I live in Maine and I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to the end of the episode about the case in Maine (fishing trip; three people went and one came back).
I love the sound & feel of this podcast. The crimes are interesting, but the best thing is the convicted get what they deserve double quick! Richard O. Jones has an addicting voice!
Love this narrator
Wow! It’s like listening to an old story teller from some other time! I love this!
My nightly dose of true crime
When I first opened my family, I really didn’t pay much attention to the stories as I like the voice of host Richard O Jones, as it is relaxing to sleep too. However within a month I found myself paying attention and looking forward to each episode. Great podcast.
I listen to many true crime podcasts. Some are awesome, some are awful, some are political and judgmental but thus one sneaks up on you. I enjoy it greatly. I like the way he tells the story. He pulls me into the family that suffered the loss. Or into the mindset of the criminal. Well done! You have a new fan. Keep up the good work
Terrible narrator in Season 2
PW from GR
My first listen was season 2 episode 1. Colleen is so monotone as to completely detract from the story. Every sentence is exactly the same cadence. Next!
Bad form. Poor editing. Time to find a new podcast
One thing I noticed immediately was the lack of editing. He reads a line then repeats it as if someone is going to go back and delete the poor delivery but never does. I listen to this show when I want to relax but it got more tedious as more advertisements for the other app with all the backlog catalog. I d/l this crap of an app and only 40 of almost 340 episodes are there and won’t play in chronological order. I’m finding a new show. I don’t like being misled. If you’re going to make big changes like that you should be prepared to go back and edit the info, or put out some announcement every few episodes during the transition. I’ve heard nothing about changing the catalog’s location or price. ENOUGH. I’ll find another true crime show to like. It’s not like a unique category. I pay for podcasts I believe deserve it. Not by being blackmailed.
My first Rodeo
This was the first true crime podcast I ever listened to. I was impressed by Richard O Jones delivery and impeccable research, as well as a sense of humor that’s identical to my own. My wish is that this show reaches a wider audience
Love the style
He sounds like Jimmy Stewart, it reminds me of listening to an old time radio show.
Love it
Great story telling
Oh my goodness, how boring these are. I get that old stories have little to research, but sheesh. So boring.
Historical crime
Lee Geranios
I like your podcast the best of them all. If you bash Devin Nunes again I’m done. I was going to give you money. Reconsidering.
Excellent podcast!! But....
I really enjoy listening to Richard O Jones tell the stories from old news papers, he reads the stories well. But I get so tired of give me some money please with a volunteer pay subscription. Then does the advertisement for ( I forgot the name) food delivery to your door and when you sign up you get 3 free meals “on me”. Basically saying he is paying for the meals, but sorry Richard O Jones you’re not the only place to get this offer from the food delivery service. I give you 5 stars for the way you present this podcast as you have the perfect voice for it.
Keep the Stories coming.....
Im sleepless
This is my favorite 'bedtime' story-podcast. Really enjoy the obscure and the well known stories that Richard O Jones finds and shares with us.
History with a twist
Toni 101
Different kind of true crime podcast - fascinating look at yesteryear’s criminals
So much fun...
It may take a listen or two to grasp Mr. Jones’ style, but well worth the wait. Very contagious and informative. Great for history fans as well, I love these glimpses of (in)humanity from earlier times.
Takes you back
Love each episode. Have listened since the beginning, thought I had done a review, sorry Mr Jones! In a time when everything is visual, TCH takes you back when print was the news method of the day. Each case is thoroughly researched and described where you get your own visual. Great story telling takes you to the scene. I even enjoy the music and sounds, adds to the nostalgic feel. Hope there are many more to come!
Okey dokey then.
History nerd, true crime fan and old time radio guy. This podcast is the best of all worlds. Thanks man, your alright. Update, seems to have lost something in the past 5-6 months.
Okey dokey then.
History nerd, true crime fan and old time radio guy. This podcast is the best of all worlds. Thanks man, your alright. Update, seems to have lost something in the past 5-6 months.
Very enjoyable
Unique true crime podcast. Great storytelling and voice. The stories are in-depth and charming and a twisted sort of way.
Great stories and insight into the past
I love this podcast for a few reasons: the true crime, of course, but also the fascinating insight into how crimes have been portrayed by the media over the span of roughly a hundred years (the crimes have all, to my knowledge, taken place between 1860 and 1960), how attitudes change in that time and how different the coverage is from today. And it updates twice a week most weeks! I also love the current setup, opening with a reading from an article which gradually fades into that drum and violin music. Very catchy and fits the mood excellently.
True Crime Historian is fascinating.
Thank you so much for the recent fascinating Lizzie Borden account written by Edmund Pearson in the 1920s. So well done by you. I’ve listened to it twice. This is my favorite podcast. Richard Jones combs old American newspapers and selects passages to read that tell the reported versions of obscure and not so obscure true crimes. Fascinating and addicting. Great voice and I love the music and sound effects. Keep up the great work, Richard!
This is really bad
Love History
Enjoy this program so much. Helps me through my illness by getting my mind on these historical crimes. Program very well done.
Great Melodramatic Fun
This podcast brings sordid bits of the past to vivid life through old time journalism, meaning more colorful than is now considered proper. The tales range from frontier Americana to smoky '40s Noir. Leisurely and relaxing and interesting. Give it a try. And, let's give everyone a pass on the background music--maybe there's a bit too much of it but kinda so what.
Ohio history
This podcast is the best. I live in Ohio love to here of all the old stories from the towns in Ohio. This podcast definitely helps with the hour drive to and from work. And definitely check out the Dillinger series so fascinating.
Sorry not Sorry True Crime Brewery
This guy is great and he takes you though the whole historical crime scene as it were The Delorean from Back to the Future from the ‘what ? Why ? how ?’ All the way to the end if you too anyone else stop and listen to him highly recommend this podcast !!! Do it !!!!!
Amazing Podcast
penny auntie
I really love listening to your podcast. I am seriously going to buy your two dollar stories and please continue the great work.
Urss Graff
This guy’s delivery is so boring I never have a clue what’s happening, it’s just a bunch of words
Classic Style
Cowgirl Prof
Podcaster reads news stories about crimes in history. Good voice. Minimalist but compelling. Really enjoy the stories and the use of real news.
I'm not good at reviews so I'll just say this is addicting and very well done, Great Podcast!!
Old Crime
It's all old material that the host organizes and reads as a connected story. The sheer madness of some of the stories is extremely entertaining and as they are dusty with age the stories are less disturbing than true crime serial killers from our own era. Still, there are stories that are heartbreaking. I think the way the material is written allows a trip into the past, it's not the breathless news style of today.
One of my favorite podcasts!
Gadget 17392
Ads should be in the beginning an at end So U get 1 star an I no longer subscribe
Well told tales of time far past
Mr Inquisitive
The evils that are done change little over time not surprisingly, but are well in the telling at this podcast. Just theatrical enough without being over the top.
Very good but details can be graphic
the bird lady
He warns you ahead of time but at least two of them I turmed off. The music is good. He ha a good voice and varies it per characters.The crimes are very interesting.
Amazing, brilliant and edifying
This is absolutely the best historical podcast. The research and stories are impeccable and the implications of these old time crimes is truly terrifying. The music, the mix and our great narrator are top of the podcast heap. You can’t find any true crime more interesting. I love this podcast! I am so thrilled I found it. Richard O Jones is a man to be reckoned with. A+++++++
The go to Podcast
Simply one of the best podcasts available. The narrator is great.
My go-to podcast
The wordddddd
I love this podcast. I love the host’s oddly lilting voice, his impeccable research, and the obscure stories. I listen when I’m feeling lonely, I download endless episodes for plane rides, and I fall asleep to it at night. I crack up when he randomly clears his throat and/or restarts sentences in frustration. I just have a deep, profound love for this podcast and it’s one of my favorite things in life. Love it.
Those stories + that voice = perfect
First Time Caller On The Line
Thank you, this is a great podcast. "Body in the Bayou" was one of your all time bests. Thanks for heading down to Louisiana with this one, I'd love to hear more old crime stories from that area.
Not my cup of tea
Stories are good, but the format is awful. Voice delivery is too punched up- almost comical. Not my cup of tea- sorry
Love This
Love the historical reporter-type narrative. Host has the perfect voice for it, too. Keep it up!!
Good not great
I agree with other reviewers on many positive aspects but the sound effects and music aren't very good. For example, the "wondery" sounds like a long-tailed cat at a rocking chair convention. I've also noticed the reader repeats successive newspaper accounts.
Great production and content!
It's a rareity to find a storytelling podcast where the narrator sounds natural - this guy does a great job! -- Darren (Weird Darkness)
Top Notch Entertainment!!!
podcast lover121
If you love hearing true crime this podcast will definitely have you coming back for more. The stories and production value are what you would expect and appreciate from a show like this!!
Amazing, Different
gone cold podcast
I'm totally digging the radio/film noir-style narration; it really sets the show apart from virtually every other true crime podcast out there. The attention to detail is astonishing, and I'm someone who looks for as much detail / info as possible. Love it.
Great show
Very well done!! Awesome flow!! Very awesome content!! Nick Brohio
10 Stars!!!
The Medium Matters
I am LOVING this podcast! The storytelling is amazing and on point!! Forever fan right here!!!
Love this!
What a great concept. Richard does a great job with this show. Unique stories and great story telling. Keep up the great work! Jerry and Tracy from Hillbilly Horror Stories
Fabulous idea, but…
When I found this podcast, I was very excited, because I'm very much into early American crime. And it is very interesting to listen to, but I find myself constantly wishing that the narrator would not use such histrionics with his voice. Like he's trying to make it more dramatic or something. 19th century journalists had a very florid and descriptive style – it doesn't need to be embroidered by using 'dramatic' voice characterizations. That said, I still enjoy it, but would enjoy it much more if it were read in a more neutral voice, allowing the drama inherent in the writers words to come through.
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