dope.
Less interesting recently
I've lost interest in the show ever since Fantano just started copying and pasting his videos into audio form. There's occasional exclusive content hidden in the episodes, but if you want original Fantano content different from his videos, check out his slightly older episodes.
Cranberrythony Mantano appears through another portal of the webs and it’s never been better.
Bucky Jojo
It’s good
It’s good but you know what’d be better? Bringing back thatistheplan.
why are men like this
you were so rude to chelsea wolfe, and i’m also assuming to most of other introverts. it’s not by making someone uncomfortable that they’re suddenly going to open up to you. and yes, i’ve seen her open up before. you literally said “maybe you weren’t willing to be open about your record”. jeez, maybe you’d get the answers you wanted if you didn’t bore her to death over-explaining your own views on her art to herself. that poor woman having to be polite after those comments… it was painful.
_____thony _____tano at his finest.
I mean it's a melons
Entertaining And Easy To Listen To
I came here from Anthony’s YouTube channel as most people probably did. I could listen to him talk about pretty much anything because he always has an interesting perspective. He’s very eloquent and funny. Worth a listen.
honeydews, watermelons, cantaloupes
Just a melon lover
honestly melons are really good, this ones probably better then most, I would give it a medium to light 9.
Good job, Anthony! I knew you could do it!
Glad to see Melon posting new stuff
I listen to podcasts during my commutes and listening to Anthony talk music/artists is wonderful. Glad to see him coming back with new episodes.
This guy tickles me the right way.
needly droopy drop
God only knows what the needle drop is a-boot
Great stuff
Anthony Fantano
Glad it's over
Good podcast as long as there were good guests
Spamthony Bantano really hit it out of the park with this one. Appreciate ya pal. Brb gotta go buy a T-shirt
Great podcast
A good podcast for music fans
Fantano is God!
The title says it all, when it comes to music Anthony knows his stuff. Funny and informative at the same time. The man has turned me on to so many great artists it is almost ridiculous!
Good Stuff for Music Fans
I personally prefer when he has musicians or music-themed guests, but it’s still a pretty good interview-style podcast overall.
Pretty Good
Sir Dingus
I would personally buy a pizza from him
Stefan 182
I like it
a lot
Best TEETH in the GAME
I've listened to many podcast host and Anthony's voice and banter make him a solid B tier caster. Not amazing but very hypnotizing and does not give me migraines like many others.
Great interviews and thoughtful discussions
Hinson fund
Anthony Fantano really is the busiest guy around
I want more episodes!
Dane svendsen
this man is responsible for opening my eyes to The beauty of music. I've been watching his YouTube channel since I was in 8th grade (2009) and even if I didn't agree on his scores he still exposed me to artists I wouldn't be aware of and ideas I wouldn't have thought of! I'm happy to see that he has a podcast and he's interviewing artist and people I care about !!! Thank you so much Anthony your seriously a voice of my generation and many to come
It's good
Queen Latifah's Spirit Animal
It's good.
It’s true
Anthony reviews the music
My stomach kinda hurts
I think I might have diarrhea. I’m ‘bout to go find out.
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