Excellent Excellent Excellent
Listening to the Cabral Concept is like hitting the lottery!
Not worth it
Jack Burton was taken
Some things about it I like and think overall the message is a good one but he claims to speak from an unbiased, studies based stand point and definitely doesn’t. Just in his review of Game Changers he talks trash about meat and references studies that refer to processed meats or just basically feed lot beef. None of this information applies to pasture raised, grass fed and finished, happy and healthy cows. He also references TMAO as changing the gut microbiome and putrefy in the gut but leaves out the fact that fish has higher levels of TMAO than red meat. This is directly after he says to eat more fish than red meat and praises it because the blue zones ate more fish. It’s all much more nuanced than he makes it out to be and seems to have his mind made up that red meat is bad, though there is nothing to really prove it if you eat the right kind of meat that isn’t processed or from a confined feed lot and you eat the whole animal as well as a broad spectrum of vegetables and some fruits. I could go on and on but that was enough to turn me away
Highly Recommended
Scott B 26
We have been listening to the Cabral Concept for a year. Throughout this time we have been slowly incorporating everything we have been learning into our lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has completely changed our lives. Losing weight, better sleep, less illness, etc. All of our children have shown great improvements to include their allergies going away. We are very grateful to Dr Cabral and his team for making this podcast available.
This information will change your life!
This podcast will tell you everything you would ever want to know about health and provide solutions that will allow your body to heal.
Very informative
cheryls natural options
I get so much information from Dr. Cabral. I listen to him every morning. As a holistic nutritionist and a health coach I love to get as much up to date information as possible and he delivers that!!!
What You See Is Not What You Get 🤔
Singer PG
I am one of those health-searching individuals, that when coming across Dr. Stephen Cabral and his pay-it-forward podcast, simply could not get enough of his freely shared, multi-faceted knowledge. As I started methodically working through all previous shows (starting with most recent, while also listening backwards chronologically and from the very beginning a few [or many!] episodes at a time), it was sometimes tempting to read a given title and think about skipping that one. But, what I found is that every show has unexpected “Easter Eggs” embedded within. A given title might indicate a subject I think I don’t need right then, or maybe never will personally, but upon tuning in I always get great and personal a-ha’s, background stories, fascinating tangents or just plain entertaining rants...well worth the price of admission! I am now ruined for other podcasts I used to frequent...they mostly feel inadequate, pandering to the latest “thing”, too looooooong to earn a space in my busy life, or just too one-sided for me to fully trust. I am unendingly grateful to have discovered this amazing resource! It has become my skillfully curated and POSITIVE lens to learn how to more healthfully navigate this regrettably toxic world we all strive to live in. I am happily in the Cabral Concept trenches, learning a little more each day about how to improve my health, fitness, mindset and happiness. 😊
Excellent advice for balanced health!
Learning and inspired!
I listen to at least one podcast a day and I am learning so much! Each podcast inspires me to better myself. I am so happy I found this podcast because it has changed my life!
Incredible podcast
Dr Cabral’s podcast is so so helpful in teaching and guiding us to wellness. He is a wealth of information. He has studied so many different types of medicine and teaches us through the podcast about them all. Helping people based on what is going on with their bodies at that particular time. Thank you 😊 Dr. Cabral for sharing your knowledge with us. Domine’ IHP in training Certified PT , Certified group exercise instructor, certified Nutrition consultant
Love this podcast!
YES LIFE w/ Elise
I’m so happy I discovered your podcast Dr Cabral! You knowledge and wisdom is extensive and your willingness to share it is deeply appreciated!
Common sense Health
Very helpful and USEFUL wellness information for the every day person that makes sense! Thanks Dr Cabral!
The best podcast
Lauren deck
Dr Cabral is truly amazing. It is such a wealth of information. I look forward to this podcast every day.
I’m a 14 year old boy and love weightlifting, eating healthy and living a great life! I recently found this podcast through my cousin who is also into weightlifting and eating healthy. I listen to one podcast everyday and I’m loving it. I’m slowly changing what I eat and I’m learning more about other health topics! Keep up the great work.
Best Podcast
So informative and trustworthy!
Lots of info, too much work to listen to
Jennifer from PA
Dr. Cabral is a treasure trove of health information, and he is an asset to the podcast community for spreading his knowledge for free. However, I have had to stop listening to his podcast because I find that it takes him forever to delve into the core topic of the day—he repeats so much from his previous episodes or there is so much ‘set-up’ until he gets to the point. Please, Dr. Cabral, you have a *daily* podcast, you don’t have to tell your life story or go through the spiel about the state of our health care system in every episode. I often found myself fast forwarding several minutes until he touches on the actual topic of the episode. It doesn’t help that his voice is loud and grating. I used to listen every morning but have had to stop because I found his voice makes me anxious and I get frustrated with the repetition. Wish there were transcripts I could read instead.
Great education on taking control of your health
I began listening to this podcast about 2 months ago and have found it profoundly informative and interesting. I believe strongly in the integrative approach to health and value these types of podcasts that share information in concise formats. I have encouraged two of my friends and my sisters to listen to you as well. Thank you for the good work you and your team do for the public.
Dr. Wendy
Dr. Wendy B.
I can’t thank Dr. Cabral and his staff enough for all they do! It has changed the life of my family and me! No more headaches, or CBO. It has changed the way I practice pharmacy. Thanks to all of you!
Getting Healthy Naturally
Dr. Cabral and his team have helped me immensely. Love his podcasts and teaching. Free advice and get well, what more could you ask.
Case studies
The case studies are great. I’d love to hear a case on low progesterone and maybe what happened to the case after following the protocol. Were they successfully able to increase progesterone? What steps dod they take after protocol to continue on a successful track?
Do you really want to improve your health?
My biggest hope for humanity is that some day (SOON) the information shared by practitioners like Dr. Cabral will become common knowledge! It’s hideous how unwell you will become if you follow the advice of a *typical* American MD. Listen here if you want to improve your health. 🙂
Love it!
Dr. Cabral is amazing and one of a kind. His daily episodes are interesting, inspiring and motivating. I would definitely recommend everyone listen to it!!!
Love this podcast. I am learning so much about taking control of my health. I love all the information that Dr. Cabral has been freely giving and how caring and compassionate he is about peoples health and wellness. I look forward to learning more.
So Glad I Found This Podcast
I’ve wasted so much money over the years on junk supplements hoping to get specific results to only be disappointed. I wish I would’ve known about Dr Cabral years ago. His products are the best and the fact that he has a team in place to help clients figure out what’s needed through lab testing dramatically improves my chances of getting the results I’m looking for.
Love this podcast, I look forward to it every week! It’s so comforting finding a doctor who looks beneath the surface and truly cares instead of handing you a pill over and over that isn’t working. Thanks Dr. for your time and efforts!
LaLa Cooper
Like many, I’m a life long student. Dr Cabral’s podcasts feed my inner craving for knowledge in the integrative health area. Yes I am already an IHP student but it’s more than that... dr Cabral’s gives his heart and soul to his audience. That is What make his practice stand out in the crowd!!!😃
Best of the best
Dr. Cabral is genuine, knowledgeable and an incredible educator. I am so lucky I found this podcast and community!!!
You are Here
Wendy Maguire
I cannot reccomened Dr. Cabral and his Team enough and this is coming from someone who has always been "healthy," never been over weight other than baby wieght, and the 5 pounds here or there. Looking at me over the years, everyone thought I was healthy and fit and I thought I too. However on the inside, my body was struggleing to keep the balance. Little things and issues would arrise then go away like heart pains, so weird, unidentified infection in my leg that had me hospitalized, cholesterol at 200 but ratio's were so great that the Dr.s said I was in athlete shape. They balmmed it on family history probably but I am adopted so there woudl be no verification. I would exercise and feel like more is better then feel so tired after, but then, everyone would say "well of course you are tired, you just rode your bike 100 miles!" But, it was a "different tired". My body has been out of whack since high school! If I had known this information 40 years ago (I'm 53), I would have saved hundreds of hours obsessing about the number on the scale and my next meal! I think I would have acheived even better resuts in my sports. This is one of MANY amazing podcasts that have changed my life and sent me on a path of integrative nutritional health coaching called "You are Here" taking you to your route for health and wellness. I have worked with the health coaches one on one and taken the various tests and believe I have halted and slowed the deficiencies and aging process in their tracks! This has been proven through re-testing a year after. So, I will share the information with my clients and hopefully young women in order to live their best life and stirve to reach their hights self daily. Thank you Dr. Cabral and His team for their undselfish giving of information and time in theor lives to help us!
My new favorite/ must listen podcast
This podcast of Dr. Cabral’s seems to incorporate all the different methodologies of healthcare - it is no- nonsense, relevant with something for everyone and fast paced enough to keep my attention.
Must listen - changed my life!
This podcast absolutely changed my life. After years of searching for a way to get healthy, Dr. Cabral’s podcasts, books and community have resonated with me in a way that has truly changed my life permanently and I can not recommend enough.
Beyond thankful for all of this information you share so freely. You’re so awesome Doc!
Wealth of information!!!
My favorite podcast!! I Listen to Dr Cabral every day, so kind of him to share all this valuable info absolutely free! Thank you Dr.Cabral and the Team! Much Love!
One stop for best exercise and nutrition info
Ima RooToo
My go to expert for many years. Thank you, Dr. Cabral, for all of your help through the years.
Great information
Thank you for all your work and useful information!
Dr. Cabral’s level of knowledge is unprecedented!
I’ve listened to hundreds of Dr. Cabral’s podcasts over the past several months and I have learned so much. He has everything you would want in a functional medicine doctor: he reads over 150 books a year related to health; he has studied medicine all over the world; he is a prolific researcher; he has fine-tuned the art of reading lab tests to quickly be able to hone in on the root cause of a medical issue; he researches existing supplements to find the most effective, and formulates supplements to create the best when someone else hasn’t. And most importantly, he gives away his knowledge daily for free. Why? Because he cares! I don’t say this because he says so, I say this because it becomes very evident after you have listened to him on several of his podcasts. He fills me with knowledge every morning when I make my wife and I our smoothies, and every evening when I cook dinner. I call him my cooking buddy! Thank you Dr. Cabral—your messages are being heard and acted upon.
Amazing information!
I originally found Dr. Cabral’s podcast through a family member. They shared it with my because of my love for everything alternative medicine. I never leave reviews and usually get bored with most podcasts because it’s things I already have heard however Stephen continues to bring new information every day. He also is so enthusiastic and humble which is very refreshing. Overall he is just trying to get the information out there so people can hopefully improve their life. Listening to this podcast is the highlight of my day and something I always look forward too! Can’t get enough!! If I could give him a 10 star review I would☺️
Must listen!
I highly reccommend! I love how quickly the podcast runs through topics because it allows you to soak up even more information! I can't get enough, and wish I found this podcast sooner!
Love it!!!!
Luna & Sunny
I really enjoy this podcast!!!!! I never leave reviews unless I highly recommend it. I tend to get bored very easily and my attention span is short. However, with Dr. Cabral I am totally engaged and most of his podcasts on 30 mins or less which is ideal in my book. Those 30 mins are packed with so much information and he gets to point right away. 🙌🏼👏🏼
Brennan Lau
By far my favorite podacst. Dr. Cabral is insanely knowlegable when it comes to our health and the underlying root cause of symptoms. I feel like its been a huge blessing in my life stumbling upon this podcast 3 months ago. I love how realistic and rational he is. He is never fear based and always positive and encouraging. Always hopeful! Thank you Dr. Cabral for sharing your passion with so many!
Wonderful podcast :)
I love this podcast, and listen several times a week. I have only been exposed to Dr. Cabral’s work for the last 3 months but Wow! I have learned so much about health and wellness. I love his nurturing approach to answering questions and his mission to bring health and wellness to the people. Thanks Dr. Cabral! You’ve been a great resource!
I’ve been listening to Dr. Cabral daily for almost three months now. He is fantastic and has such a wealth of knowledge! Thank you Dr. Cabral for literally helping thousands of lives!
Favorite podcast by far!!
I start every morning listening to this podcast!! dr. cabral is a fountain of information! This is a daily podcast, that has different themes for each day (I love every theme). This podcast is truely amazing! Dr. Cabral makes understanding your body easy. Everything thing he says makes so much sense! I was able to transform my body with the advice from this podcast! 10/10
I found Dr. Cabral's podcast a couple of months ago and I’m hooked! I absolutely love the way he delivers the content and makes it easy to understand. He’s helped better my life through using his detox and countless recommendations! I love to go through and search podcasts on a specific topic then binge ! I look forward to listening to it everyday and is one of the only ones I listen to everyday! Thanks Dr Stephen Cabral!
Listen like it's my day job
After discovering The Cabral Concept, I quickly became addicted to the show and I'm taking steps to heal cystic acne, anxiety, and issues with constipation and bloating through recommendations provided in the podcasts. Dr. Cabral is engaging, enthusiastic, and I love that all his research and practice methods are backed by science, lab testing, and years of experience in his practice with clients.
Exactly what I'd been looking for!
Finally an approach that makes sense, getting to the root causes of dis-ease, instead of masking the symptoms with pharmaceuticals, allowing your body to heal itself. The Motivation & Mindset Mondays are also amazing, inspiring, and educational. A vast wealth of knowledge being shared quite generously here! Thank you so much Dr. Cabral for all that you do!
Cabral is not in fact a licensed doctor- deceitful and shamefull to be misleading people imo
From all my research I can find no evidence ANYWHERE that "Dr. Cabral" is a licensed naturopathic doctor. Licensing is public information, and there is infrastructure and regulations around licensure for NDs. I am appalled that he cites having "doctoral degree in Naturopathy". Naturopathic Doctors go to accredited medical school, pass national board exams, complete residencies, and much more. What "Dr. Cabral" is doing is diluting what it means to be a Naturopathic Doctor. The issue is that he is calling himself a doctor when he is, in fact, NOT a licensed doctor. It is deceitful to the people seeking his consult
Incredible & SO informative for both Body & Mind!
Nicci N
I've been listening to Dr. Cabral's podcasts daily for several years now. I've even gone back and relistened to several as issues pop up amongst myself, family members & friends. I can't believe how knowledgable he is about EVERYTHING. Any issue you have, he has a solution for how to get to the root cause. It is inspiring for everyone regardless of age or level of health complications. I love that his main mission is to EDUCATE both the patient and any practioners that are out there listening as well. He's not just trying to just sell his product line or promote one specific lab company. This really gives him credibility. And I love that he even continues to further his own education by reading stacks of new books every month to stay on top of all the new discoveries and clinical studies in science and medicine. If you listen to this podcast there's no doubt you'll improve you and your family's lives in so many ways.
The most genuine teacher I have found!
Pam Terrell
This is the best podcast, bar none! I love that Dr. Cabral is open minded, does tons of research, combines healing modalities such as Ayurveda & Functional Medicine & Chinese Medicine, and distills encyclopedias of information into layman's terms to help all who are looking to help their bodies heal.
Refreshing option to traditional healthcare
I love to listen to Dr Cabral. He has an incredible wealth of knowledge on natural remedies. The way he digs deeper into an illness to find the root cause as opposed to just prescribing a medication to cover up the symptoms makes complete sense and is quite interesting!
Learn something every time
Absolutely love this podcast! Best thing is Dr. Cabral's genuine, unbiased and great commitment to everyone’s wellbeing. He has changed my lifestyle to a definite healthier one. Feeling my best ever! A genuine thank you!
Love love love
This ISSSS the missing link! This guy has the true passion to bring this information to the masses💕🙌🏻. He’s real and respectful & honors our time and his time. This podcast is like a giant on going course in natural living 💕💕🥬🥦 so thankful I found this!!
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