Get after it
Dallas from Austin
Verbal medicine for motivation
Podcast 115 with Dakota Meyer
Ratman Michigan
This is that rare podcast where I wish it was (12) 1 hour episodes - as 3+ hours goes by in a flash. Amazing story, amazing soldier, amazing human. Much respect for both men and what they’ve done and stand for.
Charles Daly
What a man! Thank you Jocko for getting his story out. Thank you Charles for your service and for sharing.
Wow. Just wow.
Austin in Houston
From learning how to train, how to eat, how to truly love and live, how to be true to yourself. Kyle nails all that and more. The Q&As are an awesome segment, and I feel somewhat connected to him by asking a question on IG and hearing him answer it on the show. I’m definitely a subscriber until he quits doing it.
Episode 115
Wow. What an amazing story. I found myself asking out loud why wouldn’t they help him?!? The way it was told using the book as a guide was exceptional. The feeling was easily felt as you both bounced back and forth through this story. Well done. RIP to all who were lost.
Iguana #9
Anytime I’m faltering or stuck in my head, I turn here to get back towards the path. Incredibly powerful stories
Has changed my life with few words and have joined the path.
This podcast hits home for every American.
Awesome PC. Very informative or therapeutic depends on the listener. Love it sir please keep them coming sir.
Rogan brought me here, I stayed because I couldn’t turn it off.
4th year union apprentice
This is just a random review from a random listener who has never been in a battle or in the military like the podcast guests and Podcaster are known for. But I will say without any hesitation that this is sometimes the hardest thing to ever listen to as a civilian who also considers themselves patriotic. To hear accounts like these in a headphones or vehicle stereo environment almost makes you forget what you are doing at in the moment at times. I can’t listen to this at work. I’m an electrician and I know I will make a mistake when things go really deep in the guest’s extremely horrific and terrifying experiences. I’m thankful & honored to hear every one of these podcasts. And I honor those that are gone and spoken so highly of as comrades during the episodes that paid the highest cost and weren’t able to share their stories too. But in a way they get to through your guests. Love the podcast Jocko.
Hands down my favorite podcast
Jocko thanks for what you do. Started listening to strengthen leadership skills after reading Extreme Ownership. I’ve come to appreciate that the lessons are so much more, it’s about life. BTW, started the whole family training BJJ.
A must listen for modern US warriors and leaders.
Excellent conversations. Having been a combat vet, I find this very therapeutic.
Amazing & unique
Never write reviews, but this deserves to take a minute of my valuable time and appreciate for the content!
Mole, The
I started at episode one and I’m up to 182. They are all entirely too long. That being said, I listen to every second. I love all the one-liners; check! Facebookie boha! Good deal Dave.Dead lifting 8000 pounds. And I lost the bantering And ball busting by Jocko when echo talks too much.You’re making a big difference for me and I really appreciate it. Great lessons in life, leader ship and just being grateful for current circumstances. I love all the guests and book readings. Phenomenal stuff keep up the good work. Out!
Pod cast
I’ve just begun to listen to you pod cast and I’m really enjoying it. Recently I discovered your kids pod cast and now I’m playing it for my kids every Monday and Tuesday. You are a true inspiration and thank you for your service 🇺🇸
Thank you
Just want to say thank you for your service in the military and thank you for the service you are providing on this podcast by capturing all these heroes stories. I never served but I am so thankful for those who have, and to hear their stories of what the American service men and women have done and seen in times of war. It is truly eye opening. God Bless America!
Great tips for life and a good listen
Jocko, has some good ways to look at life’s positive side.
Outlaw platoon
I had read this one already and was stoked to actually listen to the author talk with jocko for 5 freaking hours . On the flip side that was a dark episode with some heavy subject matter . The job jocko n echo are doing in recording these vets stories as only someone who understands what their talking about is a great contribution to history . Can’t wait to hear Mattis when jocko gets to his new book . I’m reading it now it seems like these two know each other already. Anyway this pod cast ain’t for everyone ,but if it’s not your cup of tea, you weren’t the type of person they were looking for anyway .
This podcast has in many ways helped change my life for the better. If you open your heart and ears their are endless life lessons stored in this podcast. Highly recommend.
I’m now 44 episodes in and Jocko Podcast has made me a better person. I wish I had this knowledge 20 years ago. This episode in particular profoundly resonated and I’m deeply grateful to Jocko (and Echo) for this absolute gift of a podcast.
Jocko has been a huge influence in my life the last few years. Him and Jesus.
Jocko!!! Sick podcast, thanks for all you do!
Some advice is good, some is unrealistic
Tippy W
Caveat: I’ve only listened to the first 60 or so episodes, so I don’t know if the advice presented has changed in recent episodes. A lot of the advice given is very helpful, especially when it comes to working with other people. Many men in traditionally masculine careers are very assertive, aggressive, dominating, etc, and Jocko explains why that attitude is not productive. Awesome. However, some of his advice is unrealistic for people with families unless they have a housewife. For example, he advises to wake up early to work out, leave early so you’re the first one at work, stay late so you’re the last one to leave, then go to jiu jitsu class. If you’re single, great. I had a similar schedule when I was. But with kids, this is completely unrealistic and puts the burden of childcare and housework primarily on the wife. Sometimes this even seems to be a joke to Jocko and Echo- Jocko jokes about how frustrated his wife would get because he would come home from work and immediately turn around to go to BJJ, both dismiss women’s feelings with “just explain to her why” and I believe Echo jokes about buying flowers. I see this shrugging off of domestic responsibilities as the exact opposite of extreme ownership. I don’t see how it would be possible for two working parents to both adopt Extreme Ownership without seriously neglecting their kids. Perhaps this is touched on in episodes I haven’t yet heard, but I think a more in-depth analysis of taking ownership at home would be beneficial. In 2019, the excuse of “I can’t do it because I need to provide” isn’t really valid anymore, and men are expected to provide more than just financial support.
Jocko is the man!
Best podcast hands down for leadership and life lessons. Still waiting for the dragon weave jungle boots though!! Oh and there are caps that combine flex fit and trucker in one 🤯
A lot to learn from Jocko
I recently realized that I am a poor communicator in my marriage. I wanted to be better and I drive a lot so my best resource is purely audio so I went to the apple podcasts and typed in leadership and communication. Jocko podcast was one of the first recommendations and they nailed it! I have grown in my marriage and I’m learning to lead and use tactics that are benefiting my whole family. Thank you Jocko and Echo! I have been listening since episode 187 and started at the beginning and am currently on episode 35!
Game Changer
Nighthawk Ranch
Deep, meaningful podcast that switches up with some playful banter. Listening to the podcasts then reenforcing the messages by reading Jocko’s books and the well produced YouTube videos really has helped me be more productive, maintain a positive attitude when faced with adversity, and becoming more fit. Echo helps by bringing in a different perspective and asking Jocko to clarify military acronyms that not all are familiar with. I was blown away by the first podcast I heard with John Stryker Myer, I went back to podcast 1 and working my way through all now. I have gained something from everyone. Thank you Jocko, Echo, and his guest!
Best! F-ing Podcast!
Ex---14 district in Chicago!
Read extreme ownership then decided to listen to the podcast started from the very first podcast. Catching up currently on podcast 101. Get after it ! Out!
Flanked my life
I found this podcast by mistake. As I have listened more and more I have found my entire mindset changing. I am a former marine that was just existing. I was successful by most standards but unhappy. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t just be happy. As I have listened I slowly started getting up earlier and earlier, eating better and better. My relationship with my son has gotten better. I have smiled more and more. Thank you for showing me how to take my mindset in the most positive direction since I was in active service.
mailman c
Love the podcast Jocko!! Keep it up
Jocko is the best
Love his books. Love his message.
Jocko for president
Need I say more. Get some. Jocko2020
Vietnam Vet
Love this podcast, have been listening for quite some time. Really Enjoy the interviews, especially the Vietnam stories. Thank you for your service!
I’m gonna go ahead and say it. I know you all are thinking it. Jocko for President!!!!! Strength and character!!!! Integrity. The antidote for Donald Trump. Jocko is the epitome of what we need in a President. Save us Jocko
Good Evening Echo
This podcast combined with Extreme Ownership, the Dichotomy of Leadership, and soon the Field Manual powered me to a 4.27GPA in my most recent semester and 4.07 overall. I began listening around the time of podcast 170 but decided to start a 1 after a few podcasts and I can’t find something I’d change. Jocko and Echo are an ideal tandem, keep up the “GOOD” work men, thanks for all your help.
This is the only thing you need to hear
Father, BJJBB, Cyclist, Leader
Combined with Extreme Ownership, I CANNOT FAIL IN LIFE. 🤙🏽
Great podcast, thanks Jocko!
Really good stuff
Jocko does a great podcast and interviews very interesting people that would not get a public voice except for this show. The information is inspiring and useful.
Jocko helped me take charge of my life
I had listened to a few recent podcasts here and there and I really enjoyed them. I liked it so much I went back to the beginning and started from podcast 1. I’m currently on 48. I’ve taken a lot of the life lessons and applied them and finally started taking care of myself, working out, and being a more effective person at work. Listening to Jocko is the greatest thing I ever did for myself. Edit: After a bit of a hiatus, I came back and started charging through the rest of the podcasts. Currently on 186 and about to be finishing up.
Git some!
Really enjoy the interviews, book reviews and insights from the podcast. I laughed I (almost) cried, I got an extra little dose of motivation to get after it! Also love the banter between Jocko & Echo as well, congratulations on the black belt promotion Echo.
Literally, if I can only listen to one podcast for the rest of time, it’d be this one.
Turning People’s Lives Around
I’ve only listened to a few podcasts, but these are the kind of men that will shape people’s lives for the better. Through knowledge, humility, truth, and integrity. Advocating playing the long game in life. Guys like yourself and Echo, along with the likes of Dr. Jordan Peterson are doing great things for the mentalities of men and women that seek out guidance and growth. I’ve seen your influence help get a buddy from my time in the Marines to turn his life around. Thanks for doing what you do, it’s important for the betterment of mankind overall.
Thank you.
Than you so much for sharing your experience and reflections. I recently started listening to podcasts to lighten up my drive time between patients and I’m so drawn to this station as I love to hear the stories and perceptions of America’s finest hero’s! Thank you for sharing!!!
This should be on everyone’s playlist
Update: Just keeps getting better. Sound quality...Banter after the main content (echo is awesome)...all of it... Original comment: **Categorized incorrectly.** This is not a business podcast. This is a life changing podcast. I love it. (40yr old vet.) But so do my wife and teenage daughters. Jocko and Echo are awesome. This podcast is motivating, entertaining, and informative. The episodes I’ve heard are mostly combat based, however, Jocko applies every point to regular life, leadership, humility, and balance. Can’t recommend this enough.
Outstanding War Stories
The podcast with John Stryker Meyer and Sean Parnell are phenomenal. The way Parnell tells it, totally unfiltered and not PC at all. “We lit those motherfuc@&rs up”. I could have listened to him for 5 more hours. And listening to Tilt, so matter of fact about what he lived through...just fantastic. True hero’s.
Thank you for being one of the most balanced and heroic voices out there.
Profoundly useful and life changing. Don’t need that? Good. More for me.
JRE is where i first found out about your “good” video. just recently dared to subscribe to your podcast. two weeks went by before i got the balls to listen to an episode. i did it sir. i hit play. here we go. let’s get after it and go hard. thank you mr willink
Best Podcast relating to life, leadership and the Military
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