I love it
I enjoy the conversations and meaningful talk between the guest and host. I have learned a lot and I love how they just don answer the questions vaguely, but get into more of a discussion about it.
Out of focus
Josh and Ryan used to have a great podcast. Now I’m not so crazy about it and usually turn it off halfway through when one of them, usually Josh, gets way off topic and starts talking about his stomach, diet, food issues, nothing that has to do with the topic. These guys used to nail every podcast, now that they have all these guests, a nice studio and live in L.A., the quality of their podcast has declined considerably. Still listen every week, but I’m getting more from their guests than I am from Josh and Ryan.
No ads my butt
“Buy our maximalist podcast so we can keep this minimalist podcast ad free”. Lets hear our fan voicemails **threadup ad**. You must really think we are simpletons.
Amazing essays and kindness
Thank you for the technology podcast and the incredible provoking essay. I have shared on my feeds with a challenge to my limited friend group to read /listen and comment. Will look for your books and hope they are available on audible. Would love your books for my students with autism.
Thank you to everyone that contributes to the minimalists
Joshua and Ryan are great in that they share their respective blueprints and at the same time don’t push their ideas onto others. It’s up to you to find the gold nuggets that work best with your lifestyle.
they don’t let their guests speak!
just listened to this podcast for the first time for their interview with jennette mccurdy. they barely let her speak throughout the entire interview! why have guests on the show if y’all are just going to talk over them the entire time??
More Mental Space
I have been a longtime fan of these two cool cats. Their advice and methods have helped reshape my life. After throwing out what no longer served me, I can finally think in peace.
One of the best podcasts out there
I listen to many interesting podcasts and this is certainly one of the best, by far. In a non-judgements way, Joshua and Ryan present topics that help listeners to consider their values and ways to put those values into action.
Gets to the Root of our Hearts
There are so many episodes that have I listed, so much of what Josh and Ryan share helps me reflect on how I’ve lived my life and continue. I was a workaholic to obtain the things I didn’t need, to impress people I hated being around. I stopped. More importantly, you’ve helped me make changes to make space in my schedule for the important things in my life. I’ve never done this before. Thank you for sharing all that you have! I look forward to your podcasts (this, and Patreon) every week!
Life changing
So many of us do not even realize how the stuff of life is weighing us down. So many valuable insights in the podcasts. It is helpful that Josh and Ryan approach things different and even sometimes disagree, but are on the same page that sometimes less is more.
Loved earlier eps but it’s getting a bit pretentious and self important.
Arrogant and condescending
I liked listening to early episodes and I resonated with the message of intentional living as it comes to finances. I like that Josh used the Dave Ramsey plan (because I do too) but then he started using Dave Ramsey sayings or just changing one word in his answers without giving the credit. That really bugs me! Other turn offs: constant talk about how Josh “managed 150 retail stores” - we get it! You were a big deal! They use SAT words unnecessarily and I don’t drink but I did, take a shot every time they say “pithy answer” would make a great drinking game. Why not just say “short answer” or “concise answer”
Love love love
I absolutely love The Minimalists. I first started reading their content several years ago and was thrilled when they came out with this podcast. Great interviews and very motivational and enjoyable to listen to!
Love this podcast!
It’s not just the message they are carrying, but their delivery is what makes this podcast! I loved their documentary and book, and this podcast is an amazing extension of those! If I get wrapped up in life’s stresses, coming to this podcast brings me back to center and I am again able to focus on my intentions and what really matters. ❤️❤️❤️
Change your mind, change your life.
This podcast is all I’ve been listening to lately. Joshua and Ryan’s views on living a more minimal and intentional life have allowed me to change my mindset on what really adds value into my life. I’m currently doing the 30 day minimalism game and I’m excited to learn to let go so that I can appreciate the things I truly value around me. Highly recommend this podcast and all the content The Minimalists produce.
A Recommended Listen
*Carol A.*
Thought-provoking and helpful content for those who are seeking simpler lives.
Kind of brutal to listen to. Constantly going off topic on tangents. Has an uncomfortable smugness about it. Not for a Southern Boy like me. I’ll pass!
Minimize the up-selling
Boston Podcast Fan
I am a minimalist and I found value in their book years ago. I used to listen to their podcast but got away from it for a while and recently returned. What has changed is the amount of up-selling. They talk over guests and tease to upcoming topics, but then those topics are only covered in the subscription based podcast. I like The Minimalists and the subject matter, but I wish they would check the arrogance a bit and stop using this podcast as a commercial for their paid membership. Personally, I would rather listen to paid sponsorship ads than feel pressured to buy a membership program.
Absolute cure all for any problem
They have the potential to cure world hunger if people follow what they say and people just haven’t realized it!!
Not Good
This podcast should only serve as an introduction to minimalism or decluttering and deserves only a modicum of merit—it is not something that should be listened to on a regular basis. I never imagined the words “dot com slash” becoming so ingrained in my brain before listening to this podcast. The hosts are also incessantly repetitive and sanctimonious.
My favorite podcast
Josh and Ryan have been an integral part of my minimalist journey, I would never have stumbled upon minimalism were it not for them so thanks guys! It’s changed my life, helping me to focus on what really matters. I love starting my day off with an episode of The Minimalists and all of the great advice they give on their podcast from buying a home to dealing with unsupportive family members. I especially love some of the tips that people call in to give at the end of some episodes and when people ask them questions. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about minimalism and to hear how other people have started their minimalist journey. Keep up the great work!
I do find some value in the episodes but you need to wade through a lot of book plugs and talking about their Patreon. They say they are “ keeping it ad free” but they are always advertising their books and their coffee...
Love this!
I am learning so much from Josh and Ryan. Excited to see where this journey takes me.
Awesome Value
I am not a minimalist, but who knows where this journey will take me. I had never listened to a podcast, started with this one, watched the documentary and have found immense value in the things you and your guests discuss. I have started with my finances and debt. After listening to Ramit Sethi & Chris Hogan on the podcast, I was then inspired to read their books as well as a Dave Ramsey book and I am working towards paying down my debt. It is a slow process but I am moving forward with being more intentional about my spending as well. I am currently reading Dan Harris’ book with hopes of also learning to be more mindful this year. So when I say “I am not a minimalist” I only mean that I haven’t gotten there “yet” but I love the message and the podcast and I hope to work everyday towards mindful intentionality. Thank you both for what you do.
Just What I Needed
When I learned what the podcast hosts have overcome in their lives, my clutter seemed much less daunting. I started to clean and organize my home and have the momentum, now, to achieve lasting success. I was at a standstill and now the progress I make every day inspires me to move forward. Thank you.
Thank you
Introduced a new lifestyle and mindset that enhanced my experience of life. Highlights: Talks on -Finances (Dave Ramsey-I really like him and they talk about his advice) -Depression -Social media minimalism -Comparing yourself to others One of my favorite quotes: “Scrolling is the new smoking.”
Miss the old podcast
The old episodes are life changing. Their newer episodes seem to stray from minimalism but towards whatever josh is into. Could Ryan host a show?
This used to be a great podcast
Their original format and message was great. They used to spend a lot of time really listening to the listeners, and advocated for the message that minimalism is for everybody. As soon as they moved to LA it went downhill in my opinion. The podcast became 5 minutes of minimalist content and the rest of the show would be Josh’s music opinions and advertising for their coffee, while the podcast with helpful and insightful discussion became pay-to-play on Pateron. Also- many of their discussions now feel very specifically geared toward a wealthier class of people, and they usually only have white men as their guests.
This podcast is like the audio version
Of deep breathing to relieve stress! Especially appreciated Friday’s short podcast on holiday traditions, that it’s ok to leave behind traditions that aren’t so meaningful, but equally okay to keep what may look ‘over the top’ to others but bring you joy.
Thank you guys!
You guys changed my life, keep doing what you doing. Great job guys !!!
Unfortunately racist and problematic
I used to be really into this podcast, but there are a few major problems with it. 1. It's problematic (more below). 2. Josh and Ryan are frequently condescending (especially Josh). 3. It's super repetitive. I don't think points 2 and 3 need elaboration, but to point 1- I think it's ironic that they made an episode called "the life-changing magic of gentrification" (or whatever it was). The conversation about minimalism is dominated by white male voices, and it's easy to forget that WHITE MEN DID NOT INVENT MINIMALISM. I think it's super inappropriate that whenever they talk about Marie Kondo they say her methods are "not minimalism" and try to suggest that their methods are somehow better or more "truly minimalist" than hers. I get that she's their competition, but this is still hugely problematic. Minimalism is an integral part of Japanese culture and has been for centuries, so I don't know why Josh and Ryan want to act like they invented (or perfected) it when that's not true. On the off-chance this gets read by Josh and Ryan: please do not take this as a personal attack on you. It's difficult to recognize your own privilege, but it's extremely important that as white men you don't just dominate the conversation. You must also make sure you are sharing the stage with women, with people of color, etc. - NOT just other white men. And it's absolutely critical that you recognize who you are and do not pretend that you've invented something that has its roots in another culture. Marie Kondo's minimalism is deeply rooted in Shintoism and Japanese philosophy and is not just a silly organization method or a weird woo-woo new age idea (re: talking to her possessions). If you do not understand, that's OK, but please learn about where she's coming from before dismissing her.
Completely misleading
I really hope their backs are alright with all the bouquets they throw themselves each episode. I’m 5 episodes in and they haven’t really talked about minimalism yet, however I have heard them brag countless times about being wealthy. Just a bunch of old dudes with humble and busy brags. Not worth your time.
life altering podcast!
Hi Joshua & Ryan (and crew!)! While I am not a new listener or new to the message, I AM new to taking the minimalism quest seriously. I have decluttered, reorganized, and have still continued to lug around physical and mental clutter through 2 really important moves. Not any more! We are moving home again in a few months and I am ready for a meaningful change. Thank you for being a part of me tackling my “stuffocation” demons! - Jen from Cleveland, OH
Hypocrisy At Its Finest
The hosts of this show own multiple businesses, travel the country giving talks, writing books, and filming segments, then turn around and tell you that you don’t need money or things. Typical self-help guru scam artists.
Great in the early days
If you really want to get “value” from them, listen to their earlier podcasts. Josh has gotten to be almost unbearable. It’s to the point where the podcast might as well not have any guests and Ryan is only there foe the occasional “right.” They also constantly advertise their stuff. They complain about marketing tactics, yet they do the same thing. I understand it on some level, but it’s all the time. They have started to mock people more often when they call in for advice. Honestly, listen to the beginning podcasts for a while. Then, listen to the newer ones. You’ll see what I am speaking on and then some.
A new listener, but a big fan
This podcast has provided answers to questions I was not aware I was even asking. Not only has this podcast given me information to act on, but motivation to do so boldly. Keep it up.
Interviewing Pete Buttigieg
The interview was so amazing I’m now a fan of both Pete and the podcast.
Used to be my favorite podcast
I'll start off by saying these guys changed my life, and the early days of the podcast were wonderful (4-5 stars). Lately, though, everything has changed. These guys (probably Josh, the ringleader) took a great message and made it as unapproachable as possible. First off, they make fun of a lot of their callers. If someone calls with a basic question but they don't get the terminology *just* right or they are confused by a basic minimalism concept, these guys immediately make a joke at their expense before giving their oh-so-divine answer. Secondly, Josh likes to show off he's a writer by re-defining common words ad ad nauseam, while at the same time injecting as many big and impressive words as possible which don't quite blend in with the casual dialogue. He also seems strangely averse to the concept of *interviewing* guests (they're DISCUSSIONS, don't get it wrong). I'm also a bit annoyed that they decided to - quite literally - minimize their audience. Although in an odd twist of events, they decided to cap their Patreon audience when it hits 6k, complaining constantly about how "growth for the sake of growth is not meaningful". What? You grew your audience to teach them about minimalism/intentional living, did you not? And now you want to cap that? Hmm. They claim they don't trust the general public with their personal details and life events... but that isn't the point of the podcast anyway. If you don't want to share personal stuff, don't share it, but it's weird to guilt people into paying you to share. The shorter, "minimal" episodes (for us free-loaders) is still half self-promotion and half "what's going on in the lives of the minimalists". The discussions with guests are good, but it seems like it's used as bait at this point, to get you to pay them for the whole conversation. I don't know what they'll do once they cap the Patreon audience, but after being a devoted fan for over 2 years, I think it's time to let go of this podcast.
immense value
My appreciation for the value Joshua and Ryan have added to my life goes far beyond what I can describe in a podcast review. Minimalism is more than an approach to dealing with “stuff” - it’s truly a philosophy of life. Simplifying has helped make the most of my time. I’ve eliminated “busy” from my vocabulary and reaped the benefits of simplicity in my vocation, relationships, and inner life. Their core message, to “love people and use things”, is one our culture needs to hear. Give them a listen! You won’t regret it. P.S. Folks who complain about Joshua and Ryan promoting their books, tours and patreon on the podcast must not listen to many other podcasts. This “advertising” doesn’t even come close to the many minutes of ads in other podcasts! Proud to be a patreon supporter of their vision.
I like it but
The kid intro in the beginning is annoying .. why is that necessary
Going down hill
Emilie 713
Absolutely loved it at first - good content that really helped me minimize my life. Now it seems that it’s more of Josh ranting and recycling the same content using different words over and over. Add free, until they started advertising their phone backdrops every episode. Or the 2 minute intro advertising for their books each time they give one away for free. Or advertising for their patreon. I don’t have a problem giving some $ to creators I really appreciate, but I don’t like how you HAVE to spend $ now to get the hour long episodes like you used to be able to get for free. Thank you for helping improve my life, I still enjoy listening to the old episodes. These “quickies” do nothing for me.
I loved the podcast back in the beginning. It was quality conversations between Josh and Ryan and it was GOLD. You also got the ENTIRE episode. Now, if you’re not a Patreon supporter you only get a small segment of the show. I’m also not a fan of having the guests, and I don’t see the point. They don’t get a lot of actual speaking time, and it seems like a waste. I still listen to the older episodes, but disappointed with the direction they went.
Amazing podcast!
This is such a solid podcast- humor, thought-provoking topics, and inspiration for continued growth in adding meaning to life. So thankful i found this podcast!
Good stuff
I love this podcasts Simple, easy and minimal. And Just life lessons. 🙏🏽😎
Not worth it
I go back to this podcast every now and then and now I can’t even finish an episode. Turns out these guys are now experts on everything. Josh constantly interrupts and his ego has gotten so big they should rename the podcast the JFM Show. The episode about diets was quite disturbing. So much fat shaming and food shaming. Josh sounded very fat phobic. Their original message was good and the documentary is inspirational. The podcast is a disappointment
Love the show and how you guys make life what it’s all about!
Thank you!
Marie Dorner
My husband of 41 years died in 2015. Shortly after his death, I went through some of his papers. It was too emotionally wrenching to do, so I quit. Recently I ran across Josh and Brian on my smart tv and I watched their show documenting their cross country road trip to do book signings and to give talks. I’ve listened to their podcasts as I’ve started sorting and cleaning out the house. I’m sooo excited and motivated to get my house in order, so to speak, that I’m waking early daily so I can get back to it! Thanks so much fellows! You’ve given that proverbial shot in the arm! Once I’m done, I’m making plans to get out on the road again and do some things Roger and I had planned to do. Big hugs to both of you! Mary
Thanks for your wise and varying opinions!
Diane KM
In light of « love people, use things » I asked my guests at (Canadian) thanksgiving dinner to write down someone or some people they were thankful for and hadn’t yet thanked. I put down your names, as your podcast has added a lot of value to my life. So here’s my thanks to you! I appreciate how you are willing to share about your life in order to build community with your listeners. Thanks.
Lots of wisdom
While I disagree regarding the spiritual and religious content, these two are very wise, passionate, hilarious, kind, and considerate humans. While I don’t agree 100% with all opinions (and that’s ok) I’ve found an immense amount of wisdom and enjoyment from their podcast. Thank you for sticking to your values while being respectful of others.
but wait..there's more!
I love this podcast for the reason that it is more than just getting rid of the physical clutter in your home, but all around your life and focusing on how to live your life with intention. Very eye opening!
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