1044: Blood Type Vs. Dosha, Meat Only Diet, FM Testing, Mucuna Pruriens, ME Symptoms, Vata Weight Loss, Ear Candling, IgE Desensitization (HouseCall)
Published December 15, 2018
26 min
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    HouseCall Intro for Libsyn For Saturday

    Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

    This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

    Check out today's questions: 

    Jake: Hi Dr. Cabral, I have been really getting into your podcasts on Ayurvedic Medicine, and have really been getting into the doshas/body types. I really am seeing some trends amongst friends, family, and myself depending on body type. I have read a lot of the blood type diet and I am wondering if there are any correlations with Ayurvedic Medicine and blood type or the blood type diet? Thank you! 

    Natalie: Hi Dr. Cabral, I'm hearing a lot of banter around the "meat only" diet. People often reference the inuit communities to support the long term efficacy. I would love to hear your perspective. Thank you so much!

    Kylie: Hi Stephen and team, I wanted to make enquiries with regards to your functional lab testing and coaching call included and then also your private concierge practice. I have been suffering with chronic illness for a number of years, two years ago I became so unwell I had to stop working and move back home with my family. With a history of gut issues, constipation, candida, bladder infections, eating disorder etc. The year leading up to moving back home, thyroid issues, loss of periods, strepteccocus overgrowth of 96%, liver congestion and my bowel stopped functioning completely on its own. I have tried many things and always learn to a more wholistic natural approach, I have definitely healed in many ways in the last few years but still my bowel requires daily supplements of herbals to function, I have lost a lot of weight due to not absorbing nutrients, I react easily to food and am on restricted foods no grain, limited protein, just fruit and vegetable all fresh and organic, I also react to many supplements and always have to approach with care, I still have thyroid issues and gut issues, and suffer exhaustion as well as nausea, cramping etc. I have been considering getting some of your tests done and was wondering if the cost is in US dollars? I am in Australia. And also the hair mineral analysis test, this doesn't work if you have coloured hair from hair dye does it? I also wanted to ask what tests you find are most beneficial, I was drawn toward the thyroid, and organic acids testing. But wanted to know what is recommended, cost is a consideration for me as well having spent so much on my health. I also wanted to ask re you private coaching and if this is an option how far in advance it is booked out, and is this also US dollars?I have been looking at your supplements and also different protocols, Saccharoyces boulardii I am actually allergic too and have tried in the past can you not use this if you do get testing and suggestions and perhaps something else be offered.Also how does the call work included in the functional lab tests if you are in Australia with time differences? Is it just one call you get?Thanks so much

    Darrell: Hey Dr. Cabral. Great show. Thank you for this. It has been a life changer for me, my family & friends. I'm writing from Tobago. I've used your search bar before asking and haven't seen anything on either Mucuna Pruriens or Shilajit. I heard they're both used un ayurvedic medicine. What are their benefits and do you recommend it for say a male in his late 20's (or anyone for that matter).

    Javier: Dear, Mr. Cabral. This is Javier (24 years old) from Peru - South America. It was hard to find a person that finally understands my symptoms but finally I found you so far from my country. Let's get to the point. Ive been following a Candida Diet for about 3 months at the request of my doctor. I experienced some kind of improvement the first month but I've felt little progress since then. I continue with the same symptoms: strong fatigue, muscular pains, difficulties from just getting up from the chair, walking and any kind of movements; long list of food sensitivities, but the most surprising fact for me is that I have so many difficulties in talking to people and reading and I also get sick very easily and frequently out of nothing. Ive already listened to some of your podcasts and I have run a Organic Acids Test in Great Plains Laboratory whose results will be ready in about 2 weeks. My question is what can I expect from these weird symptoms that have me deeply worried. I'd also love you to tell me what sources of carbohydrates I am allowed to eat during this Candida Cleanse Diet (maybe beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, berries, maca root, low glycemic fruits?), because I've been on a Keto Diet for 3 months and it seems far too long period of time for me since Im practicing weightlifting 4 days in a week (to keep my health and self-confidence up during this difficult times) and my thyroid profile is kind of low according to some blood tests I did a couple of weeks ago specially my T3 levels (1.81 pg/ml) Thank you so much in advance. Sincerely,Javier 

    Sunny: Hi there! I have two questions:
    I think that I am a Vata-Pitta body type (primarily Vata), and am struggling to lose weight. In your podcast about diet plans, the Vata plan is geared more towards those who lose weight easily, however I need a plan that focuses on losing weight. So, would starches in the morning and grounding foods still be okay on the diet? Can you give more tips for Vata weight loss? Also, Will you be offering the Dosha body type analysis service to listeners? In one of your previous podcasts, you mentioned that we could send in photos for your team to analyze and come back with the correct dosha body type. I would love this!

    Adrianne: Dr. Cabral, Do you recommend or have any feedback on ear candling? I did it for the first time a couple weeks ago with positive results, but I would appreciate your thoughts. I was surprised it hadn't come up in 900 episodes. I am 37 years young and getting younger everyday, now that I am armed with your knowledge. The concept of removing toxicities, replacing deficiencies, and re-balancing the body, has been transnational for my family! T h a n k y o u !

    Anonymous: Hi, Is it possible to get rid of some (or all) IgE food/environmental allergies? I have gone through some of the previous podcasts where you discuss IgG sensitivities going away after healing the gut, but does that apply to IgE reactions as well? I do not have the financial means to get functional medicine lab testing at this time or to see a functional medicine practitioner, but I am curious to know if, in general, IgE allergies can theoretically go away.
    If it is not possible for IgE allergies to go away, is it okay to eat the foods I'm mildly allergic to (no anaphylaxis) or should they all be avoided because they will increase inflammation?
    Thank you so much.

    Thank you for tuning into today's Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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