Love it
My new favorite podcast. I’ve been binging the early episodes and can’t believe I haven’t listened to this before. Hilarious and I love the topics they cover, they really resonate.
Favorite podcast
Just discovered this podcast and I have been enjoying listening to both old episodes and new on my long commute to and from work. I keep wanting to stop the car to google all the great guests and co-hosts. Please come do a show in North Carolina!
Debby from Delaware
I just learned about this podcast from the crossover episode with the Bugle, and I love it. I started from the beginning and I'm going to listen to every episode until I get caught up!
My favorite podcast
Political, funny and amazing.
The Guilty Feminist
Vegan Feminist
This is one of my new favorite podcasts. I’m ashamed to admit that I found it by accident, while searching for podcasts that featured Hannah Hadsby. I’m so glad that I found this podcast though because it’s both informative and entertaining. It’s no small feat to make someone laugh while talking about the patriarchy, yet somehow the Guilty Feminist manages to do just that!
Favorite podcast
Mullet mullet
Thank you thank you thank you! Looking forward to the next live show!
The Guilty Feminist
Leigh W. Jerome
The Guilty Feminist is funny, provocative and relatable. The podcast is intelligent without being condesending and takes on difficult topices with grace and hilarious self reflection. But, the Guilty Feminist is more than a podcast. It is resistance. It is revolution. It is actively dismantling the patriarch, a 12,000 year old system of white male dominance, priviledge and oppression that harms all people, regardless of gender identity. Debrah Francis White wakes up every day and puts herself out there - she makes the decision to be part of the solution. She makes mistakes and when she does, she reflects and makes chages. Her willingness to show her own flaws, allows us to see our inconsistencies do not limit our power. Five stars is enough for an entertaining podcast...five stars is not enough for activism and empowerment...but it's what I can give in this setting. Much affection - Leigh
Bring The Guilty Feminist to NYC!
I haven’t missed an episode of The Guilty Feminist in months because it delivers the kind of laughter I need to navigate this white male world. And sometimes there are tears, too. Mine anyway. Keep up the great work DFW and please please come do a show in New York! I’ll be first in line.
Best podcast out there!!
Absolutely love this. I’ve laughed, cried and gotten angry right along with these amazing women.
Sooooooooo gooooooooood
avid news consumer
Im laughing and nodding all along. Thank you!!
Mog Metz
Ummm... so my husband found this podcast. And when he told me that he wanted to listen to a podcast with me about feminism... I was skeptical. But OMG is this SO GOOD. It’s funny, engaging and a good length for road trips.
Love this podcast
I’m a feminist but.. this podcast has changed the way I think and talk about feminism, in the best way. DFW and her guests and co-hosts create such a beautiful and safe space while articulating many things that are often not easy to verbalize. So many times they say something and I think, “Ooh I’m going to use that.” 100% recommend if you’re looking for a feminist podcast that you can have fun listening to. Deborah, please come to Berlin!!
Feminism everyday!
I have always considered myself a feminist and I love this show. I enjoy learning more about feminism, I enjoy the guests and I think Deborah has really continued to grow and learn as the podcast continues. Love it!
I learn so much from this podcast
Listen. Learn. Enjoy. Thank you for existing, Deborah!
Deborah Frances-White is an international treasure
This brilliant, hilarious and big-hearted woman is doing big things. Follow along or you are going to miss out on joy and change!
Fabulous show
I love this show! I found it shortly after it started on a list of feminist podcasts and am I ever glad I did. The show has evolved in recent years to feature different comedian co-hosts and highlighting guests from a variety of fields like activism, arts, health and politics. It's always funny and often moving and I look forward to the new episodes every week. I hope someday Deborah will bring the show to San Francisco!
I’ve binge listened to the guilty feminist
This podcast is the absolute best and I just finished bingeing the entire thing from start to finish in two months. And it’s been the best thing I’ve done this year.
Hilarious and thought-provoking
I’ve been looking for intelligent podcasts about social issues, and this is excellent! Even though it’s a conversational style, it is crisply paced and nicely produced and doesn’t suffer from the “dudes hanging out chatting about who knows what” problem so many others fall victim to. One more make feminist listener!
My favorite!
God Save Deborah Francis-White
This is a smart funny poignant series. Each podcast begins with "I am a feminist but..." and some entirely personal and humorous quip as to what might have made them doubt their Feminist stance e.g., "I shave my legs" or "I wanted my picture taken from my good side" or "I saw myself naked in the mirror and thought 'someone should be boning this'. Recorded live, the author works to keep the listener involved and I get a sense of being there with them. Never a dull moment and although set in the UK, the issues & crises are totally relateable to me HERE in the US. Sometimes I have to slow it a bit to catch the accents but this podcast is well worth that tiny bit of trouble.
How can I force everyone I know to listen to this podcast?
Since I found this podcast last week, I have been inhaling episodes as if I couldn’t breath. I literally LOL’d multiple times and my RBF has subsided due the constant smiling. I have started to think of my daily life in terms of, “I’m a feminist but...” I wish I could gush more but I’ve had to pause the episode in order to write this review.
absolutely in love
Billy Joel and Jan
OB SESSED. this podcast is giving me LIFE!!!!
For us all!
Dr. kd13
We all need to hear this. It has helped me open my mind and heart. Thank you DFW!
The best!
Inspiring, refreshing and hilarious!
Truly the best podcast out there <3 Thank you Deborah for being the savior we need but do not deserve.
Abs also
What could be better than listening to hilarious women making jokes and taking on serious and current issues facing us all? Nothing!
Media the world needs
American feminist
This podcast has helped me see feminism as activism for marginalized peoples all around the globe. It's the podcast I (and the world) need in 2019. Come do a tour in the US, Deb!
just listen
Good Amy
3 minutes in you’ll have a new favorite podcast. Funny, insightful, real and refreshing. Feminists need more relatable, smart content. The Guilty Feminist leads the way.
Good for the soul!
Make me laugh AND help me feel more informed and on top of issues? Yes please.
A bear87
Deb is my new bff. This podcast is everything and more. I listen to it at work, on the road, and when I’m cleaning the house (which hubby does just as much as me bc...feminism).
Amazing! Life-changing!! Addicting!
I started listening to this podcast on my hour-long walk home this summer, and needless to say, I am beyond hooked, I’m obsessed. I can’t stop listening. I listen so often, that I’ve gotten through more than a year’s worth of episodes. I started listening when I was going through a semi-difficult time in my life, and the guilt feminist never failed to brighten my mood and make me laugh. I’ve always considered myself a feminist but now, I feel like a real feminist, who is aware of real issues and more educated on the sexism that exists everywhere. Also, I usually spend half the podcast loling. I feel more positive and happy now, especially after listening to an episode. Wish I could still listen at work but as I mentioned, I spend too much time laughing and that’s just NSFW. I can’t stop telling everyone I know about the guilty feminist. It’s a must-listen!! You won’t regret it!
Not really for East Asians women...
Sadly this podcast just makes me feel invisible all over again. Could you please make the effort to get an East Asian guest on the show (who’s not a Chinese woman explaining language?). We live in the UK, are guilty feminists, and also experience daily oppression. Please don’t add to the British narrative of making us invisible.
Best podcast
Entertaining, inspiring, educational, and worthy of a weekly listen! It brings to light international women’s issues and truly creates a sense of community for modern feminists. I am OBSESSED.
Life changing
Dr. Jean Grey
I stumbled onto this gem accidentally last year during the height of #metoo. I was looking for something to lift my spirits that wouldn’t immediately ask me to leave my feminism at the door at first listen. Enter Deborah Frances White. Her showwomanship will draw you in and shortly thereafter , you’ll be delighted by wit and warmth in equal measure. While she is both a formidable host and curator of voices, she’d also be the first to tell you that the real joy of the guilty feminist is the community that’s formed around it. With every week comes a fresh comedic voice you didn’t know you needed or a performance that stirs you into action or healing. Trust me: the tone shifts are nimble and flawless. But if you need more reason to move through the back catalog, how about a testimonial: since listening to the podcast, I’ve made a point to fill my life with spaces that feel like the guilty feminist does — full of laughter and fight, joy and transformation. Do yourself a favor and listen in. Deborah and company have got jokes and musical numbers ready to power the revolution. 💌
love love love
stunning, inclusive and overall funny!!
Always insightful and educational - but with laughs
I love love love this podcast. I’m a listener from the US so I’ve never been to a live recording, but I love the energy and interviews of each show. The most recent episode with Feminist Don’t Wear Pink guests was so enthralling. Can’t wait for more!
Very practical episode!
This episode in particular is chock full of great, practical advice for women to deal with tricky daily conflicts. I'll likely listen to this episode several times a month, just to remind myself of good tactics to use in everyday life. Highly recommend the podcast overall, definitely subscribe ASAP, regardless of your gender.
Best podcast
So powerful
I constantly thank God for Deborah Frances-White
I'm a feminist, but... this podcast makes me a better person than church or praying ever did. I love Deb and all the amazing guests she has on this show. I laugh, I cry and I learn new ways of being intersectional EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Deborah is using her platform in the best possible way: She elevates the voices of other people. She never plays the role of the white savior, she is never pious. She recognizes her flaws and enters territories other white women may find uncomfortable. This show is unapologetically intersectional. I STAN QUEEN DEBORAH.
Love DFW!!
Thanks from an American for your great humor! Please come visit us.
One of my favorites
Matilda Dahl
I have a small handful of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis and this is one of my staples. Wonderfully witty and enjoyable, this podcast has smart and vibrant comedy with diverse and talented guests. There are often excellent calls-to-action interspersed with the entertainment.
My favorite feminist podcast
I find that there are now tons of feminist podcasts out there for people to consume and enjoy. This is the first I take full joy from, because it posits genuine feminist analyst while giving constant comedic relief. I love it.
Superb show
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. I listen weekly and find myself laughing and feeling less alone in the world. Amazing work!
I love this podcast. I’m subscribed to a lot of podcasts and a lot of those I wait to listen to until I have nothing better left or to help me fall asleep. But not this one. As soon as I see there’s a new episode I am excited to play it. Also, as a rule I always skip other podcasts’ live episodes, but all of these episodes are live and they’re great. Live episodes usually feel like they were never really meant to be podcast episodes. Maybe they’re fun if you’re there but they’re not that fun to listen to. But in the case of this podcast, the live episode format works perfectly. I don’t know how they do it!
Ladies if you want a good laugh...
It’s one of the podcasts that it feels like you’re chatting with your best friends about empowering issues. I highly suggest!!! This is a new find for me so I’ve been listening to past episodes while they’re on tour. Greatly enjoying from across the pond, please come your out here in the states.
Wonderful, uplifting, lol, and relevant
I adore this podcast and I eagerly await each week to listen.
Great podcast for men and women
Back in colo
This an awesome way to get humor, world news, feminist information, interviews with people leading the feminist causes, and so much more - all wrapped up in a live standup show format. I’m a middle aged, straight, white dude. You can never learn too much about bringing equality to the world.
Hilariously Eye-Opening
Loyal Modcloth Customer
Yet reaffirming and honest. Such a pleasure to listen to and it is different every week! Deborah broadens your world and empowers with every episode.
Love this show!!!
I can’t stop listening, so powerful! ❤️
Emma Thompson made me do it
Found this by way of an interview with Emma Thompson. Such great conversations, makes me laugh out loud. More importantly it forces me to ook at my own bias and rethink how I embody being a feminist, in a good way. Thanks Ladies for the feminist pep talk.
Love these ladies!!
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