1058: Life's Challenges Rant!, Carbs Before Workout, Crop Spraying Toxins, Meters, Blood Sugar Testing, Hormone Replacement (HouseCall)
Published December 29, 2018
27 min
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    Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

    This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

    Check out today's questions: 

    Suzan: Dear dr Cabral and team, Im a nutritionist living in Abu Dhabi, and im SUPER interested in your new training program. Please sign me up!!! I'd also love to book a detox plus appointment with you, so please guide me on how to do that.
    So grateful for all you do, in health, suzan

    Rachel: Hi Dr Cabral, Thnk you for all that you do; I am OBSESSED with your work and teachings! What are guidelines for what foods and what time you should eat before and after working out? My trainer told me carbs 1 hour before, and protein within 30 mins after. Is that right? Sometimes I feel better working out on an empty stomach, but I’ve heard that I’ll get a better workout if I eat before, even if that means eating at 530am.... And sometimes I’m not hungry for an hour after working out. Do I need to eat sooner than that? What is more, the additional food consumption before and directly after working out increases my total caloric intake for the day, and I’m not trying to get larger.. Your advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

    Dee: Hi Dr Cabral We recently moved to Nebraska and there are corn and soybean fields as far as the eye can see. I’m concerned with how being in a highly sprayed area will affect our health.
    Do you have any suggestions on things we could do to combat the increased exposure to pesticides in the air? Thanks very much. Dee  

    Leah: Hello, I put my email for the IHP Charter Member launch. I realized that it will (at this moment) launch in 20 hrs and in about 10 hours I will be taking in a Jewish holiday which wont allow us to use any electronics until Tuesday (sundown). I am not sure what qualifies someone to get accepted as a student but it is something I am very interested in becoming apart of as I am a huge fan of Dr. Cabral and what he believes in. So my question is how can I be proactive about trying my best to better my chances in being one of the lucky 100 students. Thank you so much! Leah

    Cathy: I saw you on Lloyd Burrell's EMF summit. Your book looks to be written for the lay person and will be extremely informative to me as a novice to this issue. I'd like to start with an EMF meter. On the summit you avoided providing a brand name. Can you recommend a brand and where to buy a meter as I start my adventure in detecting and eliminating EMFs in my home. Thank you.

    Lindsay: Hope all is well! I just watched a very interesting video featuring Dr. Cabral and had a followup question and was hoping someone could help me! In the video he talks about ectomorph vs. endomorph body types and testing your blood sugar in the morning when you wake up, after you eat, after you work out, etc... Does he have any articles or podcasts on this topi? I want to test my blood sugar in the morning when I wake up (I believe I wake up with very low blood sugar) but I wouldn't even know what is considered "low" or a healthy range for after a meal, after a work out, etc...I would truly appreciate more insight on this topic. I am sure you get an overwhelming about of questions and comments, but I hope to hear back from you soon! Best,Lindsay

    Christianne:  Hi Dr. Cabral: I've been listening daily for months now to your podcast and appreciate them so very much. I've also recommended you and your teachings to so many friends/family. Have so much gratitude for you and your team - thank you!! I finally ordered the three tests you recommended for me when you answered my question about distention and bloat after eating in a recent HouseCall podcast. I'll be doing the organic acids / food sensitivity / stool tests as soon as I receive them in the mail. I'm crossing my fingers the 60 min consult will be with you. Possibly related, but maybe another issue entirely is my estrogen dominance. I just listened to the podcast from today about losing the last 5lbs. I feel like you were talking directly to me ;) !! I know from having my functional physician here in Miami run tests on me that I'm estrogen dominant, so in other words, my progesterone is low. She initially diagnosed me with hypothyroid, put me on thyroid meds, then when that wasn't making a huge difference and my periods were still super irregular, she put me on progesterone hormone on cycle days 14 thru first day of my period. My cycle is now way more regular, but I'M STILL FEELING AND SEEING INFLAMMATION! Especially in my hips, midsection. I have a feeling you are going to suggest the thyroid / adrenal lab test, however, will the results even be accurate given the two medications I'm taking? Would you recommend that I stop taking both meds, wait until they are out of my system and then do that test? i'm pretty terrified of the weight gain and low energy that might creep back.This is all so crazy to me because I'm the healthiest person I know! Diet excellent (i'm a health forward chef recently graduated from Natural Gourmet Institute), exercise a good amount (6x week including yoga and i'm a former fitness instructor), I meditate, have an amazing family and friends, stress is managed, etc.As a FYI: I'm 44 years old, about 125-128lbs and 5'3" but my normal happy weight is closer to 118. Whatever I do I cannot get back to my normal, happy less-inflamed body. Thanks for any suggestions you might have! Christianne. P.S. I'm also a Boston native :) Grew up in Brookline! But please open a practice here in Miami.


    Thank you for tuning into today's Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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