1030: Perioral Dermatitis, PCOS Testing, Fix Female Hormones, Skin Rash, Coffee Substitute, IHP Coaching Career (HouseCall)
Published December 1, 2018
24 min
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    Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows!

    This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track!

    Check out today's questions: 

    Paul:  Hello Dr. Cabral, I'm an 18 year old male and I've been struggling with perioral dermatitis and acne for the past 2-3 months. Today I visited the dermatologist and she prescribed me an antibiotic pill (doxycycline) as well as two facial creams, but I'm aware of the many negative effects an antibiotic can have on my gut so I am very reluctant to try this method to clear my condition. I know that leaky gut could be the main reason my skin has flared up like this. I would much rather prefer the natural approach to my help skin (and possibly my gut), but I do not know where to start or how to maintain the correct diet and lifestyle to help myself. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Paul

    Tessa: Hi Doctor Cabral! I can't thank you enough for doing these house calls! You have no idea how many tips I got just listening to you answering other people's questions. And now I wanted to submit mine: I just heard I have PCOS, and have done a saliva hormone test with a local naturopath just to check my levels. All of the hormones, including Estradiol, are more or less in a normal range. Only Estriol was extremely high (about 3 times as high as the normal). I want to redo this hormone test with one of yours when you start shipping to Europe this Fall, but in the meantime, could you maybe tell me if it's harmful having Estriol that is super high? And if so, advise on how I could start lowering it? I eat a healthy, plant based diet, and started supplementing with DIM, fish oil, zinc and vitamins D and C.. thanks to your suggestions :) Thanks so much in advance!

    Jessica: Hi there, my name is Jessica and I live in Dallas,TX. I came across Dr. Cabral in the last month as my internal conditions have been getting worse - fatigue, hives, internal heat, etc. I am wondering if you offer consultations via email/Skype as I am not local. Please let me know what options there may be as I have tried alternative treatments and nothing seems to resolve the issue. Thank you!

    Denise: Hi, I love your podcasts and appreciate all the great information. I am estrogen dominant and have had a complete histarectomy and don't know how to fix the hormone imbalance. I was wondering if dim or anything else would help. Any advice would truly be appreciated. Sincerely Denise

    Alec: Hi an thank you for the work that you are doing. I have an odd migrating skin irritation / rash that I am experiencing for the second time. The first was about 2 1/2 years ago. Almost identical manifestation both times. Both times now it began around my left eye, expanded and inch below the eye in a circular shape, and on the top eye lid in the folds. And over the past few months has looked slightly better on the left eye, but has migrated to my right eye to the same level of redness and inflammation as when it began around my left eye. It seems to be mirroring the first side. I eat well, eliminate well and regularly twice/day, no processed foods, i cook all my food from scratch, organic always, eliminated alcohol. What I have done extra over the past few months since this came up. Started at my MD then to a dermatologist who perscribed 2.5% hydrocortisone ointment. That didn't and still doesn't clear it up so I moved on. Blood and Food sensitivity panel and eliminated those foods showing reactions. Still do. First thought from my ND was candida based on sensitivity panel. So I took a 14 day round of fluconozole. That destroyed me, took many weeks to get my digestion and elimination back to regular. I followed the pharmaceuticals with 8 weeks of herbal supplement containing berberine and a few others designed for candida from my ND. During this process I herd you speak about the importance of biofilm disruptors, and added it to the protocol I was already exploring. 8 weeks in total with candida herbs and biofilm enzymes. Still have the imflammation and slight rash. So now I am wondering if it is topical bacterial? I read the rain barrel effect! My score was a 39. About to do 14 day detox and empty this barrel of accumulated stuff. Wondering if you have any recommendations for next step testing. Thank you for your work, Alec

    Jess: Couple questions! 1. What is your favorite coffee substitute that taste like coffee Ideally instant so u can just add hot Water 2. Is instant Organic coffee bad ? 3. Pain in left groin 2 days before period- what could this be? 4. Thoughts on sepia 30c 3 daily for pms? 5. Only 30 and pain in liver area day after drinking 3 alcoholic drinks.  Thank you! I know a little all over the place

    Verity: Hello there, Firstly thank you for all that you & your team do. I am deeply grateful for stumbling across your podcasts, with your wealth of knowledge & wisdom you help so many from around the globe. From the bottom on of my heart, thank you. I would love to get more information to become a Wellness Coach Practitioner through your Institute. I'm a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and completing my B.Heath Science - Naturopathy degree. Cabral Concept than I have my whole year in Naturopathy. I have another 3 years left, and I'm finding it sterile and missing the that you offer. The passion, the drive, the love of helping people is missing. I would to be able to represent you & the evolving movement that is functional medicine.
    I've listening to as many podcasts as I can, and the fact that you state that your degree may not have been exactly key hit home. For me it's not about the paper at the end but the knowledge and wisdom I acquire along the way. My purpose is to help people achieve their best. Through wellness coaching I am able to offer that. I would love to work with you, Again, sincerely thank you for all that you do. Regards Verity

    Thank you for tuning into today's Cabral HouseCall and be sure to check back tomorrow where we answer more of our community’s questions!

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