302 - How to Monetize Anything
Published September 18, 2018
15 min
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    In this episode of the podcast I talk about how to monetize anything. We interact with technology every single day but do not really understand the power that is has to change our lives. Today, I share with you the straight forward (not easy, but straightforward) way of using technology to make a profit from any talent or skill set that you may have.

    The internet has evolved from something that was disregarded as a “fad” into a powerful force that has literally taken over our lives. How do we use it to transform how we view work and make a living from it? In this episode you will learn to identify the larger opportunities you have with the internet and how to monetize anything.

    What are the things you care about that you wish you could monetize? Connect with me on Instagram @GreggClunis and let me know.

    In this episode you will learn:

    • The three steps that you can take to monetize anything.
    • How to assess what you are good at and determine how to make money from it.


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